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Hancock County ILGenweb

G. W. Hawley

Transcribed by Marcia Siegfried Redding

 G. W. Hawley, deceased, was born in Ohio in 1806, and came to this county in 1833, settling in Augusta. He built the first store-house, and bought and sold the first dry goods brought to Augusta. Mr. H. was first married in Ohio to Julia W. Sale, born in Connecticut, and died in 1834. They had 2 children, one living – Edgar E. In 1855 he again married, in Connecticut, Mary F. C. Chapman, born in 1810. At the time of his death, which occurred in 1873, Mr. Hawley owned 120 acres of fine farm land; the widow lives on the old homestead. He was an industrious man and a good citizen.

Page: 520

Title: 1880 History of Hancock County, Illinois

Author: By TH. Gregg

Published by: Chas. C. Chapman & Co.




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