Genealogy of the Bulloch, Anderson, Coleman, and Knobbs Families

This book was given to me by my grandmother. The cover is faded and torn. The pages are starting to yellow. I have been in contact with a the descendants of many of these families, but to date, no other copy has been located. The book has been transcribed verbatim, all the typographical errors and spellings are those of the original author, Helen Knobbs Bulloch. Information submitted by Mary Scott.


William and Thomas Bulloch were born in Campsie, Scotland, near Glasgow. William was with Wellington's army in the battle of Waterloo, June 1815. Had a large scar on his neck from a sword wound received at that time. Was married and had a large family, four of whom were William, John, Thomas, James. he came to Canada to live where he died. Thomas married Janet Boyle, (born near Glasgow, Scotland.) Her brother, Robert Boyle, went with his family about 1822 to Australia. They came to Canada in 1820 in a sailing vessel. The same ship the next year was wrecked and all was lost. Five hundred emigrants came to Canada in1820. Thomas and Janet settled in Hopetown, where they died. Born to them in Kirkintilloch, Scotland, James, William, Catherine, Thomas, June 4, 1814; Belle, Aug. 6, 1815; Robert, John, Apr. 16, 1819; in Canada, Henry, May 1823; Janet 1826, Archibald, Margaret, Andrew, Apr. 9, 1832.


John Anderson born in Glasgow, Scotland, married Margaret Wilson in Glasgow. Born to them