Majorville Cemetery

Barb, Benjamin Franklin-  b: Aug 13, 1850, Barbour County, Virginia  d: 1928, Hancock County, Illinois  (s/o James Barb and Jemima Baker)  (h/o Rosa Junia Beckwith)
Barb, James-  b: May 3, 1818, Virginia  d: Aug 2, 1894, Hancock County, Illinois
(s/o Abraham Barb Jr and Rebecca Bolinger)
(h/o Jemima Baker)
Barb, Jemima E (Baker)-  b: Nov 10, 1827  d: Jan 26, 1899, Hancock County, Illinois
(d/o Abraham Baker and Mary Ann Wise)  (w/o James Barb)
Barb, John W-  b: 1897, near Joetta, Illinois; died: 1918, Hancock County, Illinois
(s/o William Price Barb and Eliza Jane Aleshire)
Barb, Miranda-  b: July 10, 1847, Barbour County, Virginia  d: 1878, Hancock County, Illinois
(d/o James Barb and Jemima Baker)
Miranda's tombstone has been lost to the years and elements
Barb, Rosa Junia (Beckwith)-  b: 1854, Hancock County, Illinois; d: 1897, Hancock County, Illinois
(d/o Norman Eddy Beckwith and Marinda Salome Hadley Beckwith)
(w/o Benjamin Franklin Barb)
Barb, Stillborn child of Rosa Junia Beckwith Barb and Benjamin Franklin Barb, 1897, Hancock County, Illinois
Barb, William Price-  b:  June 19, 1863, Missouri; died Jan 13, 1936, Tennessee, Hancock County, Illinois  (s/o James Barb and Jemima E Baker)  (h/o Eliza Jane (Jennie) Aleshire)
Daugherty, Eliza Jane (Jennie)-  b:  June 19, 1863, Ohio; died August 31, 1939, Hancock County, Illinois  (d/o John Daugherty and Elizabeth Aleshire)  (w/o William Price Barb; w/o Tony Gustafson)
Day, Mary O (Mort)-  b: June 30, 1924, Colchester, Illinois  d: November 29, 1992, Carthage, Illinois  (d/o Wilburn Mort and Mae Gillenwater)  (w/o Arlen F Day)
Hall, Mildred "Millie" E. (McKenzie)- b: 1862, Hancock Co. Illinois  d: May 15, 1953 (  d/o John and Mary Elizabeth Ellis McKenzie   w/o John William Hall)
Hall, John William- d:  July 21, 1930 in Hancock Co, Illinois
McGee, Ollie Marie (Case)-  b:  April 23, 1909, Hamden, Missouri; died: July 24, 1989, Fort Madison, Iowa  (d/o J Oliver Case and Mary Magdalene Lain)  (w/o James Chellis McGee)
McGee, James Chellis-  b:  February 1, 1890, Fountain Green, Hancock County, Illinois; d: October 20, 1961, Fort Madison, Iowa  (s/o Henry Clay McGee and Harriet Jennie Mort)(h/o Ollie Marie Case)
Mort, Harriet Jennie-  b: 1868, Hancock County, Illinois; d: July 21, 1899
(d/o Jacob B Mort and Jane Oakman)  (w/o Henry Clay McGee)
Mull, E. Pauline (Latherow)-  b: April 24, 1905, Fountain Green, Hancock County, Illinois  d: April 22, 1988, Peoria, Illinois  (d/o Thomas J Latherow and Nellie G Williams)
(w/o Myron Mull)
Pogue, Ira C.-  b: November 22, 1893, near Wanda, Missouri; d: January 5, 1977, Macomb, McDonough County, Illinois  (s/o William Ira Pogue and Mary Ellen Octavia Lucas)
(h/o Doris Evelyn Barb)
Weakley, Peter E  - d: circa 1894, Joetta, Hancock County, Illinois
(h/o Harriet unknown; h/o Lillie Almeda Beckwith)
Weakley, Harriet (w/o Peter E Weakley)
Wright, Grace (McGee)-  b: 1887, Fountain Green, Hancock County, Illinois; d: 1952
(d/o Henry Clay McGee and Harriet Jennie Mort) (w/o Clarence Wright)
Wright, Clarence- b:    (h/o Grace McGee)