Hancock County Queries

Mary M. Koch Tue Dec 17 15:49:48 1996
Looking for Schuyler county records on David CHAPMAN, his wife Angelina BURCHARD Chapman and their son David M. Chapman. 1870 Illinois Census: County: Schuyler Location: Birmingham Twp. Pg. 26, Dwel# 179 Fam# 182 Chapman, David: age 62, farmer, Bp NY. Angelina, wife, age 48, keeps house, Bp NY. David M., son, age 13, works on farm, Bp OH. 1880 Illinois Census: County: Schuyler Location: Birmingham Twp. Chapman, David: age 72, Retired farmer, Bp NY. Angelina, wife, age 56, keeps house, Bp NY. David M., son, age 23, works RR Depot, Bp OH. In 1880, the son, David M. Chapman, married Margaret HUTCHISON in Quincy, Adams Co, Illinois. Margaret was from Hancock County. His older half/sister, Minerva Chapman MURPHY, also lived in Schuyler county and died in Rushville on March 31, 1912 (age 82). She is buried in Brooklyn, Schuyler, IL. Minerva A. Chapman and Allen Murphy had 14 children. Looking for the burial site of David Chapman and Angelina C. Burchard Chapman.
Sunni Bloyd Mon, 2 Dec 1996 14:01:16
I am researching the BLOYD family descended from JOHN BLOYD, SR (1730/1740-1832) known as "the old Patriarch," who was reportedly the first white buried in Hancock Co.

JOHN BLOYD, SR, came to Hancock County in 1831 in a party that included his wife [MARTHA?] MARY BLOYD 9(1740/1750 - ?), their son (and my husband's g-g-g-grandfather) LEVI BLOYD ((1780/1790 - 1847) and his wife BARBARA WINN BLOYD (1790/1800 - ?), as well as another son JOHN BLOYD JR, with whom JOHN BLOYD, SR resided in Hancock County.

Other family names associated with the BLOYDS include JOSEPH WINN, Barbara's father, who is said to have been one of the first merchants in Carthage; RIGGIN (possibly Mary Bloyd's maiden name); MCCUBBIN; GUMM; THURBER, TYRRELL, GOODALL, SANFORD and KANAWYER.

I would like to exchange information on these families in hopes of clearing up some questions that I have been chasing for nearly 30 years! Thanks in advance.
Matthew Nugent Tue Dec 31 13:13:53 1996
I am looking for any information on the family of LOUIS LABRASH and his wife CATHERINE (HOY). LOUIS came to the Adams county area in the mid 1860's, and stayed in central Illinois until his death there between 1900 and 1910. He also moved around Illinois, living variously in Hancock and Shelby counties during 1863-1910. His wife, CATHERINE, was born in the northeastern U.S. in the 1840's to JAMES and MARGARET HOY. There were thirteen (!) LABRASH children born from 1866 until 1889. There are too many children to list here, but it is safe to assume that anyone with the last name of LABRASH is a relative. It would also be unbelieveably helpful if anyone has access to an indexed copy of the 1870 Census for Adams, Shelby or Hancock County. The only alternative open to me is to plow through the entire county, name by name. Doesn't sound all that appealing, does it? LOUIS, if it is any help, was a blacksmith. Please help, if you can. I've hit a wall!!
You can also contact me at: 4366 Maryland Ave. #108 St. Louis, MO 63108
Ed Troutt Sat, 25 Jan 1997 15:22:59
I need information on the Henry Pike HOYT family, I know they lived in Hancock Co in Oct. of 1844. He was married to Irene Elizabeth LINCOLN. Oct, 13, 1844 is the Birth date of a child Don Carlos HOYT, born in Hancock Co thanks.
Cissie P. Thu, 30 Jan 1997 13:10:13
I am seeking info on the PAYNE families who resided in Augusta Township, Hancock County in the 1850'6-60's, and perhaps beyond. They migrated to Illinois from Rowan County, North Carolina (now Davidson) from a small settlement called Abbott's Creek; They are descendents of JOHN PAYNE and JANE ODELL PAYNE of Rowan County. I have a good deal of information on these Paynes and this line, and am searching for more!
Mark Kleinhans Thu, 06 Feb 1997 20:52:45
ROCKWELL, Orrin Porter, Settled in Nauvoo, IL, mid 1840's. Seeking descendants.
Kevin McKenzie Thu, 06 Feb 1997 20:52:45
Seeking information of the McKenzie families of Hancock County, Ill. I need to determine if John McKenzie and Joseph McKenzie, both married and had families in Hancock County, are brothers?? Both came orignally from Kentucky to Hancock County in the 1860's, both raised their family in Hancock County. After John's children were grown, they left Hancock County. Any information showing if they are related or not as the case may be, will be greatly appreciated.
Mary Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 16:49:08
my Grandfather and Grandmother lived in Plymouth, Il. They were Charles Henry Ussery and Eunice Jane Martin (Creasy) Ussery. They farmed at one time, and then lived in Plymouth. Thank you for any help you can offer. Mary
Victoria Hunt Sat Nov 30 22:22:05 1996
I am interested in finding information on the following people from Hamilton county... Mary Polly Tremmal (her father was possibly Garrard?) she married a William Green, Also looking for information on Alexander Green, William Green, or Benjamin Green.
John Lybarger Fri Jan 31 09:36:31 1997
I am seeking information from any descendants of Lybarger, Lyberger, Lybyer or any other spelling variation. I am producing a book which will list known descendants of twelve generations. My current database has 2783 different surnames and over 12000 persons of which over 6700 are Lybarger descendants. My web page is at http://www.richnet.net/~jllyb/

Paul Pettit Wed Feb 5 20:10:03 1997
Looking for information on family of John WILLIAMS and Cordelia Honeycutt. John was probably born about 1820 and possibly died before 1880. Cordelia is found in Schuyler County w/ children and grandson. Children living wither her were born between 1863 and 1870 in ILLINOIS, unknown location. Family is not in Schuyler county in 1870. Family associated with families of Daniel and Mary Woods SMALL and John and Mary RUBY whose families were in Sangamon County in 1850, apprarently went to Missouri and returned to possibly Indiana and Illinois by 1880. The bulk of these families went back to MO after 1880, then Kansas and then Northwest Territory about 1905.
Pat Lassonde Fri Feb 14 20:54:14 1997
Researching for information on surname WHEELER. John Thomas and Thirsa WHEELER. Thier son James Wesley WHEELER m. Fannie Alice DRUIN Oct. 16, 1909 in LaRue Co., KY. They had three children Virgil Allen b. 3-11-1909 Buffalo, LaRue Co., KY., Ruby Pearl b. 9-7-1912 Marion Co., KY. and David Green b. 1-24-1916 Hodginsville, LaRue Co., KY. They came to IL. Feb. 1916 to McClean Co to the Downs - Soloman area. Some time after 1929 (mail with Address RR 2 Bloomington dated Dec. 2, 1929) they moved to DeWitt Co. Anyone with any information please email me. Thank you,
Vivian Jensen Wed Feb 19 07:52:17 1997
I am especially interested in the TUTTLE name in Hancock co.. My ancestor Archibald BOYLES was married to Phebe (Jane?) TUTTLE b. Dec. 25. 1793, m. Dec. 4, 1811, d. Oct 5, 1864. She is buried at the old cemetery in Carthage. Would like to know her connection to any of the other TUTTLEs in the area.</B>

Vivian Jensen Wed Feb 19 08:01:49 1997
I am looking for descendants of Nancy BOYLES and George W. CARLTON. my family has letters from Hazel CARLTON to my aunt Ruby SCOTT that we would like to share.</B>

Jim Lellman Fri Feb 21 12:13:34 1997
POPES of Hancock Co I am trying to solve a puzzle involving POPEs in Hancock Co. Patrick McCorkle Williams and Lieucetta Perren Pope were the parents of Ida Corrine Williams, born on Jul 1, 1857 in Blandinsville, Hancock Co, IL. Peter Lellman and Amanda Pope were married in Hancock Co. on Nov 12, 1861. There is obscure circumstantial evidence to link these families: Ida Corrine Williams married Nesbert Taylor Ruggles on Jan 11, 1877 in Bethel, IL, and on Jul 15, 1887, they had a son named Lellman Lee Ruggles, also born in Hancock Co. If Amanda is in fact my gggmother, then she was born in Illinois, and her middle initial is probably E. Does anybody have a POPE family in Hancock county that remotely fits any of this puzzle?