Names for Elvaston School Picture

Left Bus Driver: Allyson Fish
Front Row, L.. to R. (Sitting Left of Flag): Wayne Miller, Charles Fish, Robert Fish, Marshall Miller, Opal Sollars, Alice Kinman, Charles Fecht, Lester Sargent, Gilbert Kimbrough, Thelma Marshall, Aleta Marshall, Edna Reagin, Selma Miller, Geraldine Crank, Virginia Baxter, Florence Reagin, Helen Marshall, Isabelle Lenz, Madeline Kerr, Myra Marshall, Marguerite Moore, Lester Reagin, James Stump, Homer Miller, Franklin Walker, (sitting on ground in front of flag) Lester McGinnis, Dan Hanson, Frank Urton, Mildred Walker,  Deb Bachman.

Front Row, L. to R. (Sitting Right of Flag): Imogene Hanson, Lowell Stump, Eileen Lenz, Richard Moore, Kathleen Moore, Kenneth Wallace, Mary Monroe, Lawrence Thompson, Gladys Sargent, Visitor Thelma Bachman, Marie Earls, Myron Gable, Myrtle Poland, Melvin Faulkner, Visitor, William Lillis, Dorothy Dowdall, Carmalee Roseberry.

Right Standing in Front of Buses:  Charlie R. Martin, Janitor, James Lillis, school board member.  Gay Miller, Bus Driver.

Second Row, L. to R. (Standing Left of Flag): Alberta Boucard, Mary Urton, Delbert Rohrbaugh, Lowell Crow, Gladys Miller, Elizabeth Bockman, Clifford Long, Ruth Moore, Lloyd Crow, Ruby Davidson, Roy Caldwell, Hollis Marshall, Leota Dowdall, John Garard, Lucille Carroll, Leland Thompson, Mildred Long, George Fecht, George Kinman, Mable Carroll, Thelma Sargent,

Second Row, L. to R.  (Standing Right of Flag): John Martin, Ray Poland, Onlyn Walker, Raymond Siegfried, Milo Thomas, Harold Thompson, Iva Thompson, Mildred Campbell, Mildred Faulkner, Fay Webster, Mary Sargent, Alice Huele, Alleyne Earls, Marian Miller, Grace Monroe, Elsie Hempen, Dorothy Poland.

Third Row, L. to R. (Standing on Risers): Esther Hanson, Eunice Poland, Grace Harrison, Erville Crow, Ruth Poland, Myrtle Walker, Kathryn Campbell, William Miller, Regina Freeland, Ethel Adair, Alberta Balmer, Professor Lloyd Skinner- Principal, Dorothy Rams-teacher, Alma Horney, Leslie Kerr, Rosa Long, Jesse Kinman, Marie Dowdall, Lorene Gerard, Clyde Walker, Earl Edwards, Roy Lillis.

Total people in picture approximately 113
If you have any corrections to make, please let me know.Judi Gilker