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Augusta City Cemetery Burials 

William James Tomlinson b 09 Aug 1837 d 10 Apr 1908 [There is also a military stone for him.]
Angeline Rachel [Booker] Tomlinson b 16 Dec 1849 d 10 Jun 1942
Ella Gertrude Tomlinson b 2 Feb 1867 d 7 Nov 1869 [d/o Wm. & Angeline Tomlinson]
Mary Jane E. Tomlinson b 12 Jul 1854 d Aug 1855 [d/o Daniel & Emily Ridings Tomlinson]
Courtesy of LouAnn Cameron 

Harmony Cemetery

 I see that some of my kin are listed, but with at least two mistakes.  The Harry and Miller listed below are the last two sons of my great-great grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Lionberger, who inherited 320 acres from his father, Abraham Lionberger, near Harmony, “12 1/2 miles due SE of Carthage” as my Great-Uncle Glen Lionberger wrote in his brief history of the family before his time began in the 1890’s.  Elizabeth was Thomas’s second wife and she bore him Harry and Miller , so I know that the birthdate for Harry is wrong as that would make him older than his mother.  And, my Great-Uncle Glen gives 1908 as the death year of Miller.  According to Glen Lionberger, though, the months and days of the death dates for his youngest uncles are correct.  His history didn’t give birthdates for any of the three or the death date for Elizabeth, however. 
Lionberger, Elizabeth - b: Jan. 3, 1849    d: June 9, 1903
Lionberger, Harry C. - b: August 28, 1829    d: February 11, 1902

Lionberger, Miller - b: August 20, 1879    d: Sept. 29, 1902
I should have stated, in my previous note,  that I don't consider my Great Uncle Glen's dates beyond question, and that they could have a mistake or two, also.  For instance, I don't know for sure that Elizabeth is the Elizabeth who bore Harry and Miller, but since Thomas J. is buried in your Grove Cemetary next to his first and longest wife, Sarah, I am assuming this Elizabeth is Thomas J.'s subsequent wife.  Also, though it is unlikely that the two brothers should die so close together in 1902, it is not impossible.  Again, Glen Lionberger, grandson of Thomas J. Lionberger, gives 1908 as the death date for Miller Lionberger.
Your site for the Grove Cemetary had a surprise for me:
Lionberger, Little Eva -b: August 1880  d: October 9, 1890  aged 2 months  (d/o A  S. and M. C. Lionberger) 
Albert S. Lionberger and his older brother Thomas R. Lionberger homesteaded in Nebraska, where Albert fell for Mable (son Glen's spelling so I am not arguing) C. Thorton, but I do remember that Glen made mention, in his family history, of Albert and Mable coming back to his roots there in Hancock Co. and farming 40 acres near Ferris, about 4 miles NW of Carthage, he said,  for a while.  I am sure my great-grandparents Albert and Mable felt some peace from knowing that their little daughter would spend enternity with her grandma and grandpa.  Eva was their firstborn, but they would have much success in that arena, beginning just over a year later with the birth of my grandfather Raymond, there, on Dec. 8, 1891 and then adding five or six more boys with a couple of girls mixed in.  Albert S. and Mable C. Lionberger are spending their enternity with several of their sons, here in Oregon, in a Portland old timer cemetary.  I think that there is an error on Eva's listing, also, where it gives the years of her birth and death as ten years apart but states that she was only two months old. 
I am wondering if you can direct me to one of your historical organizations there to help me answer a question about my great-grandfather Albert's middle name or initial and his brother Thomas's.  My Great-Uncle Glen lists his father as Albert Smith Lionberger (b.1862), and Thomas as Thomas Rush Lionberger (b.1860).
While some of the remaining older family members, like my dad's older brother, my Uncle Loren Lionberger, born in Idaho in 1918, remembers Uncle 'Rush', or at least mention of him, he doesn't remember any reference to his grandfather Albert's middle name beyond the initial S.  And Glen's manuscript has crossed out the Smith in the last version I have looked at, so I am confused where these Smith and Rush middle names have come from as Glen makes no mention of family ties in those directions.
I just noticed that my great-great-great-grandfathers death year doesn't concur with his great-grandson Glen's date of 1868.  Again, I do not know which is correct, if either.   And Glen refers to Abraham's wife as Anna, I don't know, perhaps they saved money on one letter on the marker.  The family is frugal.
Lionberger, Abraham- b: 1785   d: 1863
Lionberger, Ann- b: 1795   d: 1850
Thanks again for your time and effort,

Pulaski Cemetery Burials

James Monroe Bridges b unknown d 2 Apr 1862 [Military stone only] son of William Alexander and Louisa N. Ridings Bridges
Louisa Neel [Ridings] Smart b 18 Jan 1814 d 18 Oct 1871 [I believe her stone has the names, no dates, for all 3 husbands: 1) William Alexander Bridges 2)Jacob Hicks, and Thomas A. Smart]
Martha Stinson Ridings b 31 Oct 1819 d 30 Aug 1902
Daniel Tomlinson b 10 Dec 1806 d 20 Oct 1859
Emily Ridings Tomlinson b 27 Jan 1809 d 22 Mar 1895 [wife of Daniel]
Note: Louisa, Martha and Emily [Ridings] were sisters, daughters of Joel & Penelope [May] Ridings.

NOTE: There are other stones in this family corner, but many are broken, some are buried or partially buried.
I need someone with big muscles to go with me to help unearth these stones to see whose they are.
I've also been told there are lots of snakes in that cemetery.
I might need someone with a sharp hoe as well.
I'm glad I didn't know that when I visited there the first time!!
Courtesy of LouAnn Cameron 

Scott Cemetery Burials
Mrs. Patrick Mullen (Hannah Pruett Mullen) b abt 1793-1796 NC - d bet 1863-1870 in Scott Co., IL (or possibly in McDonough Co. IL where her son, James Allen Mullen and wife, Eunice Unity Fugage/Mullen, lived).
Her name (Mrs. Patrick Mullen) appears on a handwritten list of early burials in Scott Cemetery near Fandon, IL prepared about 1911 by a descendant of the first burial there.
There is no grave stone for her. Early records for the cemetery (assuming there were any) have been lost; in the not too distant past those now in charge of Scott Cemetery opted to remove all the old stones that were illegible.
There IS a stone for her son, James Allen Mullen; however, there is NOT a stone for his wife, Eunice Unity Fugate Mullen, who is also buried at Scott Cemetery.
Courtesy of
Pat Lewis McDowell
Shreveport, LA

Walker Cemetery
David Allen - Born December 7, 1840, Indiana, Shelby Co.
Died November 17, 1873
Burried Walker Cemetery, S. of Sutter, Ill. Twp. Hancock Co., Ill.
David Allen and Harriet Elizabeth Stevenson married December 8, 1862. I do not have the location.
This info was in a journal of my aunt, Birdie Ash, Hamilton, Ill.
I pulled up the list of the Walker Cemetery and David Allen is not listed.
The 2 Allen's listed are not related to my knowledge.
Any information on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
My Aunt Birdie died in 1970 so none of the family has visited that cemetery since then.
Courtesy of
 Patricia B Allen

Woodlawn Cemetery Burials

Nelson M. Ridings b  2 Dec 1849 d 28 Sep 1926
Emily Z. [DeCounter] Ridings b 28 Feb 1853 d 16 Apr 1930 [wife of Nelson M.]
Guy Ridings b 18 Nov 1893 d 23 Oct 1918 in England - reinterred in Woodlawn [son of Nelson & Emily]
There is also a military stone for Guy Raleigh Ridings b 9 Feb 1889 d 9 Nov 1967
Erhma Mariam [Staff] Ridings b 5 Jan 1892 d 4 Feb 1922 [wife of Raleigh]
Mary Esther Ridings b 9 Aug 1921 d 31 Jul 1922 [son of Raleigh & Erhma]
Raleigh Edmond Ridings b 13 Jun 1917 d 20 Apr 1923 [son of Raleigh & Erhma]
John Mathias Bove b 5 Oct 1916 d 11 Jul 1996 [husband of Martha Emily Ridings, living]
Courtesy of LouAnn Cameron 

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