Descendants of William Pike, Sr.

1   William Pike, Sr. b: Abt. 1792 Green Co, Kentucky   d: Aft. 1862
-  +Lydia ??? b: Abt. 1796 Kentucky m: Bef. 1822 Kentucky  d: 19 Oct
1859 Hancock Co., IL
2   John Pike b: 1816 - 1818 Kentucky   d: of Dallas Co., TX
--  +Elizabeth Wedding  m: 11 Jun 1835 Hancock Co., IL  d: Bef. 26 Apr
1837 Hancock Co., IL
  *2nd Wife of John Pike:
--  +Susan Morris b: Abt. 1822 Virginia m: 20 Jul 1837 Hancock Co., IL
d: Aft. 1880 of Kaufman Co., TX
- 3   Lydia A. Pike b: Abt. 1839 Illinois
----  +John B. Dougherty  m: 29 Sep 1861 Kaufman Co., TX
- 3   John William Pike b: Abt. 1842 Illinois
----  +Jane Roberts, Maybe  m: see John's notes
- 3   Mary Elizabeth Pike b: Abt. 1845 Illinois
----  +Lewis H. Daugherty b: Abt. 1843 Arkansas m: 20 Sep 1864 Kaufman
Co., TX
- 3   James Pike b: Abt. 1847 Illinois
- 3   Nancy M. Pike b: Abt. 1849 Illinois
- 3   Milley A. Pike b: 1853 - 1854 Texas
- 3   John A.J. Pike b: Abt. 1856 Texas
- 3   Richard P. Pike b: Abt. 1859 Texas
- 3   Sarah Jane Pike b: 13 Mar 1863 Texas   d: 24 Dec 1919 Marlow,
Stevens, OK
----  +James A. McReynolds  m: 04 Sep 1879 Kaufman Co., TX  d: 23 Nov
1944 Hannah, McIntosh, OK
2   Thomas Pike b: 1818 - 1819 Kentucky   d: Aft. 1860 of Kaufman Co.,
--  +Christina 'Jane' Wedding b: Abt. 1826 Kentucky m: 23 Sep 1842
Hancock Co., IL
- 3   Nancy J. Pike b: Abt. 1843 Illinois
- 3   Minerva E. Pike b: Abt. 1845 Illinois
----  +Francis Marion Hardin b: Abt. 1842 Illinois m: 15 Oct 1863
Kaufman Co., TX
- 3   Christina 'Ann' Pike b: Abt. 1847 Illinois
----  +James Hampton Sullivan b: 1848 m: 11 Feb 1866 Kaufman Co., TX
- 3   Nelly Pike b: Abt. 1849 Illinois
----  +J. N. Stanford  m: 10 Mar 1866 Dallas Co., TX
- 3   Robert Pike b: Abt. 1853 Illinois
- 3   Pierce Pike b: Abt. 1855 Illinois
- 3   Martha Pike, Maybe b: Abt. 1860   d: Aft. 1880
----  +Finney B. Terry b: 20 Jan 1857 m: 04 Jan 1877 Dallas Co., TX
- 3   Mary Pike, Maybe b: Abt. 1865
2   Elijah Pike b: Abt. 1820 Kentucky   d: Feb 1870 Dallas Co., TX
--  +Eleanor 'Ellen' Wedding b: Abt. 1812 Kentucky m: 26 Jul 1837
Hancock Co., IL  d: Aft. 1860 of Dallas Co., TX
- 3   Mary J. Pike b: Abt. 1838 Illinois
- 3   William H. Pike b: Abt. 1840 Illinois   d: 04 Oct 1883 Dallas Co.,
----  +Nancy Ann Moore b: Abt. 1844 IL or MO m: 02 Oct 1860 Dallas Co.,
TX  d: 1921 bur. Pleasant Mound Cem, Dallas, TX
- 3   James Pike b: Abt. 1842 Illinois
- 3   Amanda Pike b: Abt. 1844 Illinois
----  +Simeon K. Stewart  m: 04 Jul 1861 Dallas Co., TX
- 3   Sarah E. Pike b: 1845 - 1846 Illinois
----  +Robert W. Hardin b: Abt. 1841 Illinois m: 24 Oct 1865 Dallas Co.,
- 3   Harriet Pike b: Abt. 1848 Illinois
----  +Samuel McDaniel  m: 12 Mar 1868 Dallas Co., TX
- 3   Washington Pike b: Abt. 1849 Illinois
2   James Pike b: 25 Dec 1822 <Adair Co.>, Kentucky   d: 25 Nov 1895
Marcola, Lane, OR
--  +Mary Troxel b: 17 May 1819 Kentucky m: 11 Jun 1845 Rock Creek,
Keokuk, IA  d: 07 Dec 1891 Marcola, Lane, OR
- 3   Lydia Pike b: 17 Apr 1846 Rock Creek, Keokuk, IA   d: 28 Dec 1932
Marcola, Lane, OR
----  +Clinton Arnel b: 03 Oct 1838 Missouri m: 29 Nov 1866 Benton Co.,
OR  d: 22 Jul 1927 Marcola, Lane, OR
- 3   Nicholas Pike b: 19 Feb 1848 Shoal Creek, Appanoose, IA   d: 12
Jun 1852 Road to TX, Pettis Co., MO
- 3   John Pike b: 17 Oct 1849 Shoal Creek, Appanoose, IA   d: 08 Jun
1852 Road to TX, Pettis Co., MO
- 3   Malissa Texing Jane Pike b: 18 May 1853 Dallas, Dallas, TX   d: 03
Jun 1938 Salem, Marion, OR
----  +Amos Britton Wood b: 08 Nov 1850 Buchanan Co., MO m: 29 Sep 1870
Benton Co., OR  d: 10 Aug 1927 Salem, Marion, OR
- 3   Jonathan Pike b: 13 Sep 1855 Roseburg, Douglas, OR   d: 26 Mar
1878 The Dalles, Wasco, OR
- 3   Sintha Ann Pike b: 03 Sep 1857 Roseburg, Douglas, OR   d: 08 Mar
1862 Douglas Co., OR
- 3   Mary Joseph Pike b: 04 Nov 1859 Roseburg, Douglas, OR   d: 11 Dec
1946 Salem, Marion, OR
----  +George Washington Savage b: 08 Dec 1853 Blodgett, Benton, OR m:
20 Oct 1876 Umatilla Co., OR  d: 15 Jul 1935 Marcola, Lane, OR
2   William Pike, Jr. b: Abt. 1825 Kentucky
--  +Elizabeth Jane Geren b: 1831 - 1832 Indiana m: 21 Oct 1850 Hancock
Co., IL  d: 21 Dec 1851 Hancock Co., IL
  *2nd Wife of William Pike, Jr.:
--  +Elizabeth Ann 'Betsey' Morgan b: 1831 - 1832 m: 30 Dec 1854 Hancock
Co., IL  d: 13 Jul 1859 Hancock Co., IL
- 3   Thomas J. Pike b: 08 Oct 1855 Hancock Co., IL   d: 05 Oct 1856
Hancock Co., IL
- 3   William Cass Pike b: Jun 1859 Hancock Co., IL   d: Aug 1859
Hancock Co., IL
- 3   William G. Pike b: Unknown   d: Abt. 1865 Hancock Co., IL
  *3rd Wife of William Pike, Jr.:
--  +Elizabeth A. Stillwell b: Abt. 1837 Kentucky m: 15 Dec 1859 Hancock
Co., IL
2   Sarah Pike b: 12 Dec 1827 <Louisville, Jefferson, KY>   d: 08 Jul
1905 Graf, Johnson, NE
--  +James VanWinkle b: 15 Sep 1822 Henry Co., IL m: 03 Jul 1845 Hancock
Co., IL  d: Aft. 1889 Graf, Johnson, Neb.
- 3   William VanWinkle b: 1848 Illinois
- 3   Susan Jane VanWinkle b: 07 Feb 1850 Hancock Co., IL
----  +Enoc Carman b: 04 Mar 1846 Mason Co., IL m: 05 Sep 1869 Johnson
Co., NE
- 3   Hiram Jackson VanWinkle b: 26 Feb 1850 Hancock Co., IL
- 3   Porter Silas VanWinkle b: 1854 Illinois
- 3   Marcellas VanWinkle b: 1857 Illinois
- 3   Ann VanWinkle b: Abt. 1859 <Henderson, IL>
- 3   Robert Townsend VanWinkle b: 13 Jul 1859 Henderson, IL
- 3   George VanWinkle b: Jun 1865 Illinois
2   Elizabeth Pike b: 1825 - 1828 Kentucky
--  +George Washington Wedding b: 1822 - 1826 Kentucky m: 19 Jan 1847
Hancock Co., IL
2   Ellen Pike b: 25 Apr 1831 Illinois   d: 04 Sep 1864 bur. Bethel,
McDonough, IL
--  +Joseph McKenzie b: 09 May 1825 Lexington, Fayette, KY m: 13 Jul
1848 Hancock Co., IL  d: 08 Jun 1895 Stillwell, Hancock, IL
- 3   Thomas A. McKenzie b: Abt. 1849 Illinois   d: Aft. 1889 of
- 3   Mary McKenzie b: Mar 1850 Illinois   d: Bef. 1860
- 3   Sarah McKenzie b: Abt. 1852 Illinois
- 3   Amanda McKenzie b: Abt. 1853 Illinois   d: Aft. 1889 of McDonough
Co., IL
----  +Louis Martin  m: 25 Jul 1873 McDonough Co., <IL>
- 3   Joseph McKenzie b: Abt. 1854 Illinois
----  +Ellen Rice  m: 05 Sep 1881 Adams Co., IL
- 3   William McKenzie b: Abt. 1855 Illinois   d: Aft. 1889 of Adams
Co., IL
- 3   Caroline McKenzie b: Abt. 1859 Illinois   d: Aft. 1860
- 3   Ellen Zepha McKenzie b: Abt. 1861 Illinois   d: 1889 - 1900 of
McDonough Co., IL
----  +Charles Underhill
- 3   Annie McKenzie b: Abt. 1863 Hancock Co., IL
----  +James A. Carman  m: 23 Feb 1885 Tecumseh, Johnson, NE
- 3   John McKenzie b: Abt. 1864 Illinois   d: Aft. 1889 of California
2   Mary Pike b: Abt. 1834 Illinois
--  +Franklin A. Hendricks  m: 06 Sep 1853 Hancock Co., IL
  *2nd Wife of William Pike, Sr.:
-  +Sarah Catharine ???  m: 26 Jul 1861 Hancock Co., IL

1816 Sep 23: a William Pike m Elizabeth Coffey, Adair Co., KY *See AF
reference where she is called Elizabeth Lydia Coffee.
1820: Census; William Pike, KY, Adair Co., p 40, roll 16: 300010-001,
William 26-45, wife 16-26, 3 sons under 10. [prob. Thomas, John, &
Elijah]. Joseph Hardin p 26, Alexander p 3 ; Asa p 26; John p 28;
Nicholas p 24. Adair census surnames in alphabetical order. Coffee:
Nat., Hayse, Ely, & Joel Jr. all p 12.
1822 Dec 25: Our JAMES PIKE BORN IN KENTUCKY to William & Lydia Pike, he
has a cousin named Joe Hardin. (Diary)
1822: William Pike bought land from James & Nancy Stephens Adair Co., KY
Deed Book E, p 606 [Jim Allison]
1827 Mar  22: William Pike bought 200 acres of land from James & Nancy
Stephens for $800. Bordered Thomas Pike's land and the Green River.
Noted that this deed includes the 100 acres James & Nancy Stephens
previously conveyed 1 Jan 1822 to William Pike. Adair Co, KY Deed Volume
G p 21.
1830 Census KY, Adair Co, roll 33, p 37, a William Pike, males; 2 5-9; 1
15-20; 1 40-50 (b 1780-1790). females; 1 10-15; 1 15-20; 1 40-50. This
household does NOT appear to be the same family as the 1820 Wm. Pike,
too old, so who is this? There is a William Pike m in Green Co., KY
1806. Could be him. Relationship?
1830 Census, IL, Morgan Co, pg 72. WILLIAM PIKE 023001-20001. Possibly
William & Lydia, 2 little girls (Sarah & Ellen?), JAMES & William Jr.;
Thomas, John, & Elijah? Same pg: Abel Hardin 120001001-100001; Robert
Hardin 00002-10001. Pg 69 Henry Wedding. (The other two IL Wm Pikes not
likely) [I thought I might prove that William Pike of Morgan County was
the same man by checking the 'General Grantor Deed Index Morgan Co.,
IL'. However there were no land sales by William Pike included in this
index. FHC #1317652]
1831: dau Ellen b Illinois
1835 Feb 21: DEED; Adair Co., KY, William & Lydia (his wife) Pike of
Hancock Co., IL to Thomas Pike of Adair Co, KY. $135 for 100 acres in
Adair Co, metes & rods description on the Green River. Witness, Wesley
Williams & James M. Woods. Witness from Hancock County that William Pike
signed 21 Feb 1835, signed Wesley Williams, Carthage Court. 10 Mar 1835
Lydia Pike was interviewed by Wesley Williams, she had signed of her own
free will. Recorded in Adair Co 19 May 1835. [Adair Deed Bk I, p 103/5,
FHC #0828870] Thomas was William's brother, see Thomas' notes 1837, sale
of this land & relationship stated.
1835 Jun 10: IL Land Sale Archives, William Pike, Hancock Co, IL. Record
ID Nos. 25113, 4735, & 30229. Archive Vol. No. 699, p 59. 1840 Oct 10:
Patents Granted: William Pike of Hancock Co., IL. total 310 acres. Land
office Quincy, IL. 6/3N/6W/N. [The three patients were all located in
Township 3N 6W, this is Chili Township. Section 6 is in the NW corner.
St. Albans, Bear Creek, and Harmoney Townships boarder this section.
William had the whole SW Quarter and the South half of the NW quarter.]
1840 US Census, IL, Hancock Co, p 186, line 3, William Pike
003101-023000. This accounts for William & Lydia; Thomas, James, &
William; Sarah, Ellen, & Mary; and three unidentified young people. Same
pg line 5 John Pike 00001-1001. (males-females) Elijah has married, but
I don't see him listed as a head of household. Page 188: Able Hardin
11201-02111; Silas Harden 10001-20001; & Felix Harden 10001-02001. Abel
Hardin has sons in the same age group as James Pike, could one be his
cousin Joe who went to Texas?
1841 Feb 20 : William & Lydia Pike of Hancock Co., IL sold land to James
Pike in Adair Co., KY. Deed Book L, p 195-196. (Jim Allison)
1845 Jun 11: Our JAMES PIKE MARRIED Miss Mary Troxel IN KEOKUK CO, IOWA,
a reasonable distance from Hancock Co. IL.
1850 Census, IL, Hancock Co, p 419, nos. 2144/2151. WILLIAM PIKE SR. 58
b KY, farmer $800 property. Lydia 54 b KY; Mary 16 b IL.
1852-1854: Our JAMES PIKE in Dallas Co., TX. William Pike's sons, John &
Elijah, went there abt 1854.
1854 Sep 26: Hancock Co Probate Index; Box 2 Henry Wedding, admin
Eleanor Weding & WILLIAM PIKE; Vol A-1, pgs 51, 59-60.
1859: Holdings of the Hancock County Genealogical Society, Card Index
File: "PIKE, William; Cem. Bethel (Mrs. d. 1859 age 65) m. Lydia." [FHC
film #1487664]
1860 US Census IL, Hancock Co, Bear Creek, pg 418, 1155/1092: William
Pike Sen. age 70 b KY. [he's alone, but daughter Elizabeth Wedden lives
right next door (immediately above him); William Jr p 419]
1860 Census: William's sons John, Elijah & families in Dallas Co, TX.
John has child b TX abt 1854. [see their notes]
1861 Jul 26: MARRIAGE of William Pike & Sarah Catherine Wright (wife
prev. married). Hancock Co., IL [LDS VR & CD250]
1862 Dec 20: DEED; William Pike Senior & Catharine Pike, his wife, of
Hancock County, Illinois; sold 10 acres in Hancock Co. to Alexander
Maire for $120. Signed William X Pike Sen. & Catharine X Pike. Witness
T.C. Perry & M. Anderson J.P. of Summer examined Catharine wife of
William Pike Sen. Filed & recorded 29 Jan 1863. (Hancock Co. Deeds Vol.
#57, pg 292) This land located in Township 4N/7W, Bear Creek. Ten acres
off the west end of the South half of the SW quarter of section #25.
+William may have gone 'pioneering' with a son before the Civil War, see
'caution story' below. Could he have gone to Texas too?
+Hancock County Probate Index 1833-1942. William Pike is NOT listed. The
ONLY Pike listed is Elizabeth, first wife of John Pike.

+1818-1850 Hancock Co., IL General Deed Index, FHC film #954183
   Pike to Bates; Vol A, p 120 NW15.3N5W & p 170 Ack. [FHC film #954192,
Deed Records A-B 1829-1836]
   Pike to Ramsay; Vol C, p 94 [FHC film #954193, Deed Records C-D
   Pike, W. to Ramsay, S.; Vol O, p 275 [FHC film #954601, Deed Records
19-O 1845-1846]
+1850-1870 Grantor Deeds Index in Hancock Co., IL, microfilm not
available at this time, check again in about 6 months. (now Apr 1999)
+Volumes 57 & 58 (film #0954363) CHECK AGAIN! V57 Deed of Wm Pike Sr &
Catharine p 292. No other Pikes, no Wedding, no Hardin, 1 Wm. T.
VanWinkle no wife named, C.H. & Nancy Wright.
+Volumes 59 & 60 (film #205492): V59 only Pike entries are 2 for Thomas
Pike on p 84, 1 with Henry Wedding same page. V60 No Pikes, some
Harding, estate of Abel Harding p 393.

   +HISTORY OF HANCOCK CO. IL, by Robert M. Cochran et al, (Carthage,
IL): Board of Supervisors of Hancock Co., c1968, [IL Sesquincentennial
ed.]. Bear Creek twp: "It was Mr. Pike and his sons who killed the last
bear in this region, and from this, Bear Creek took its name. Uncle
Billy Pike blazed the way and left a clean trail. Uncle Billy, as he was
familiarly called, was the embodiment of honor, and of old-time
hospitality. He once said that he was the first white settler on "Bar
Creek" by two years, and, as he talked, pointed to the spot where his
first cabin was built, saying. "Right over thar by that little pint of
timber". (sent by Jim Allison)
   +HISTORY OF HANCOCK COUNTY by Thomas Gregg (Chicago: Chas. C. Chapman
& Co., 1880). Pg 467 List of early pioneers of Hancock County - 1832,
Wm. Pike & sons, Ky.; Pg 530 Chili twp. "William Pike and his sons John,
Thomas, William and JAMES, who were settlers of 1832"; Pg 548 William
Pike is also mentioned as an early settler of St. Albans twp; Pg 559 Bio
on Joseph McKenzie ... first marriage to Miss Ellen Pike, daughter of
Wm. Pike, one of the pioneers of Hancock Co. He was a native of KY &
located in Hancock Co in 1830 when it took all the men in the county to
make a jury. At one time for eight weeks he never saw the face of a
white person except those of his family; Pg 593 Harmony twp, Wm. Pike
mentioned as an early settler; Pg 608 Bear Creek twp. Elijah & John Pike
mentioned as early settlers.
   +PIONEERS OF THE PRAIRIE by Wilma Brunenn, (Astoria, IL: Printed by
Stevens Pub., 198?) pgs 634-5: "PIKE, WILLIAM - born ca 1793 in
Kentucky, married (1) Lydia -----, born 1804, she died October 19, 1839,
buried in Bethel Cemetery in Bear Creek Township. On October 21, 1850,
Mr. Pike married (2) Sarah-----born ca. 1821c she died before 1858. On
December 3, 1858 at Stillwell, Illinois, Mr. Pike married (3) Elizabeth
Stillwell. They were married by Rev. George Jackson. She died July 13,
1859, age 58 yrs. The Pike children were: 1- James, born ca 1842, 2-
Jefferson, born ca 1844, 3- Ethelene, born ca 1845, 4- Ellen (Ellie)
born ca 1847 married Joseph McKenzie, 5- Washington, born ca 1849, 6-
Anna, 7- Nellie, 8- Lige." "Uncle Billie", as he was known, came to St
Albans Township in the early 1830ís. He claimed to be the first white
man on "Bar Creek by two years". "When he was nearly 80 years old and
still longing for pioneer life, he sold the farm and went with his son -
again headed west in a covered wagon, saying he wanted to get "one more
crack at a der!" This was a few years previous to the Civil War." He had
an eye and a love for fine horses. It was not uncommon for Uncle Billy
to cut a hole in the ice and go for a swim. +CAUTION STORY+ There are
many problems with this information. The 21 Oct 1850 marriage was
William Jr., not William Sr.! Lydia Pike was selling land with her
husband in 1841 and was listed in the 1850 census. The Holdings of the
Hancock Co Genealogical Society give her burial in Bethel Cemetery, but
in 1859 age 65. A William Pike married Elizabeth A. Stillwell 15 Dec
1859 in Hancock Co., IL (VR LDS). This is William Jr. too. William Pike
married Sarah Catherine Wright on 26 Jul 1861 in Hancock Co., IL (VR LDS
noted that wife was previously married). This is proved to be William Sr
by a deed in Hancock county Volume #57. The list of children attributed
to William Sr may not all be his, if any of them are. Some of them seem
to be Elijah's (James b 1842 & Washington b 1849). Thomas had a Nellie b
1849. Ellen was married to Joseph McKenzie 13 Jul 1848, so the above
Ellen b 1847 is not the same woman. I have not been able to account for
the other Pike children listed above; Jefferson 1844, Ethelene 1845,
Anna, & Lige. Probably the most valuable clue in this bio is the
information that William might have gone pioneering with his son in his
old age. That would explain why he nor any of his sons are listed in the
Hancock Co. Probate Index. The Civil War took place between 1861-1865.
William Sr. was selling land in Dec 1862 in Hancock Co.
  +HOLDINGS of the Hancock Genealogical Society Card Index File (FHC
film #1487664): Bethel Cemetery: Thomas Morgan Pike d 1854 age 47 [b ca
1807] & wife Martha d 1855 age 43 [b ca 1812]; William Pike (Mrs. d.
1859 age 65 [b ca 1794]) m Lydia; William Pike (Mrs. d 1859 age 28[b ca
1831]) m Eliza A., ch Wm. O (dec.) Wm. G. (dec.) "not sure of this"
noted on card. [age is right for this to be Elizabeth Jane Geren Pike];
Payne Cemetery: William Pike m Elizabeth [no further data]
  *FHC ANCESTRAL FILE 4.18: William Pike b 1796 KY & Elizabeth Lydia
Coffee b 1792 <Green Co, KY>; children Thomas b <1815> KY; John b
1817/1820 KY, sp 1) Elizabeth Wedding b <1821> KY & 2) Susan Morris b
<1821 Hancock, IL>; Elijah b <1819> KY; William Jr. b 1825 KY sp 1)
Elizabeth J Geren b <1829 KY> 2) Betsy A. Morgan b <1829 KY>; Sarah b 12
Dec 1827 Louisville, KY m James Van Winkle b 15 Sep 1822 Henry Co, IL;
Ellen b <1829> KY; Mary b 1834, IL m Franklin A Hendricks b <1830 IL>.
  +NOTE: An ELIZABETH PIKE m George W. Wedding 19 Jan 1847, Hancock Co,
IL. (CD 228) Could she also be a daughter of William & Lydia? I have
added her to the children list provisionally. See her notes.

   I don't consider it proved quite yet that her maiden name really was
Elizabeth Lydia Coffee as has been published in the Ancestral File* at
the LDS Family History Center. James told his daughter, Lydia Pike
Arnel, that she was named after his mother Lydia. The land sales,
census, & cemetery have only Lydia. The marriage cited in the Ancestral
File has only Elizabeth. Could William have been married twice?
Elizabeth Coffee could have died young and he married a second time,
Lydia ___. I think it is important to look closely at the Hardin
families, the Pikes certainly ran in tandum with Hardins and I don't
find them with Coffees. James went to Texas to join his cousin Joe
Hardin, and I realize that 'cousin' can be a loose term. I have not
listed a maiden name for her in my database. James was born in 1822 and
Lydia was his mother. I do not know if she was also the mother of the
first three sons, therefore I have put 'before 1822' in the space for
marriage date as my estimate.
1850 Oct 19: LYDIA PIKE, died 19 Oct 1850, Wife of William Pike, In her
65th year. [Bethel Cemetery Bear Creek Twp, IL. Partial copy of Bethel
Cemetery survey sent by Fred McKenzie] [b 1786]
1859: "Pike, William: Cem. Bethel (Mrs. d. 1859 age 65) m. LYDIA."
[Holdings of the Hancock County Genealogical Society, Card Index File,
FHC film #1487664] [b 1794]
PROBLEM: The stone may be worn & hard to read because these two records
do not agree. Using her age & the 1860 census, I think that the 1859
date is correct. Perhaps this can be confirmed by deeds, or I could find
someone to check the stone.