Nauvoo, Illinois Tax Index, 1842

In the Illinois State census of 1842 there was a lack of information regarding residents of Hancock County. Taken from microfilm records held by the Family History Library in Salt Lake, it lists property owners in Hancock County in August of 1842. Each record provides the individual's name, coordinate location of property, and the page of the original record. For the researchers of ancestors of Hancock County, this can be a helpful guide to some very detailed information. If you have an ancestor that is not here and you know for sure he/she was in the county at that time, they were not on this list because, I have not yet searched for that surname yet,  they paid no tax, or had nothing that was taxable. The names that are on this list is all that I have. In otherwords, All the Adams surnames that were on the tax list are listed here. If you find a name on the list and want to know if there are any more Jones' (for example) no there is not.  All of them are on this list.
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