Denver Cemetery
Denver Cemetery, Harmony Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This burial list was compiled by Miss Mary H. Siegfried in 1963.  Miss Siegfried is a professional researcher living in Denver, Illinois.  It is and I'm in Inc. village located in Harmony Township 9 miles east and south of Carthage and 10 miles west of Plymouth.  Miss Siegfried is an alumnus of Carthage college (the college recently relocated at Kenosha, Wisconsin), and a prominent woman in Hancock County circles.

She published a history of Denver in the Carthage newspaper (The Weekly Hancock County Journal) in 1963.  It was riding in stereo form in November (November 7, 14, 21, and 28 numbers).  She probably made this Cemetery list in connection with and history.  It is not mentioned in the history but she told the writer of this (Warren L. Van Dine) at the time that the paper deleted enough of her material for about a fair installment.  Probably the cemetery was described in that.

The cemetery is apparently and or very close to the town.  Mary's description of fits at the top of the type list which she furnished reads: "NW 1/4 section 32 Township 4N 6N".  Her location of the town and her first installment her Denver history reads: "Denver is located in the east half of section 32."

Many of the families named in this burial list are also predominantly described in the Denver history, indicating this was the town's burying ground and the pioneer era.  Such as Hecox, lemon, Mouldin, Thomas.

The burial list is not show very many burials in our 20th century or much about the turn-of-the-century (1900) point.  There are some burials for two families, the Elder family and the Wilder family, as late as the 1930s.  But all others since 1900 with the exception of one burial in the Todd family (1915) our previous to 1911 and there are not many of them.

Also the list is not long which also indicates use of the cemetery was discontinued soon after the pioneer period.

The following description of the ownership of Denver cemetery was furnished by Miss Siegfried when she was informed this burial list was being included in this project.  "Denver cemetery is first mentioned in a deed from James Black to L. R. Daw which accepts the cemetery, November 6, 1881.  The earliest burial is a grandchild of Elder James Black who died in 1878 so the land was evidently given by Elder Black who with his wife are buried there.  It was deeded to Harmony Township."

(1968 Hancock County history, page 348)

"Denver cemetery in North East 1/4 section 32 is first mentioned in a deed from James Black to L. R.  Daw which excepts the cemetery, granted November 6, 1881.  The earliest burial is a child of Henry Black who, with his wife Mary, are buried there.  It was deeded to Harmony Township in the 1930s."

Barber, Infant - b: no dates  (s/o D.C. andM.A. Barber)
Black, James - b:   d: March 3, 1891 aged 90 years 2 months 4  days  (h/o Mary Black)
Black, Lillie E. - b:   d: September 13, 1878  aged 3 years 2 months 11 days  (d/o H. H. and S. M. Black)
Black, Mary - b:   d: July 12, 1880  aged 70 years  (w/o James Black)
Bowman, Edna - b:   d: March 27, 1895  aged 5 years 1 month 27 days  (d/o P. and N. Bowman)
Davis, Eva (Butler)- b:   d: June 3, 1895  aged 32 years 9 days  (W./0 C. G. Davis)
Elder, Robert - b: 1865   d: 1935
Elder, Sarah Myrtle- b: 1906   d: February 7, 1918 in Bowen, Hancock Co, Illinois
Hecox, Martha R. - b: December 3, 1799   d: June 11, 18??  (w/o Truman Hecox)
Hecox, Truman - b: July 21, 1798   d: Argus 19, 1891  aged 93 years 6 months
Lemon, William T. - b: February 26, 1836   d: March 22, 1900  (h/o Sallie Lemon)  2nd Lieut. Co. G. 143rd infantry
Lemon, Sallie E. - b: January 21, 1838   d: August 11, 1997  (w/o William T. Lemon)
McMeekin, Eliza - b:   d: April 13, 1883  aged 82 years 4 months
Mouldin, Mary - b: January 16, 1822   d: January 26, 1888  (w/o R. Mouldin)
Sommers, Elizabeth (Koontz) - b: March 9, 1812   d: January 17, 1905  (w/o Wesley Sommers)
Todd, John - b: January 1826   d: February 8, 1905  (h/o Martha Ann Todd)
Todd, Martha Ann - b: May 11, 1823   d: July 4, 1911  (w/o John Todd)
Todd, Melissa - b: July 7, 1852   d: April 22, 1915
Thomas, William - b:   d: September 5, 1887  aged 26 years 11 months 9 days  (s/o J. H. and J. N. Thomas)
Thompson, Julia Candace - b: September 3, 18??   d: August 27, 1880
Wilder, Amanda F. - b: 1871   d: May 31, 1934 in Bentley, Hancock Co, Illinois
Wilder, Samuel Lee - b: 1896   d: 1923  (s/o Mr. and Mrs. William Wilder)
Wilder, William L. - b: it was put to the 1872   d: 1932
Wright, Charles W. - b: April 12, 1861   d: March 24, 1881
Wright, Jesse - b: March 6, 1832   d: December 19, 1904  (h/o Mary F. Wright)
Wright, Mary F. - b: August 28, 1831   d: October 2, 1908  (w/o Jesse Wright)