The News of Fountain Green, October 24, 1923

Local Items

The large cider mill at the Ham Duffy home began making cider on Tuesday morning.

Spangler's five-piece orchestra furnished music at the Presbyterian church Sunday evening, Oct. 14th.

Wesley T. Davenport and Miss Faym Warwick sprung a surprise on their friends by being married in Peoria on Oct. 4th. The groom is the oldest son fo Mr. and Mrs. Davenport of this village. The bride was a resident of Decatur.

Roy Way, of near Joetta, while repairing a shed, accidentally released a wire that held a bar in place which swung around and struck him a severe blow in the mouth, breaking off two teeth and bruising his face badly.

Mrs. Louise Simmons and Mrs. Grace Evans drove to Peoria last week in Mrs. Simmons' Buick. Mrs. Evans visited her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Mull. Mrs. Simmons went on business and purchased a beauty parlor in Pekin, which she expects to take possession of soon. Her daughter, Thelma, has graduated from the Liberty School of Beauty Culture.

B. F. Barbe spent last week in Macomb, where he underwent an operation for cataract of the right eye.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Field Track Made on Solomon Lot

The lot belonging to William Solomon and located immediately south of the high school building has been rented for a high school athletic field.

A very suitable track was made around the lot with the aid of the township road grader. Otis Burrow run the grader and engineered the job while John Larson and Lyle Williams drove the four horses.


The News of Fountain Green, November 7, 1923 page 1

Pretends To Be Deputy Marshall

Nearly Causes Death of Farmer Near Fountain Green

An insurance agent is continually getting new experiences and adopting new methods of approach. One of the agents of the Ailshire insurance agency tried to "pass off" as a United States marshall and get the confidence of Roy Rich, a young farmer living two miles northeast of Fountain Green. However, Mr. Rich believed the man to be an officer and this interview caused Mr. Rich to have a nervous shock. Then the insurance man saw his mistake, attempted to explain the joke, but was ordered from the place at once. For the remainder of the day Mr. Rich was in a serious condition and suffered a slight attach of paralysis.


The News of Fountain Green, November 21, 1923 page 1

Fred Beckwith Party

A musical program was given on Tuesday evening to a number of invited guests at the home of Fred Beckwith, two miles west of LaHarpe. Thos attending from Fountain Green were as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Ben Duffy and daughters, Sarah and Bary; Bruce Murtland, Mr. and Mrs. Abe Parsons and daughter, Vera, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Foote and Miss Nellie Gittings.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Catching Owls Again

Allen Geddes, the champion hawk and owl catcher, according to the Prairie Farmer, has caught five owls this season, and Mr. Geddes says this is the best time to catch them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

High School Wins Basket Ball Game

The Fountain Green High School Basket Ball team defeated the Lomax High School Basket Ball team in an out-door game at Fountain Green on November 7th, with a score of 5 to 8.

Fay Yetter and Ivan Latherow played forwards on the Fountain Green squad. These boys were supported by Harlan Lenix as center and with John Larson and Fred Shipman as guards. During the last half Russell Shipman and Melvin Latherow guarded the Lomax forwards. And it was no easy job to guard Robert Pence of Lomax. Pence made all of the points for Lomax.

Fay Yetter was the star player on the Fountain Green squad, making two goals in each half.

The game was a very clean game and was refereed by George Hoover of Lomax. Only two fouls were called; one a personal foul on Russell Shipman of Fountain Green and one a technical foul on Clifford Pence of Lomax.

The second game between these teams will probably be played at Lomax in the near future.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vern Hoar Injured Near Fountain Green

Vern Hoar, of Colchester, a member of the Hoar milling firm, was the victim of a hunting accident Sunday, Nov. 11th, when a single barrel hammer shot gun(sic) in the hands of Carl Latherow, of Macomb, accidentally exploded.

The accident occurred when Mr. Latherow turned to shoot at some quails that were starting to rise behind him. It is supposed that his thumb slipped off the hammer and the gun exploded before he got it to his shoulder. The charge which was at close range, took affect in the fleshy part of Vern's upper left leg, tearing away several square inches of flesh. He was at once removed to Dr. Bouseman's office in Fountain Green, where the wound was given first aid treatment. He was then taken to the Holmes hospital, where he remained until Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Mr. Latherow greatly regrets the unfortunate accident, which was purely accidental, and might have happened to anyone under the curcumstances.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stahl Effects Sold

The household effects of the late Mrs. Stahl were sold at a sale here Saturday, Nov. 10. Carl Hasten, a young graduate auctioneer, did the auctioneering. C. A. McConnell was administrator. The furniture sold very cheap. One of the bedsteads sold for a dime, and Frank Law bought the piano for $19.50.

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