Crenshaw Cemetery

Crenshaw Cemetery (Holden), Rocky run Township, Hancock County Illinois

     This cemetery is one of the lists of the Warren L. Van Dine project of collecting names of the dead buried in our county.  August 20, 1975
     This cemetery, like much else of the Southwest Warsaw area corner of Hancock County, belongs to the early pioneer era.  History has stood still in this place since Mormon days.
     If these dead could come back to the world of the living long enough for us to ask them a few questions about a world that is almost as far back of us of the nuclear age of our second to half of the 20th century as the time of Jesus of 2000 years ago; interesting it would be to hear them talk.
But from the scanty description of this burial ground available, it would seem they might "Tell us off" for neglecting their resting place.

1968 Hancock County Illinois history
Rocky run Township by Mrs. Claude Kiser    Cemeteries, page 518
     Holden Cemetery is the oldest, dating back to the time of the first settlers.  This cemetery was later called Crenshaw and is known by this name at the present time.  There have been no burials there for several years.
     Rocky run historic sites list drawn up by the township Chairman Leon Lamet and committee made up of Eva Limkeman, Fred Bruder and Grace Weaver.
     18-19 Crenshaw, or Holden is the oldest known Cemetery in the township.  Dating back to the oldest known settlers. It is now known by the Crenshaw name and there have been no burials there in many years.  It is located on top of the bluff in Section 26.

Barlow, John- b: 1820  d: April 15, 1880 in Hancock Co, Illinois   Age 59y 7m 18d
Crenshaw, Andrew M-  b: October 31, 1851 in Hancock Co, Illinois d: August 14, 1866 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (s/o T & M, Crenshaw
Crenshaw, Teresa Ann (Allen)- b: February 10, 1826  d: September 28 1860 in Rocky Run, Hancock Co, Illinois   34y 7m 18d  (1st w/o Benjamin F. Crenshaw)
Crenshaw, Catherine Ann (Perry)- b: March 30, 1821 in Ohio d: February 11, 1885 in Rockey Run, Hancock Co, Illinois   (w/o Paschal Crenshaw)
Crenshaw, Daniel- b: 1778 in Virginia d: October 15, 1831 in Rocky Run, Hancock Co, Illinois
(h.o 1st Seletah Cook she died in Georgia, 2nd Martha Arnold)
Crenshaw, Daniel, Jr.- b: October 05, 1809   d: October 15, 1861 in Walker Township, Hancock Co, Illinois
Crenshaw, Isaac-  b: November 15, 1803 d: 1836 in Hancock Co, Illinois
Crenshaw, Isaac W- b:  d: Stone broken unreadable possibly 6 years old (s/o B. F. & T. A. Crenshaw)
Crenshaw, Gincy C.- b: December 17, 1851   d: March 20, 1852    (d/o B. F. and T. A. Crenshaw
Crenshaw, John- b: 1845 in Hancock Co, Illinois d: August 17, 1846 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (s/o Thos & M. Crenshaw)
Crenshaw, Joseph- b: February 27, 1873 in Rockey Run, Hancock Co, Illinois  d: May 22, 1892 in Rockey Run, Hancock Co, Illinois  ( s/o George F. and Julia A. Crenshaw)
Crenshaw, Mary Martha (Martin)-  d: November 18, 1894 in Hancock Co, Illinois d: November18, 1894 in Hancock Co, Illinois    Age 71y 10m 23d  (w/o Theophilus Crenshaw)
Crenshaw, Paschal- b: October 18, 1812 in Tennessee d: April 17, 1889 in Rockey Run,Hancock Co, Illinois  (s/o Daniel and Seletha (Cook) Crenshaw  h/o Catherine Ann (Perry) Crenshaw)
Crenshaw, Teresa Ann (Allen)- b: 1822 in Illinois  d: Stone broken  (w/o Benjamin Franklin Crenshaw)
Crenshaw, Theophilus- b: March 16, 1815 in Jefferson Co, Illinois d: May 26, 1891 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (s/o Daniel and Seletha (Cook) Crenshaw  h/o Mary M. (Martin) Crenshaw)
Crenshaw, Theophilus, Jr- b: April 8, 1819  d: 1834
Foley, Alfred L- b: November 27, 1891 in Hancock Co, Illinois  d: April 25, 1892 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (s/o L & E)
Holden, Catherine- b: May 24, 1782 d: July 9, 1859 in Hancock Co, Illinois    Age 77 y 1m 15 d  (w/o A Holden)
Holden, Charles T-b: 1854  d: September 2, 1855 in Hancock Co, Illinois    9m 26d  (s/o A. & S. Holden)
Roth, Celatha (Crenshaw)- December 17, 1858 in Rocky Run Twp. Hancock Co, Illinois   d: April 23, 1904 in Lima, Adams Co, Illinois  (1st w/o August Roth)
Shipe, Isaac J-  b: January 01, 1846 d: August 21, 1881 d:August 21, 1881 (1st Sgt. Co. G. 119th Illinois Inf.)
Wheeler, O. C- b: No Dates d: 1878     (Co. D 48th Iowa Inf.)