1. John Walter. Born on 18 May 1812. John died on 28 Sep 1872; he was 60.

John married Margaret. Born on 25 Jan 1822. Margaret died in At The Home Of
Grandaughter Mrs. Edward Mohr, Btw Dallas City & Lomax on 20 Mar 1915; she was

They had one child:
2 i. Christina (1849-1923)

2nd Generation

1. Christina Walter. Born on 15 Jul 1849 in Richen Grosberg Hessen, GE.
Christina died in Albia, IA At Home Of Son J. W. Richter on 11 May 1923; she
was 73. Buried in May 1923 in La Harpe Cemetery, La Harpe, IL. Religion:
Methodist Episcopal Church Of La Harpe.

Christina first married Henry W. Richter. Born on 22 May 1836 in Germany. Henry
W. died in LaHarpe, IL on 30 Jul 1876; he was 40.

1 Henry W. Richter
Birth: 22 May 1836, Germany
Death: 30 Jul 1876, LaHarpe, IL
Burial: 30 Jul 1876, LaHarpe, Il Cemetery

See also the 4 August 1876 article from La Harper [La Harpe, IL] newspaper:  "A
terrible accident, one of those hard to account for, and for which nobody is to
blame except perhaps one of the unfortunates, whose life paid for his temerity
- or heedlessness - occurred at the railroad crossing, at the east end of the
depot grounds and opposite the house of J. N. Bainter, on Sunday morning, at
about ten minutes before seven o団lock.  Mr. Henry Richter, his wife, a child
aged 2 years and his uncle Mr. Louis Kettler, an old man, in all four persons,
were crossing the above mentioned point in a wagon [when] the westbound express
train No. 3, running at a speed of some 20 miles an hour, struck the wagon on
the fore wheeel with the point of her pilot smashing it into kindling and
throwing its occupants into the air.  Mr. Richter clung to the spring seat,
which clung to the pilot and remained there until the train was stopped,
receiving such severe injuries about the head that he remained unconscious
until death, which occured in about an hour and a half.... Mr. Kettler was
found dead near the woman and child....  The dead and wounded were taken to the
Central Hotel, from whence at 10 o団lock the same evening the remains of the
two men were buried, the heat and lack of ice making it necessary.   ....Mr.
Kettler had just arrived from Kansas to visit his son, who lives on North
Prairie, and was on his way to his house when killed.   ...When the distressing
accident at the railroad crossing occurred...the question was asked...淡hat
shall we do with the bodies? and where shall the maimed be carried for
protection?  Mr. William Barr of the Central House was present and answered,
祖arry them to my house, and it was done, the dead and injured were
transported to the 舛entral where those past other human services were
prepared for burial - the last sad rites performed, and from whence late in the
night they were removed to the Cemetery and buried."

They had the following children:
2 i. Margaret "Maggie" (1869-1875)
3 ii. Lena P. (1873-1948)
4 iii. John W. "J.W." (1876->1923)

In 1882 when Christina was 32, she second married William J. Wilke, in Laharpe,
IL. Born on 18 May 1841 in Mecklenburg, GE. William J. died in La Harpe,IL on
21 Feb 1913; he was 71.

They had the following children:
5 i. William A. "Will" (-1910)
6 ii. George C. (->1913)

3rd Generation

2. Margaret "Maggie" Richter. Born on 28 Nov 1869 in <La Harpe, IL>. Margaret
"Maggie" died in <La Harpe, IL> on 30 May 1875; she was 5. Buried in La Harpe
Cemetery, La Harpe, IL.

3. Lena P. Richter. Born on 7 Nov 1873 in LaHarpe, IL. Lena P. died in
Burlington, IA on 5 Mar 1948; she was 74. Buried in Mar 1948 in La Harpe
Cemetery, La Harpe, IL. Religion: Methodist Church Of LaHarpe.

On 2 Apr 1902 when Lena P. was 28, she married Edward Carl Mohr, son of Henry
Mohr & Wilhelmina Wolmerhausen, in Burlington IA. Born on 4 Jul 1876 in Lomax
Twp., Henderson Co., IL. Edward Carl died in North Hill Nursing Home,
Burlington, IA on 27 Jun 1965; he was 88.

They had one child:
7 i. Vilas Merlin (Died as Infant) (1912-1912)

4. John W. "J.W." Richter. Born on 22 Feb 1876 in <la Harpe> Illinois. John W.
"J.W." died aft 1923; he was 46. Buried in Oakview Cemetery, Edwards 2nd
Addition. Occupation: Bookeeper, Smokey Hollow Coal Company; Salesman.

On 25 Sep 1901 when John W. "J.W." was 25, he married Elsie I. Moore, daughter
of Moore & . Born on 29 Nov 1876. Elsie I. died in <Albia, IA> on 15 Dec 1966;
she was 90.

They had the following children:
8 i. Harold (1904-1984)
9 ii. Isabelle (1912-)

5. William A. "Will" Wilke. William A. "Will" died on 17 Sep 1910.

6. George C. Wilke. George C. died after 1913. Occupation: Osteopathic

4th Generation

7. Vilas Merlin Mohr. Born on 23 Dec 1912. Vilas Merlin died on 27 Dec 1912.

8. Harold Richter. Born on 29 Mar 1904 in Albia, IA. Harold died in Jul 1984;
he was 80. Buried in Oakview Cemetery, Jenkins 3rd Addition, Albia, IA.
Occupation: M.D. (Doctor).

Harold married Helen. Born on 17 Mar 1902 in Albia, IA. Helen died in Nov 1976;
she was 74.

9. Isabelle Richter. Born on 23 May 1912 in Avery, IA. Occupation: Clerk.