Dundey Cemetery
Dundey Cemetery, Nauvoo Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This cemetery burial list with the introduction was copied from the Pearl Gordon Vestal (Mrs. C. L. Vestal) scrapbook.  "Pioneer Biographies Book", page 356.  Mrs. Vestal's accompanied by Mrs. Wayne Earls and Mrs. Samuel Strange, editor of the Nauvoo independent, made this list at the cemetery August 1, 1960.

Her interest in Hancock County historical research was no doubt stimulated by the work of her father John Gordon who was the president of the County Historical Society at the time of his death in 1932.  He was a Hamilton, Illinois banker who spent the best years of his life engaged in this local research.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Vestal are now (spring of 1968) deceased.  Several people got her scrapbooks after she died.  He went first.  A number of her scrapbooks were presented to the Hamilton Library.  The Vestal and Gordon families lived in or near Hamilton.  The Gordon family also kept some of the scrapbooks.

In March of 1968 Mr. Don Gordon of Hamilton, a brother of Mrs. Vestal, loaned one of the scrapbooks to the County historical Office at the Carthage, Illinois Court House.  Here material for the 1968 Hancock County History was being assembled for Publication.

The book contained a number of cemetery burial list of which this Dundey Cemetery list was one.  By arrangement with the Gordons and the County History Office some were copied by Warren L. Van Dine for this cemeteries burial list project.

Credit for this list will be given to Pearl Gordon Vestal.

The writer of this (Warren L. Van Dine) visited Dundey Cemetery G7 seven years after Mrs. Vestal and her two friends were there in the summer of 1960.  There is another dandies burial list prepared by him in this project.

At that time (1967) he put the following observations about Dundey on paper:

Dundey Cemetery is located but a few yards from the water's edge of the Mississippi River a few rot's north of what used to be the Nauvoo city park which was set up in the late 1950's in honor of the late Mayor Lowell Horton.  The Utah L.D.S. Church bought this park in the mid 1960s but it is still referred to as the park in the Nauvoo area.  It is where the stone foundation of the White family house known as the first house of Nauvoo (of Commerce) is located.

There is a fringe of scrub trees a few rods and lank just at the water's edge north of the park.  The cemetery is among these trees.

The cemetery is about straight west from the R. L. D. S. Church building (which can be seen in the distance off to the east) and Hotchkiss east-west St.

There is no fence around the cemetery and most of the monuments are down.  Probably the place has been pastured in the past years.  It is very sandy soil here and one can stick a spade into it without much effort.

This is obviously a family cemetery, probably a family who lived here by the river and farmed this land.

To get to it the motorists can take either Parley Street or Water Street west to the park and leave the car there and walk north along the edge of the fringe of trees by the water.

The family name as spelled in the inscriptions on the monuments is given both as "Dundy" and " Dundey".

The Pearl Gordon Vestal introduction will be given now.

The Pearl Gordon Vestal material will begin at this point.  Introduction:

Dundy (Dundey) Family Cemetery, in swampy land, near Mississippi River front, down "On the list", where the Dundy family used to live, and were Captain James White lived at an earlier period.  This is now in deep woods, the ground covered with saplings, briars, weeds and poison ivy.  It is reached through the west edges of cultivated fields just north of the present Nelson Park.  One stone is of heavy gray granite of the modern style, but milestones are of marble slabs, and the floods have come over them, burrowing that animals have dug holes under them, and vandals have been there.  Mrs. Hazel Dundy Tedford, of Keokuk, Iowa is gathering a family fund and reports that by July 19, 1960 she had $95.  for restoration of the plot.  On that date she asked the members of the Nauvoo Historical Society to donate personal labor toward cleaning up the burial ground, planning that the money cost of mending and resetting stones show be provided by her own and family funds.  She says the family name was originally "Dundee", but while in Pennsylvania the family altered it to " Dundey" and then shortened it to the " Dundy".

Mr. Samuel Strange, editor of the Nauvoo independent, guided Mrs. Wayne Earls and me to the location and he read the inscriptions aloud to me, for copying.  Pearl Gordon Vestal, Hamilton, Illinois, August 1, 1960

The Dundy family burial ground was located just north of the Captain James White home, near the river, and was greatly damaged when the dam was built and the water was raised  thirty  feet..

A century ago it was common for people owning property to reserve a corner of their land for a private graveyard.  These have mostly disappeared.

Diemer, Barbara (Oberlie)- b:   d:  Aug. 28, 1869   (1st w/o Valentine Diemer)
Diemer, Catharine (Happel)- b: May 28, 1852, d. June 17, 1941   (2nd w/o Valentine Diemer)
Diemer, Valentine- b. 1833, d:  February 9, 1902   (w/o Catharine (Happel) Diemer), Pvt.  CO   G  57  IL  REGT CIVIL WAR
Diemer, Valentine H.- b. March 4, 1877   d: June 3, 1942  (s/o Valentine & Catharine (Happel) Diemer)
Diemer, Wilhelmina M.- b: November 21, 1879   d:  December 20, 1887  (d/o Valentine & Catharine (Happel) Diemer)
Dundey, Charles Louis- b: March 20, 1872   d: June 25, 1920
Dundey, Sarah (Fenton)- b :   d: 19   (crack in stone)  Aged 56 yrs 6 months 10 days
Dundey, Warren A- b: June 4, 1873   d: December 5, 1889
Dundey, William- b:  no dates  Co. D., 17th Iowa Infantry  (Civil War)
Dundey, William A.- b: March 20, 1864   d: October 5, 1901
Dundy, George W- b: October 21, 1860   d: May 29, 1863  (s/o William A.and Sarah Dundey)
Dundy, Polly- b:   d: January 9, 1860  (w/o William Dundy)
Dundy, Willis R.- b:   d: March 26, 1859  aged 28 years  (s/o of Ward P. Dundy)
Grebe, Katherine Diemer- b: 1871   d: 1957   (d/o Valentine & Catharine (Happel) Diemer), w/o George Grebe)
Hobbs, Ann- b:   d:  May 1, 1853     (w/o John Hobbs)
Nicaise, Rose- b: 1861  d: 1939
Nicaise, Rose B.- b: 1830   d: 1914
Nicaise, Walter- b: 1898   d: 1913
Tanner, John- b: 1825  d: 1902    Pvt. Co G  58 IL Regt, CIVIL WAR