(Doc) Lillard Pilcher was a Band leader in Nauvoo then he was a Barber in Hamilton for many years.
He married Mildred Brodie on August 25, 1928 in Canton, Lewis Co, Missouri and to
this union was born eight children all of whom are still living except for two,
Violet who died at the age in 1936 in Quincy, Adams Co, Illinois,
and Marilyn who died in 1996 from an automobile accident near Flagstaff, Arizona
Mildred ran a resteraunt between Hamilton and Nauvoo called the Mississippi Youth Center and
later they built another resteraunt right next door to that one called the Mississippi Bar-B-Que.
The food was excellent. They also had a grocery store on Main Street beside the Barbershop
They moved to Salt Lake City, Utah where they ran several resteraunts and Doc was a Barber
for the Military Base in Salt Lake. They both died in 1973 and are burried in Moss Ridge Cemetery
in Carthage along with their daughter Violet

Sent in by Shawnnee (Bolt) Ramey
My grandparents