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John H. Lawton

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John H. Lawton, born in Vermont, Feb. 22, 1819. In 1820 his parents removed to Hillsboro, N. H., and took the promising youth along. Went to school at three years, until 11 years old; then went to Boston for three years. In 1834 his father brought him to Ohio, and entered him at Oberlin College. It only took him three months to finish his education there, when he left and worked his way back to Boston, his father being in the West. In the spring of 1835 his father returned, and in the fall brought John with him to Carthage. Here his labors were multifarious; worked about town, helped get out the timber for the windmill, did the circular work on the first number of the Carthagenian. In the fall of 1836 went to New Orleans, and spent the winter shelling corn; summer of ’37 back to Carthage; clerked some in Matthew’s store; painted some for Hormer Brown. Next six years were spent in Carthage, Warsaw, Commerce, St. Mary’s, Montebello and New Orleans, clerking, painting, driving stage, blacksmithing, acting Constable, etc. etc.

June , 1845, Mr. L. went East, where, at New Salem, Mass., on April 15, 1847, he was married to Miss Hannah N. Felton, a native of that place, born Oct. 13, 1819. They are the parents of 4 children, all living. Lived at Plymouth during the past 24 years, where he was P. M. about five years.

Mr. Lawton claims that there is but one man now residing in Carthage – C. S. Hamilton – who was there when he came.

Page: 521

Title: 1880 History of Hancock County, Illinois

Author: By TH. Gregg

Published by: Chas. C. Chapman & Co.


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