Barr Cemetery
Barr Cemetery, Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This cemetery is shown on the map of Hancock county.  But is undoubtedly about the smallest and most insignificant of the many burying grounds in the county.

It is located in the extreme top part of prairie Township and practically in the northeast corner.  Is off in the farm field about a city block distant from the north and south C.B.&Q. single track where railroad which comes into the county from Henderson County at about the mid point on the County line up there and go south of the county about 30 mi. below on the map also at about the mid point on the County line.

It  (the cemetery) is west of the railroad.  From the cemetery if there were not corn growing in nearby fields one would be able to see the north Township line between Prairie and Rock Creek Townships.

To get to the cemetery One Parks on the north Township line Road which is a blacktop and walks south down the railroad.  An old  lane or trail road which was probably an old one a century ago branches off from a north and south side road which runs parallel with the railroad east of it, crosses the track, and it goes west back into the field to the cemetery.  It constitutes a fairly wide road winding and and it is carpeted with heavy grass.

Part way back there is a well wear a farm house stood in early pioneer days.  There are no buildings there now, just this well fall almost to the top with water and shaded by brush.

The cemetery is a vest pocket size rectangular plot thickly overgrown with what seems to be tiger lilies.  There were some quite large trees here but some years back (ten probably) and aged member of the Barr family (according to local people) cut them down in a clean-up program here.  Some storekeeper in the nearby town of farris (a mile north and Rock Creek Township) related this.  The weathered stumps can be seen among lilies and there are some logs piled up at one end of the cemetery.  These people said they thought there were more stones here back in the 1870's and 1880's than the two of this list.

A deep creek lined with heavy undergrowth lies a stone's throw west of the cemetery.  The broken land of the Carthage area begins about here.

This list was compiled by Warren L. Van Dine October 20, 1965

Marble Shaft
Barr, Andrew- b: February 28, 1879   d: August 20, 1879
verse reads;
This little babe
so young and fair
has gone to heaven
to blossom there.

Very small marble footstone