Liberty Cemetery

Liberty Cemetery, Hancock Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This cemetery, which is located in Section 9 in Hancock Township, was operated in connection with the Liberty Church.  This congregation was non-denominational.

The 1968 Hancock county history, page 323, described this congregation as follows:

"On February 1, 1890 A group of people met at liberty school house to discuss the building of the church, irrespective of orthodox denomination .  W.G. Davis was appointed temporary chairman. W. Kimbrough was elected secretary-treasurer and the following Trustees were elected James W.Kimbrough, William Teckmire and Sylvender.  The building committee was J. W. Savage, John T. Fletcher, Sylvender Roll, John Edgar, and Reuben H. Long. W.Kimbrough soon left the state and Levi Long was appointed to fill his vacancy.

By January 31, 1891 the Church of been built on the south line of Section 9 on land donated by Lewis Spangler.  By-laws had been established and it had been decided to call the church "The liberty Church of Hancock County", with preaching and worship services not confined to any one denomination, or class of Christians, but open to any and all orthodox denominations for the purpose of religious worship.  The officers were to consent or three trustees, a secretary and treasurer to be elected annually on the last Saturday of January, each year, by members of this society.  Many ministers of different denominations preached at this church.

Liberty Church operated until 1915 and then its doors were closed and the building raised in the 1930's.  The land now belongs to Don Lenix, and today only the foundation of the church is visible.  As the cemetery operated by the church has been discounted now the disinterments and reinterments in other burying grounds with the exception of one grave of an infant.  It was decided by Warren L. Van Dine it would not be necessary to make an actual visit to it.  For this burial list the one paragraph right up in the 1968 county history will be quoted.

However if opportunity should occur for a visit a written description locating the place as to roads and appearance will be prepared and added to this Introduction at that time.  Bp