Mauk Cemetery
Mauk Cemetery, Harmony Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This is a Mauk family of St. Mary's Township east of Harmony Township listed in Schofield, volume 2, page 1286, the John J. Mauk Family, but is probably a different family than the Abram Mauk one who is buried in the Mauk cemetery in Section 14 of Harmony Township.  However, the location of the farm of the St. Mary's Mauk family (Section 21) is less than 5 mi. from that of the Harmony Township Mauk's.  So it could possibly be a branch of the same family.

A Dr. Ambrose Mauk is mentioned in the 1968 Hancock county history page 335 (Harmony Township chapter).  He was one of the businessman of the now ghost town of Tuckertown.  This man probably was a son, brother, or cousin of Abram Mauk.

On page 337 there is a mention of a "Bob"  as one of the businessman of Bentley just after the Civil war.  No doubt he was also closely related to Abram Mauk family.

The Abram Mauk farmhands Section 14 was about 3 mi. east of Bentley in the township, slightly southeast.  It is barely a mile from Tuckertown

The Mauk's seemed to have been largely a pioneer family in the county, moved on to the large centers of population in the nation perhaps where there were better money-making opportunities.  But there may still be  here in our mad Twentieth Century and they have never come to the attention of the writer of this.

A partial list for Harmony cemetery where the Abram Mauk family dead were taken by disinterment and reinterment after the family farm burying ground was discontinued which has been consulted shows the John J. Mauk family with a lot there and he and his wife enjoying eternal rest on it.  This St. Mary's Township couple lived into the 1940's.

The St. Mary's Township Mauk's came to this county just after 1870.  Schofield page 1286 shows a family coming from Virginia to Missouri where John J. was born October 18, 1870.  Right after this is parents (Andrew and Ann Jenkins Mauk) came to Illinois locating in St. Mary's Township in this county.  The account tells of John J was raised here.

Harmony Cemetery to which the Abram Mauk family deceased were move from the family farm was founded in the early 1850's.  That's quite large now for our rural burying ground here.  There are several other Mauk name is besides Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mauk but they died just before World War l and so they could be of his family.

Dr. and Mrs. Ambrose H. Mauk deceased around the turn of the century (1900) are on the Harmony Cemetery list. Also some of their children.

A list made by the Daughters of the American Revolution in the early 1930's of burials in Harmony prior to July 1, 1877 when the present a law requiring keeping a of Death records in Illinois counties went into effect shows two Mauk names.  They are children buried here in Civil War days.  They could be removals from Mauk.

It will take more complete Harmony records to ascertain when the Abram Mauk family were brought to Harmony and who was brought.

Abram Mauk is not listed as an early pioneer in Harmony Township.  Probably he came to Quincy in the late 1840's and made a few burials on the family farm just before the founding of Harmony in the early 1850's.

The writer of this has not visited the Mauk cemetery site but will use the 1968 county history account because of removal of the dead.  But if opportunity ever occurs it will be visited and a statement about location in addition to Section 14 will be added to the introduction then.

(1968 Hancock county history, page 348)

"Mauk Cemetery was a small cemetery located in the southeast 1/4 Section 14 and in its were buried members of the family of Abram Mauk, and several neighbors.  After Harmony cemetery was established most of the bodies were removed to that cemetery.  One stone with the initials N.E.A. remains on the side of the old cemetery now owned by Bernard McPherson.  Fragments of stones with the inscription "William T.  Son of A and  M.  Slusher," and "Nancy" were found by Mr. McPherson near the foundations of the old Mauk house."