Greenwood Cemetery


   I have calculated the birthdate if it has the death date and the age in years months and days. I have calculated the year of birth if it has age of death. I am trying to give you as much information as possible. Plus I have gone to the death index and social security death index to see if the people are listed if there is just a year of birth and death and I have gone to the marriage index to find a maiden name in some cases. I hope with me doing all of this, it will help you in your research.

Austin, Nellie Elizabeth (Glines)-  b: 1883  d: September 21, 1920  (w/o Thomas Austin)
Dodge, Caroline Elizabeth (Atwater)- b: January 21, 1846 in Summum, Fulton Co, Illinois  d: January 13, 1927 in Payson, Adams Co, Illinois  (w/o Thomas Jefferson Dodge)
Dodge, Charles H.- b: 1867 Illinois d: 1940
Dodge, Eddie R.- b: September 11, 1887  d: August 7, 1889
Dodge, Etta (Veach) - b: July 8, 1860  d: June 17, 1909 in Hamilton, Hancock Co, Illinois  (1st w/o Charles H. Dodge)
Dodge, Henry- b: December 23, 1813, Kentucky  d: October 18, 1894 in Hamilton, Hancock Co, Illinois
Dodge, Jesse Raymond- b: May 26, 1894 in Stratton, Nebraska  d: March 27, 1951 in Keokuk, Lee Co, Iowa
Dodge,  Katherine Winona, Katie, (Yater)- b: December 7, 1871 in Ferris, Hancock Co, Illinois  d: March 31, 1956 Keokuk, Lee Co, Iowa  (w/o Walter Howard Dodge)
Dodge, Laurana (Jolly)- b: August 6, 1807  d: May 1, 1886  (w/o Henry Dodge)
Dodge, Sadie E.- b: 1869  d: 1965  2nd (w/o Charles H. Dodge)
Dodge, Thomas Jefferson- b: January 24, 1844 in Fulton Co, Illinois  d: October 1, 1895 in Hamilton, Hancock Co, Illinois (h/o Caroline Elizabeth (Atwater)Dodge)
Dodge, Walter Howard- b: September 1, 1869 Burnside, McDonough Co, Illinois d: November 11, 1938
Dodge, Winona- b: 29 Jun 1889  d: June 30, 1890
Dorothy, John- b: 1840   d: 1898
Dorothy, Sarah (Hurst)- b: January 2, 1848   d: 1932
Glines, Emmanett (Bingle)- b: 1853  d: 1937  (w/o John Thomas Glines)
Glines, John Albert- b: August 3, 1892 d: July 18, 1918  Killed in WWl
Glines, John Thomas- b: 1854  d: 1918  (h/o Emmanett (Bingle) Glines)
Glines, Lloyd Earl-  b: 1925  d: 1933
Inman, Thomas- b: 1870   d: 1940
Inman, Viola (Glines)- b: 1872   d: 1948
Schwartz, Henry- b: 1879 - d: 1956
Schwartz, LeNora (Glines)- b: 1880   d: 1948