McConnell-Geddes Cemetery
Most of the information sent to me for this cemetery was compiled by Allan Montague Geddes

Baker, Jesssie H. (Harmon)- b: December 16, 1903     d: March 20, 1994
Blackledge, Linda J. (Geddes)- b: August 26, 1885     d: May 10, 1922  (w/o Millard, Daughter of Robert A. and Minnie Geddes)
Blackledge, Millard- b: September 6, 1879    d: July 4, 1962   (h/o Linda J. (Geddes) Blackledge)
Brandon, Ethel (Tyler)- b: October 1, 1881 - (unreadable)    (w/o Robt Geddes Brandon)
Brandon, George L.- b: May 5, 1922    d: July 11, 1992 (s/o Lynn G. and Minnie V. Brandon,  h/o Ruth M. Brandon)
Also Government marker, received Purple heart for service as Sgt in U. S. Army during World War II)
Brandon, Gayle Lower-b:1 June 1877 - 26 Aug 1913 (Wife of Lynn G. Brandon)
Brandon, George M. - b: 17 Jan 1842 - 13 Jan 1900 (also government Union Army headstone, Sgt Co A 118th Il Vol. Inf)
Brandon, Laura A. (Geddes)- b: March 23, 1844 - d: June 13, 1938 (d/o Thomas and Susan R. Walker Geddes)
Brandon, Lynn G.- b: 1885    d: 1950    (s/o  George M. and Laura A. Geddes Brandon,  h/o Minnie V. Brandon)
Brandon, Mary M. (Miller)- b: 1882     d: 1970   (w/o  Royal Brandon)
Brandon, Minnie V.- b: 1894    d: 1985      (2nd w/o Lynn Brandon)
Brandon, Robert Geddes- b: July 14, 1877     d: May 3, 1916   (s/o George M. and Laura Ann Geddes Brandon,  h/o Ethel (Tyler) Brandon)
Brandon, Royal B.- b: 1875    d: 1913    (s/o George M. and Laura Ann Geddes Brandon,  h/o Mary M. (Miller) Brandon)
Brandon, Ruth M - b: 1924    d: 1978   (w/o George L. Brandon)
Brewer, Jane- b:   d: August 29, 1851   Aged 51 yrs. (w/o  John) *This headstone is a remembrance only.  She is buried in a family plot on the Brewer farm.
Brewer, John- b:    d: September 30, 1853   73 yr of his age   Also Government headstone, Pvt. 17th Regt., KY Militia, War of 1812)  (h/o Jane Brewer)
Brewer, Josephine (Wright)- b:   d: September 21, 1853  Age 21 yrs. 3 mos. 28 ds. (nee Wright, wife of Thomas J. Brewer who was first white child born in Fountain Green Twp to John and Jane)
*This headstone is a remembrance only.  She is buried in a family plot on the Brewer farm.
No monuments or markers:  Proof of burial from Carthage Gazette & Republican.  Allen G. Geddes and Wayne A. McConnell agreed on the location of these burials in this row.
Callihan, Abraham Lincoln- b: November 26, 1861    d: July 26, 1944
Callihan, Ada H.- b: December 26, 1864    d: March 10, 1921  (Probably daughter of Isaac and M. J. Reed)
Callihan, Chester- b: 1888    d: 1972   (s/o A. L. and Ada H. Callihan)
Callihan, Ethel- b: 1887    d: 1959
Carle, Gladys M. (Parsons)-  b:1904-1992
Carle, Jerry S.-  b: 1900     d: 1965
Carle, Harvey Edward-   b: April 27, 1923, McCall, Illinois  d: September 7, 1992, Webster, Illinois  (s/o Jerry Carle and Gladys Parsons)  (h/o Christene Smock)   Govt marker (PFC U.S. Army Air Corps - World War II0
Conn, Huldah B. (Fuller)- b: 1882    d: 1960   (d/o Truman and Ellen Walker Fuller, 2nd w/oSalis Conn)
Cook, Frances E. (McConnell)- b: 1898   d: 1973  (d/o  John Walker and Eva Elizabeth (Hobart) McConnell)
De Haven, J. Christine (Hasten)- b: October 15, 1924    d: June 4, 1997   (d/o Carl H. and Jessie B. Hasten)
De Haven, John H.- b: July 9, 1952     d: September 18, 1981   (s/o Robert S and J. Christine DeHaven) Gov't marker - Cpl U. S. Marine Corps, Vietnam
DeHaven, Kathy Sue- b: July 3, 1966     (d /o Robert S. and J. Christine Hasten DeHaven, grandaughter of Carl H. and Jessie B. McConnell Hasten)
De Haven, Robert S.- b: April 24, 1924 -
Eaves, Ashley Loraine- b: April 11, 1989     d: May1, 1989
Eaves, Roy George- b: February 7, 1898     d: June 26, 1968   (Govt marker (Pvt 3 CO Discharge Det. - World War I)
Fiscus, Jane- b: February 28, 1812   d: 19 November 19, 1884
Fiscus, William Fiscus- b: May12, 1813   d: January 14, 1906
Fonda, Mary (McConnell)- b: September 22, 1826     d: October 25, 1876 (d/o James and Margaret Walker McConnell, w/o Gen. John G. Fonda)
Fuller, Ellen (Walker)- b: 1858    d: 1936  (w/oTruman Fuller)
Fuller, Truman- b: 1853     d: 1916  (h/o Ellen (Walker) Fuller)
Geddes, A. W. -Alexander Walker- b: January 26, 1836   d:  May 16, 1863   (Capt. Co. A, 118th IL Vol. Inf., s/o Thomas and Rebecca Geddes)
Geddes, Allen George - b: October 19, 1888     d: January 6, 1977    (s/o Thomas and Lillie Latherow Geddes, wife Edna Montague rests in Pine Grove Cemetery, Neelyton PA; father of Jean K. Geddes Lynn, Joy A. Geddes, Alan Montague Geddes; grandfather of this submitter)
Geddes, Elizabeth M. (Brandon)- b: January 21, 1849     d:October 25, 1905 (wife of Robert P Geddes., daughter of Richard Brandon)
Geddes, Julia (Saylor)- b: 1871    d: 1929 (w/o William. P. Geddes)
Geddes, Lillie M.- b: 1858    d: 1927    (d/o George and Isabella Campbell Latherow)
Geddes, Minnie Jane (Ruddle)- b: 1863    d: 1948
Geddes, Robert- b:   No Stone (s/o Arthur W. and Clara Sibert Geddes)
Geddes, Robert A.- b: 1853    d: 1939   (s/o  Amos M. Geddes who was brother of Thomas Geddes)
Geddes, Robert P.- b: January 8, 1840     d: 21 January 21, 1915(Sgt in 16th IL Inf,    (s/o Thomas and Susan Rebecca Walker Geddes)
Geddes, Susan Rebecca (Walker)- b: 10 Jul 1810 - 13 Jan 1892  (w/o Thomas Geddes, d/o Alexander and Mary Connel Walker)
Geddes, Thomas- b: July 7, 1805   d:  January 31, 1892   (s/o Paul and Sarah (Fitzsimmons) Geddes)
Geddes, Thomas M.- b: 1847    d: 1926   (s/o  Thomas and Susan Rebecca Walker Geddes)
Geddes,William Paul- b: 1872    d: 1952 (s/o Robert P. and Elizabeth M. Brandon Geddes)
Hasten, Carl H.- b: 1886  d: 1960
Hasten, Jessie B.- b:1892     d: 1981 (w/o Carl Hasten and d/o J. R. and A. C. McConnell)
Henry, Andrew- b: 1846    d: 1928    (h/o Julia (Geddes) Henry
Henry, Harry G.- b: 1875     d: 1914   (s/o Andrew and Julia (Geddes) Henry)
Henry, Mary E.- b: 1880    d: 1938   (d/o Andrew and Julia (Geddes) Henry)
Henry, Laura G.- b: 1886    d: 1948   (d/o Andrew and Julia (Geddes) Henry)
Henry, Julia (Geddes)- b: 1850    d: 1933    (d/o Thomas and Susan Rebecca Geddes,  w/o Andrew Henry)
Huls, Dennis J.- b: December 16, 1954    d: April 27, 1991
Huls, Judy Shores- b: 21 Jul 1960 -
Kirkpatrick, Harry K.- b: 1903     d: 1967
Kirkpatrick, F. Eileen- b: 1918    d: 1994
Knoedler, Hazel E. (McConnell)- b: 1890    d: 1953    (d/o Charles Alexander and Frances E. (Brant) McConnell)
Knoedler, Russell G.- b: 1889  d: 1951
Lanning, Ann (McConnell)- b:  d: October 8, 1874   Aged 45 yrs. 7 mos. 28 ds  (d/o Francis and Hannah (Campbell) McConnell)
Law, Alice (Walker)- b: 1844    d: 1885  (w/o Robert Law, d/o Alexander and Martha McConnell Walker)
Law, Edward - b: 1812     d: 1892
Law, Frank F.- b: September 12, 1883     d: December 7, 1952    (s/o Robert I and Alice Walker Law)
Also Government marker - Illinois F2 USNRF, World War I
Law, Robert I. (Dr.)- b: 1845 - 1927
McConnell, Alexander Walker- b: September 25, 1822   d: August 6, 1890   (s/o  James and Margaret Walker McConnell)
McConnell, Alexander Walker- b: 1892    d: 1969 (s/o Charles Alexander and Frances E. (Brant) McConnell)
McConnell, Ann C.-b:   d: February 15, 1848   Aged 71 yrs. 11 mos. 7 ds. (w/o Samuel McConnell)
McConnell, Anna Mary- b: September 21, 1903   d: January 30, 1908   (d/o John Walker and Eva Elizabeth (Hobart) McConnell)
McConnell, Annie C.- b: 1872    d: 1927 (w/o J. Ralph McConnell)
McConnell, Arlene G.- b: April 28, 1916     d: July 25, 1975
McConnell, Bessie- b:1918 -
McConnell, Charles A.- b: 1865    d: 1953   (s/o Alexander Walker and Mary Evelyn (Walker) McConnell)
McConnell, Charlotte Renee- b: 1961     d: 1961  (twin daughters of Robert and Linda McConnell, grandaughters of Wayne A. and Arlene McConnell)
McConnell, Cheryl Ann- b: no dates   (twin daughters of Robert and Linda McConnell, grandaughters of Wayne A. and Arlene McConnell)
McConnell, Cly Blandin Mustain- b: 1891     d: 1977
McConnell, Clyde- b: 1899    d: 1920 (s/o J. Ralph and Ann C., died in para-typhoid epidemic in 1920)
McConnell, Eliza C. - b:   d: June 18, 1853    Aged 8 mos. 9 ds.  (d/o Alexander Walker and Mary Evelyn (Walker) McConnell)
McConnell, Erma L. (Peck)- b: January 1, 1932     d: July 3, 1989McConnell, Ethel B. - b: 1908    d: 1992   (w/o Gay J. McConnell.)
McConnell, Eva E. - b: 1867    d: 1911
McConnell, Evelyn H.- b: November 26, 1891   d: November 22, 1971    (d/o John Walker and Eva Elizabeth (Hobart) McConnell)
McConnell, Fannie Ethel (Brant)- b: 1858    d: 1943    (d/o  Johann Conrad and Mary Ann Brant of Fulton Co PA)
McConnell, Francis- b:  d: April 17,  1864   84 yr. 3 mos. 10 ds.(Col. in the War of 1812, father of Robert McConnell.
McConnell, Gay J.- b: 1903    d: 1964   (s/o J. Ralph and Ann C. McConnell)
McConnell, Gladys (White)- b: October 28, 1901     d: December 5, 1979(daughter of Leroy (Roy) and Stella (Sibert) White)
McConnell, Gracie (Harmon)- b: 1897    d: 1955   (w/oWesleyMcConnell)
McConnell, Hannah (Campbell) - b:  September 30, 1799    d: Aged 76 yrs. 9 mos. 7 ds.(w/o Francis McConnell)
McConnell, J. A.- b: April 4, 1815  d: September 30, 1861  in U. S. Service (s/o James and Margaret Walker McConnell)
McConnell, J. Ralph - b: 1870    d: 1948    (s/o James E. & Elizabeth (Connor) McConnell)
McConnell, James- b:    d: September 21, 1852  Aged 65 yrs. 1 mo. 29 ds. (born in PA - Son of James McConnell and Rebecca Whiteside of Franklin Co?)
McConnell, James E.- b: 1911    d: 1976   (s/o  J. Ralph and Ann C. McConnell)
McConnell, John Mark - b: 1960    d: 1960   (s/o Wayne A. and Arelene G. McConnell)
McConnell, John W.- b: 1867    d: 1954   (s/o Alexander Walker and Mary Evelyn Walker McConnell)
McConnell, Joanna - b : December 7, 1824  d:  May 30, 1899   (d/o John Brewer who was 2nd settler in Fountain Green Twp)
McConnell, Kenneth Huston- b:  August 1, 1899    d: September 2, 1954    (s/o Charles Alexander and Frances E. Brant McConnell)
McConnell, Lawrence W.- b: March 20, 1933   (s/o Kenneth Huston and Gladys (White) McConnell)
McConnell, Madeline- b: May 24, 1898 - d: May11, 1918   (1st w/o Wesley McConnell)
McConnell, Maggie- b:  d: April 10, 1873  Aged 50 yrs. 3 mos. 8 ds.  (d/o  Francis and Hannah (Campbell) McConnell)
McConnell, Margaret (Walker)- b:    d: 14 February 14, 1849    Aged 60 yrs. 9 mos. 11 ds. (w/o  James McConnell)
McConnell, Margaret E.- b: July 27, 1829     d: May 20, 1903    (d/o James and Margaret Walker McConnell)
McConnell, Mark L.- b: 1960    d: 1996   (s/o Lawrence W. and Erma L. Peck McConnell)
McConnell, Martha - b: September 5, 1816    d: March 27, 1890   (d/o James and Margaret Walker McConnell)
McConnell, Mary E. (Walker)- b: May 23, 1836   d: October 9, 1886 (w/o Alexander Walker McConnell, daughter of John McGinley and Anna Cree Walker)
McConnell, Mary F.- b: 1857    d: 1937   (d/o  Robert and Joanna (Brewer) McConnell)
McConnell, Maurice C.- b: 1855    d: 1936    (s/o Robert and Joanna (Brewer) McConnell)
McConnell, Mildred Blanche- b: April 5, 1908     d: March 6, 1909   (d/o John Walker and Eva Elizabeth (Hobart) McConnell)
McConnell, Robert - b: October 21, 1818     d:  April 6, 1904   (s/o Francis and Hannah (Campbell) McConnell)
McConnell, Rubannah-  b:    d: August 20, 1851    Aged 11 yr. 2 mos. 29 ds.  (d.o  Francis and Hannah (Campbell) McConnell)
McConnell, Samuel Walker- d:  August 10, 1856   Aged 10 yrs. 3 mos. 4 ds.(s/o Alexander and Martha Walker McConnell)
McConnell, Thomas B.- b:    d: August 1, 1851   Aged 1 yr. 1 mo. 25 ds.  (s/o Robt.and Joanna Brewer McConnell)
McConnell, Thomas G. - b: May 4, 1827  d: Aged 65 yr. 8mo. 6d. (Not plain)
McConnell, Walter L.- b: 1862    d: 1937   (s/o Robert and Joanna (Brewer) McConnell)
McConnell, Wayne A.- b: February 27, 1913 -(s/o J. R. and A. C. McConnell)
McConnell, Wesley McConnell- b: 1896    d: 1983    (s/o J. Ralph and Ann C. McConnell)
McKinney, Mary Lou- b: November 25, 1917    d: October 10, 1980    (w/o  Collis and daughter of Alexander Walker and Cly B. Mustain McConnell)
Meyers, Eugene F. - b: October 18, 1927    d: January 14, 1991   (s/o Harold L. and Helen E. Blackledge Meyers, Pvt U. S. Army WWII)
Meyers, Harold L.- b: July 15, 1901     d: October 15, 1964
Meyers, Helen E. (Blackledge)- b: December 9, 1906 d: September 19, 1971    (d/o Millard and Linda J. Geddes Blackledge)
Meyers, Martha E.- b: 1938    d: 1938 (d/o Harold L. and Helen E. Blackledge Meyers,  grand  daughter of Millard and Linda J. Geddes Blackledge)
O'dell, Kittie M. (Geddes)- b: 1869   d:  July 5, 1889 (d/o  Mary Evealin Geddes,  w/o J. G. Odell)
Parsons, Chester A.- b: 1880      d: 1970    (f/o Ross W. & Henry Parsons & Gladys Carle)
Parsons, LaVerne (Callihan)- b: 1910    (d/o Chester & Ethel Callihan)
Parsons, Marsha L.- b:  22 Sep 1945 - 19 Aug 1983(Daughter of Mayhew & Louise Patch, wife of Ross B. Parsons)
Parsons, Ross B.- b: 16 Apr 1941 - 19 Sep 1989  (s/o R. W. & Laverne Parsons)
Govt marker only - PFC U.S. Army
Parsons, Ross W.- b: 1907    d: 1971    (s/o  Chester A. Parsons)
Patch, Mayhew- b: September 29, 1917     d: May1, 1990
Patch, Louise- b: January 8, 1919     d: February 3, 1990
Married 6 Dec 1937
Reed, Maggie J.-  June 23, 1861    d: August 20, 1923 (unmarried sister of Ada H. Callihan)
Reed, Mary J.- b:  August 21, 1826     d: June 9, 1901
Reed, Isaac- b: March 4, 1830    d: September 1, 1878   (Probably the p/o Maggie J. Reed and Ada H. Callihan)
Shell, Daniel F.-  July 28, 1915   (h/o Leta F. (Blackledge) Shell)
Shell, Leta F. (Blackledge)- September 10, 1916    (w/o  Daniel Shell, daughter of Millard and Linda Geddes Blackledge)
Shores, Patricia A.- b: 22 Mar 1939
Shores, Robert S.- b: September 20, 1937     d:  April 2, 1999
Sibert, John-  b: 1841    d: 1921  (gov't marker--Corp. Co A, 188th Il. Vol. Inf)  (h/o Mary E. Sibert)
Sibert, Mary E. b: 1854    d: 1937  (w/o John Sibert)
Stahl, Martha Walker- b: 1838 - 1923
Wagle, Beulah (McConnell)- b:  1890    d: 1919    (d/o John Walker and Eva Elizabeth (Hobart) McConnell, w/o Kelly Wagle of Colchester Illinois)
Walker, Alexander-   b: 15 Aug 1814   d:  23 Dec 1879
Walker, Anna- b: September 29, 1816  in Franklin Co, Pennsylvania    d: January 9, 1894   (w/o John M. Walker, daughter d/o  James Cree and Elizabeth Walker)
Walker, Esabella (Isabella?) E.- b: April 11, 1820 d:  April 16, 1898 (w/o W. C. Walker)
Walker, Frank O.- b 1852    d: 1939   (believed to be of KY and TN Walkers)
Walker, James- b: May 20, 1819    d: February 7, 1866   (believed to be son of Alexander and Mary Connell Walker)
Walker, James H. -b: August 25, 1848    d:  February 1, 1889     (believed to be related to 2nd Walker line from KY and TN)
(Small stone next to this marked with letter "S"--may be another unrecorded grave)
Walker, John M.- b: March 21, 1812     d: February 19, 1894  (h/o Anna Walker)
Walker, Randy O Cody- b: March 12, 1953     d: December 17, 1983)(s/o Lee R. and Marjorie J. Hasten Walker, grandson of Orville & Olive Walker.  It is believed that these Walkers are part of the TN & KY Walkers
Walker, Samuel- b: January  4, 1809     d: June 26, 1885    (s/o Alexander and Mary Connell Walker,  h/o Sarah A. Walker)
Also Government marker, Capt Co D, 50th U.S.A. Inf - *This was a Negro infantry group, commanded like other black troopers by white officers like Samuel
Walker, Sarah A.- b: November 28, 1817     d: May 19, 1885   (w/o Samuel Walker)
Walker, William C. (B?)- b: April 13, 1810     d: July 13, 1881  (It is believed that he was from another Walker group of KY and TN)    ( h/o Esabella (Isabella?) E. Walker)
Williams, Margaret Helen (Meyers)- b:  September 10, 1930     d:  August 12, 1982   (d/o Harold L. and Helen E. Blackledge Meyers, w/o James Williams)
Walker, Mattie J.- b: 1858    d: 1925
Worley, Charles- b: June 20, 1875    d: February 10, 1939
Worley, Benjamin- b: January 14, 1872     d: January 22, 1943