HUSBAND: Thomas Box Griffitts
BORN:  26 Aug 1826   PLACE: Laurel Co., KY
MARR:  24 Feb 1851   PLACE: McDonough, Co., IL
DIED:  23 Jan 1911   PLACE: Carthage, Hancock, IL
BUR:   25 Jan 1911   PLACE: Moss Ridge Cemetery, Carthage, Hancock, IL
HUSBAND'S FATHER: Aaron Griffitts  HUSBAND'S MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth Box
HUSBAND'S OTHER WIVES: (2) 29 Aug 1869, Margaret Ann McCants

WIFE:    Rachel Quee Waddell
BORN: 1827
DIED: 09 May 1864    PLACE: Carthage, Hancock, IL


NAME: John A. Griffitts
BORN: 1852           PLACE: Hancock, IL
DIED: 1893           PLACE: TX

NAME: Charles J. Griffitts
BORN: 01 Nov 1853    PLACE: Hancock, IL
DIED: 23 Oct 1854    PLACE: Carthage, Hancock, IL

NAME: Margaret Adline Griffitts
BORN: 29 Jan 1855    PLACE: Hancock, IL
MARR: 28 Feb 1883    PLACE: Hancock, IL
DIED: 12 Sep 1916
SPOUSE: Alonzo Blair

NAME: Thomas Clement Griffitts
BORN: 1856           PLACE: Hancock, IL
DIED: 28 June 1902   PLACE: Spokane, WA

NAME: Sarah Almina Griffitts
BORN: 30 Oct 1858    PLACE: Hancock, IL
SPOUSE: Miller D. Roberts

NAME: Stephen A. Douglas Griffitts
BORN: 10 Oct 1860    PLACE: Hancock, IL
DIED:  Aft. Aug 1915

NAME: Benjamin Franklin Griffitts
BORN: 23 July 1862   PLACE: Hancock, IL
MARR: 17 Oct 1882    PLACE: Hancock, IL
Spouse: Mattie A. Wood

GRIFFITTS, Thomas Box. Relationship to Aaron GRIFFITTS and mother, BOX:
SOURCE: Thomas Box Griffitts to Unknown, date unknown. Letter in
possession of Robert Reese. Photocopy of letter supplied by mail to
Laura Campbell by owner. Note: In his letter, Thomas states, "my fathers
name was Aaron".

For additional source information, please contact: Laura Campbell,