Clark Cemetery

Clark Cemetery, Wilcox Township, Hancock County, Illinois

The Clark cemetery, almost forgotten, is located in Section 1.  Today there is no road leading into it, and one must walk quite a distance to reach it.  Some of the markers bear the names of Clark and Stakes.  A Jotham Clark, who is buried there was the grandfather of Mrs. Nettie Siegfried and Mrs. Myrtle Herbert of Hamilton, Illinois.  Jotham Clark was a descendant of Abraham Clark, signer of the Declaration of independence.

A newspaper clipping notes that the cemetery was started in a covered wagon days when a family traveling through the country had a child died and asked permission to bury the body on the spot.  This cemetery may be reached by going directly north of the "Y " east of Warsaw.

The names I have for this cemetery are the same names that are in the Mt. Vernon Cemetery. I think some pages might have gotten mixed up so I will check on that and get the right information.