Hancock Whitecappers

Hancock Whitecappers.

Martin Ovendorff is an inoffensive old man who lives by himself in a cabin about three miles northwest of Joetta. For some reason, as yet undeveloped, he became the object of dislike to several persons of that country, and was subjected to continual annoyance.

The matter culminated last October, when a crowd of men went to the cabin and engaged the old man in an altercation. He was badly handled, and the ruffians withdrew. They, however, were not satisfied, and returned. The old man was beaten with a rail - in the hands of Wm. Butler, as alleged - and his house wrecked.

An soon as Ovendorff was able he came to Carthage and swore out warrants for the arrest of the following persons, implicating them in the affair: Lacey Munson, Tyler Munson, Ralph Munson, E. E. Metheney, Wm. Wiles and Wm.. Butler.

All of these men except Butler were found and waived examination before Justice Wetzel, and will tell their side of the story to the March grand jury.

Butler escaped to Missouri. Last week Sheriff Helms was informed that he had returned, and was in the Crooked Creek country. After a few days' skirmishing he was located and arrested in a Colchester restaurant last Wednesday evening by Deputy Sheriff Jay Helms. He is now in jail at Carthage awaiting the action of the grand jury. He will answer to the charge of mayhem, and the others to conspiracy.

The Carthage Republican
Carthage, Illinois
March 1, 1899
Page 5
Column 3

Submitted by Ron Bryant

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