Little Family Cemetery, Pontoosuc Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This Little Family Cemetery burial list and Shupe, Fern Bowen, Mrs. James Walker, and Carolyn Walker.  They are workers in the Lee County
Genealogical Society of of Iowa, which has its headquarters in Keokuk, Iowa, who reside in Hamilton, Illinois

The 1968 Hancock county history describes this cemetery as follows (Page 470) in the Pontoosuc Township chapter, as follows:

     "Little Family Cemetery: on the west 1/2 of SE 1/4, section 17, is a burial ground of Martin and Sarah Rittenour and some of their descendants.  It
was bought in 1847 by Mormon elder by the name of Fullmer.  This cemetery has always been enclosed with a stock fence and throughout the more
than one hundred kent and fifteen years, even though the land has had several different owners, it is well kept.  The farm is now owned by George and
Peggy Bergmeier.  There are no more vacant lots or parts of lots.  The last ones buried there were Reamer Coffman in 1950 and his wife Olive
Brodie Coffman in 1951.  Reamer was a grandson of Martin and Sarah R. Little".
     For reaching this burying ground by automobile, The compilers of the list gave the following directions.  Going North on hard road No.96 in Appanoose
Township, turn right on the blacktop at the Nauvoo-Colusa High School corner and drive 5.3 miles east into Pontoosuc Township.  Turn North about 2
miles; then turn west about 1/4 mile into a pasture northwest of the house (about 300 yds.  They do not identify the house.
     No description of the place is given and no statement about arrangements if any for its upkeep with the exception of the item about fencing.
Also, nothing about ownership as the names since the 1847 sale by Fullmer.
Typed by Warren L. Van Dine October 24, 1968 from typed copy furnished by the compiers.

Coffman, Adam- b: May 4, 1879   d: March 8, 1933 in Pontoosuc, Hancock Co, Illinois   (h/o Mary Jane (Little) Coffman)
Coffman, Alma- b: December 22, 1876   d: February 12, 1877 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (d/o Adam and Mary Jane (Little) Coffman)
Coffman, Mary Jane (Little)- b: May 1, 1842   d: March 12, 1933 in Pontoosuc, Hancock Co, Illinois   (w/o Adam Coffman)
Coffman, Olive (Brodie)- b: October 03, 1878 in Hancock Co, Illinois   d: April 22, 1951 in Dallas City, Hancock Co, Illinois  (w/o Reamer L. Coffman)
Coffman, Reamer L.- b: May 04, 1879 in Ohio   d: September 13, 1950 in Dallas City, Hancock Co, Illinois  (h/o Olive (Brodie) Coffman)
Coffman, Roy- b: July 12, 1908   d: August 3, 1908  (s/o Reamer L. and Olive (Brodie) Coffman)
Hamilton, Thomas B. Jr.- b: October 26, 1884   d: March 8 1897  (s/o Thomas B. Ann Eliza (Little) Hamilton, Sr.)
Little, Emma- b: September 12, 1853   d: October 13, 1906  (2nd w/o Franklin C. Little)
Little, Franklin C.- b: December 12, 1829   d: January 17, 1921  ( h/o Nancy  (McAuley) Little and Emma Little)
Little, George- b: June 14, 1877   d: December 19, 1877   (s/o Franklin C. and Nancy (McAuley) Little)
Little, Martin- b: January 13, 1794   d: August 30, 1854  (h/o Sarah Little)
Little, Martha- b: December 28, 1864   d: March 12, 1866   (d/o Franklin C. and Nancy (McAuley) Little)
Little, Millard- b: December 25, 1851   d: September 21 1886  (s/o Franklin C. and Nancy (McAuley) Little)
Little, Nancy (McAuley)- b: November 25, 1829   d: June 14, 1877   (1st w/o Franklin C. Little)
Little, Sarah (Rittenour)- b: November 14, 1798   d: September 14, 1878  (w/o Martin Little)
Little, Mildred Susan- May 22, 1834   d: July 6, 1899   (d/o Martin and Sarah (Rittenour)Little)
Rogers, Delbert- b:   d: December 23, 1859  (s/o Charles R. and Sarah Little Rogers)
Smiddy, Ursa- b: December 9, 1896   d: February 13, 1897  (s/o Irvin and Nettie Smiddy)
Smiddy, Leah- b: June 8, 1894   d: June 9, 1894  (d/o Irvin and Nettie Smiddy)
Smiddy, Irv- b: March 30, 1895   d: March 31 1895  (s/o Irvin and Nettie Smiddy)