The News of Fountain Green Wednesday, March 9, 1927 Pg. 1

Frank Peck Has Fat Hog Stolen

Hog Killed on Premises.

Much excitement was aroused around the Joetta neighborhood Saturday morning when it was learned that a large hog had been stolen from Frank Peck Friday night. Mr. Peck keeps his hogs about a quarter of a mile from the house and it was unknown until the following morning when he went to feed the hogs and noticed some blood near the gate and after further investigation he found there was a hog missing.

The animal had been killed in a shed near by and then dragged to the road to a waiting car. Mr. Peck and several men of the neighborhood traced the track but lost the clue after a short distance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The William Day, Sr., home was rented by the Fountain Green Farmers Telephone exchange, where Mrs. Harold Latherow will operate the switch board. The switch board was moved Friday of last week by Harry and Arthur Spangler and Mrs. Latherow took up her duty the same day. The wires and poles were moved by two men from Colchester on Thursday of last week. The switch board has been under the supervision of Miss Martha Walker for five successive years. Miss Walker's service was very good and no change would have been made had she not resigned. However, every one seems satisfied with the new operator and we feel certain that good telephone service will continue here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fountain Green will probably have electric lights by the middle of April as the construction work in town is nearly completed and only about two weeks will be required to finish setting the poles between here and Joetta.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Many Have Hatched Baby Chix Here

Frankie Wrights Have 508

Chicken raising seems to be a very prosperous business in this community. Those who have thus far hatched spring chickens are Frank Wright, Mae Mort, Ruth Way and Mrs. Ellen Parker, most of these being incubator hatched.

Frank Wright has 508 Leghorns, 293 of which are three weeks old and have their wings and tail feathers, and the remainder of the 508 are only two weeks old.

Mae Mort has 50 chickens that are six weeks old and were probably the first hatched in this part of the country. She has 210 that were recently hatched.

Ellen Parker also has quite a number of spring chix, the number being 150.

Ruth Way is among those of the early chicken producers. It is not known the exact number of her early flock.

Nellie Rings has two large incubators that will hatch some time soon and Mrs. Luther Martin has two incubators setting with Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns.

James Sells of south of Webster have (sic) an order of 200 Buff Rocks to hatch for Mrs. Jergen Berg of Basco. Mr. Sells did quite an extensive business in selling baby chix last year, selling over seven hundred.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Arlie Smith, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Smith, returned home about one week ago, after four years of service in the United States navy.

He is well known in this vicinity, as he spent most of his school days near here. He is now in Carthage with his folks, who moved there a few years ago.

We join with the rest of his friends welcoming him home again.

Submitted by Marcia Farina

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