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George Priessman
Obituary & Inquest
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Carthage Gazette, Carthage , Illinois , Friday, Feb. 22, 1895, page 1 -

From Basco - Feb. 20 - Coroner Hession was summoned to this place by telegram,
last Friday morning, to hold an inquest over the body of George Priessman,
who, according to the finding of the jury, died from a gun-shot wound in the head inflicted by a pistol in his own hand.
Deceased was 65 years of age, and was a great sufferer. 
The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community.
   After funeral services, conducted by Rev. James Westbrook, he was laid to rest in the West cemetery.

State of Illinois

Record of an inquisition before P. J. Hession coroner of said county at Basco on the 15th day of Feb A.D. 1895

Be it remembered that at an inquisition made before the undersigned P. J. Hession coroner of said county at Basco
in said county on the 15th day of Feb A.D. 1895 upon view of the body of George Priessman
then and there lying dead six good and lawful men of said county and neighborhood where said body was found
to-wit - W. G. Moot MD, John Elder, Joseph Taylor, Chas Tavener, Henry Gronewold and John N. Forster
having been by me first duly sworn according to law dilligently (sic) inquire into and true presentment
make how in what manner by whom or by what the said body came to its death and having heard all the evidence
touching said inquiry did return to me as coroner aforesaid the following verdict duly signed by them all.


State of Illinois
Hancock County

In the matter of the inquisition on the body of George Priessman deceased held at Basco
on the 15th day of Feb A.D. 1895 -

We the undersigned jurors sworn to inquire of the death of George Priessman on oath he came to his death
by a gun shot wound in right temporal region from a 22 caliber revolver inflicted by his own hands
and I as coroner hereby certify that on or about said body was found no money papers goods or
other valuable property except $1.16 cents and same was turned over to his wife.

Given under my hand and seal at Hamilton the day and year first above written.

                                                P. J. Hession M.D.
                                                Coroner of Hancock Co.


The Coroner’s Record book, Hancock County , page 129, shows the following:

repeats the names of the six jurors, witnesses are listed as Helen Priessman, Basco, housekeeper;
Amanda Day, Basco,  housekeeper; W. G. Mott M. D., Basco, Physician.  Verdict - suicided by shooting
with a 22 caliber revolver, male, 5 ft. 8 in., dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair, personal effects
- 116 cents turned over to his wife, buried in Basco Feb 16 A.D. 1895.


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