Cutler Cemetery
Cutler Cemetery, Nauvoo Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This Cutler cemetery burial list consists of the quotation of a news Wright up by Mrs. Ida Blum, Nauvoo newspaper woman, published indicate city, a Keokuk, Iowa daily.  Date of issue not yet ascertained.

It was found any scrapbook kept by the late Pearl Gordon Vestal (Mrs. C. L. Vestal) of Hamilton Illinois called "Pioneer Biographers Book ", page 494.

Warren L. Van Dine copied it in the third floor County history office (for the 1968 County history) into Carthage, Illinois court House the third week in March 1968.  Mr. Don Gordon of Hamilton, Mrs. Vestal's brother, had loaned the scrapbook to the county history office where it was examined by Warren and this material procured from it.

Mrs. Blum will be credited with furnishing this burial list for this cemetery burial list project which is being carried on by Warren L. Van Dine.

(1968 Hancock County history, page 394)

"Cutler, and 85 New England, was a graduate and Yale, had studied law and been a merchant in New York City before coming to Nauvoo.  Cover became the first postmaster of Venus which was the first post office establishing Hancock County, March 13, 1830.  There were only three buildings in Venus at that time: the home of George Y. Cutler, the trading post of Alexander White, and the residence of Alexander's father, Captain James White.  The Cutler died Sept. 3, 1834, five years before Joseph Smith came to Nauvoo.  On October 11, 1834 the name of the post office was changed from Venus to Commerce.  Mary Ann Cutler was the first postmistress.  The Cutler's grave surrounded by a wall of rock became a landmark.  Wind and exposure to the elements has obliterated all traces of the tombs so that today only a pear tree marks the historic spot.  And when all is said and Van what can be more appropriate than a tree on Cutler's grave for as Joyce Kilmer so beautifully said: "A tree that looks at God all day, and lifts for leafy arms to pray."

(1880 Hancock County history, page 474)

Cutler's grave, Commerce, the place were George Y. Cutler, one of the first county commissioners, was buried, enclosed by a stone well, still standing.

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