b Oct 29,1819, Gallia Co., OH (Regimental History -Civil War says Meigs Co.,OH)
d Aug 08, 1907, Ozark Co., near Dora or West Plains, MO
m/1 Dec 10, 1843 to Mary Ann EWING-dau of Jonathan & Margaret McMillen Ewing
                                 b Dec 12, 1819, Gallia Co., OH
                                 d Jun 23, 1874,  bur Webster Cem.,Ft. Green Twp., Hancock Co.,IL
m/2   Aug 03, 1874, Hancock Co., IL  to Angeline Baccus Ewing-widow of Charles Ewing (Chas-son of Jacob Ewing) *Jacob Ewing was a brother of Jonathan Ewing
          daughter-Verda  McCumber  b Nov 09, 1876-m  Joseph Alexander Doty-children : Laura, Will, George, Mary, Harve, Lewis & Alma Doty
                                          1      Jonathan Reed Mccumber
                                          2      Virginia Antoinette  McCumber
                                          3      Alice Lovina  McCumber
                                          4      Mary Florence  McCumber
                                          5      George Edward  Mccumber
                                          6      Margaret  McCumber
                                          7      Will A. McCumber
b Nov 18, 1844  Ewington, Gallia Co., OH
d               1899
*enlisted as a volunteer as unassigned recruit 118th Illinois Inf, 22 Feb, 1864 from Pilot Grove.
Papers received from National Archives -physical description: Age 19, hair brown, eyes
hazel, complexion fair,height 5'2". Papers show that he was rejected on disability

b Mar 10, 1846, Ewington, Gallia Co., OH
d Jan 04, 1930,  bur LaHarpe Cemetery, Hancock Co.,IL
m Mar 31, 1861 to William J. Patterson

 all born Hancock Co., IL

Thomas Harrison Patterson   b 1862-d Dec 27, 1878
William Edward Patterson    b about 1865
Mary E.  Patterson   b Dec 22, 1866-d Jul 03, 1870
M. E. Minnie Patterson   b Mar 17, 1869 -d Jul 30, 1870
George F  Patterson   b May 20, 1871-d Sep 16, 190-
Charles C. Patterson   b Oct 08, 1873
James L. Patterson    b Oct 27, 1875

Jonathan Reed  Patterson   b Dec 05, 1877- d Mar 03, 1812
Rosa   Patterson    b Feb 1879-d Jan 18, 1895
Lillie J. Patterson (Fortney)  b Dec 10, 1881
Oscar Cleveland Patterson    b Oct 17, 1884
Alice May  Patterson  b Jan 02, 1886
Ed  Patterson-no dates known

GRANDCHILDREN of Virginia Antoinette McCumber Patterson

Charles W.  b Aug 25, 1897
Carl C.       b Jan 17, 1898
Blenna F.   b Dec 07, 1897
James L.    b Oct 22, 1900
Opal M.    b May 02, 1902
Minnie Gayle (Fortney) b Jul 02,  1902

Nett's obit states that there were 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren
    b May 17, 1849, Pilot Grove Twp, Hancock Co., IL
    d Sep 17, 1939. Burnside, IL
Bur. McKay Cemetary
m Aug 21, 1873, Fountain Green, IL by Rev. George E. Morey
b Jul 05, 1843, Trumbull Co, OH
d Apr 24, 1928, Burnside, IL
bur McKay Cemetary, Burnside, IL
                                              1     Cora Mae Sullivan
                                              2     Perna Ellen Sullivan
                                              3     Mary Maude Sullivan
                                           * 4     John Hancock  Sullivan
                                              5    Emma Alice  Sullivan
*see Family of John Hancock
 Copy of letter to her cousin Maude McCumber Coltrain from Cora May Sullivan
following the death of Cora's mother, Alice Lovina McCumber Sullivan.

                                                                                            Sunday P.M.
Dear Maude:
I've been writing all afternoon and am tired but I'll not quit until I've written you.
The flowers-purple & white astors and very pretty arrived in time for the funeral.
I wish you would please say "Thank you" to each one who was so thoughtful and
sympathetic as to send the flowers.  I'll enclose the card to let you see what was on
it.  Who are the girls you mentioned?  Are they Aunt Verdie's girls?  We did not
get the obituary written till short time before the funeral and we forgot to have them
mention the names of her brothers and sisters-was sorry. I told the girls if I lived awhile I'd      have mine all written myself, that is, the historical part.  This is an awful thing to have to write at such a time.  There were so many beautiful flowers.  There was a community piece of all white given by 45 persons.
Mother was buried in a nice plain black dress she had.  We put in a bit of white at
neck and sleeves, similar to her birthday dress. She had told me so many times to
not let them use powder, rouge or lipstick nor try to fill out her old wrinkles, so she
looked so natural it was harder to give her up.  She also said to not let them lay her
on her back.  Her head was lying on side and body slightly on side. I wanted you to
come so bad yet it would have broken my heart for you to come when she couldn't
visit with you. Just wondering how I could stand it.  The same with John's girl Delta,
but she didn't come. Vera, Helen and John came.  She hadn't seen Delta for almost
6 yr. John and Helen were here only two weeks before she passed away.
Thanks, Maude, for the paper you sent.  Mother would have enjoyed my reading it to
her.  Let me hear from you often.

Burnside, IL
Mrs. John E. Sullivan, 90, one of the oldest native born residents of Hancock County,
died Sunday at her home in Burnside, where she had always lived.
She had suffered a stroke Saturday at her home.
Mrs. Sullivan was a daughter of William and Mary Ewing McCumber, pioneers of the
Burnside vicinity, who came here from Ohio.
She was born at Burnside in 1849, and had always lived here.  Her husband died in 1928
and she had been cared for by her daughter, Cora, since that time.
For a number of years she was a member of the Carthage Presbyterian church and
later transferred her membership to the Burnside M. E. church.
Surviving are four children, Miss Cora Sullivan at home, Mrs. William Wilson of Carthage,
Mrs. Mayme Stidum of Hamilton and John Sullivan of Chariton, Iowa.
Funeral services were held at the Burnside Methodist church Tuesday afternoon  at
at 1:30 in charge of Rev. Thomas Spencer. Mrs. Verna Nortrup, Miss Franks, Guy
Thompson and Edgar Underwood sang " The City Four Square " and " We are
Going Down the Valley, accompanied by Miss June Dorothy.
Pallbearers were Howard, Leland S. and Orin Hobart, Frank Sharp, Everett Sullivan
and Harlan Wilson.
Burial was in McKay Cemetary.

b May 27, 1849, Pilot Grove Township, Hancock, Co., IL
d Sep 17,  1939, Burnside, IL
Ninety years ago a little babe was born.  It's life was moulded into a beautiful character
which shines out today will ever light our pathway.
Alice McCumber, daughter of Wm. H and Mary McCumber  was born May 27, 1849
in Pilot Grove Township, Hancock Co., Illinois, and passed away Sunday, Sept. 17, 1939.She ,when only a few years old moved with her parents to Ohio but the family
returned to Illinois when she was eight years old.  The trip, which required three weeks
was made from Gallipolis, Ohio to Warsaw in a boat.
August 21, 1873 she united in marriage to John E. Sullivan, who preceded her in death
April 24, 1928.
To them were born five children: Cora at home, Mrs. Perna Wilson of Carthage, Mrs.
Mary Stidum of Hamilton, John of Trenton, MO, Mrs. Emma Sharpe who passed
away five years ago.
When quite young she was converted under the preaching of  Rev. Bennett during
services conducted  in Washington school house a short distance west of Burnside.
Later she united with the Carthage Presbyterian church.  Since living in Burnside she
has been a member of the M. E. church.
She was loved by her neighbors and all enjoyed her cheery smile.
Her children were with her to celebrate her 90th birthday last May 27th.
Funeral services were held at the Burnside M. E. Church Tuesday afternoon at 1:30,
conducted by her pastor Rev. Thomas Spencer.
Mrs. Verna Nortrup,  Miss Franks,  Guy Thompson and Edgae Underwood sang
"The City Four Square" and  "We are Going Down the Valley."
Pallbearers were: Howard, Leland S. and Orin Hobart, Frank Sharp, Everett Sullivan
and Harlan Wilson.
Burial was in McKay Cemetary
The chair is empty, no sounds of footsteps-her life is finished.  We must take up the cross and go on ever striving to attain the highest things in life.

She was a mother, old and grey
Who taught us the straight and narrow way
She had no fear, she heard God's call
It's a beautiful home for one and all.

Her eyes are tired, the lights are dim
She heard God's call, she's gone to Him
Someday we'll meet her in the skies
She's not gone, it's just tired eyes.
                                              The move to Illinois

Harrison and Mary were married in Gallia Co., Ohio on Dec.10, 1843.
Jonathan Reed was born Nov.18, 1844 and Virginia Antoinette "Nett" March 10,
1846, both in Ohio. Sometime before Alice was born the family went to Illinois where
Alice Lovina was born May 27, 1847 in Pilot Grove Township, Hancock County. IL.
When she was only a few years old the family returned to Ohio.
Mary Florence was born in Ohio on June 21, 1853 and George Edgar on April 25, 1856.
Shortly after George Edgar was born the family returned to Illinois.
The trip which required three weeks was made from Gallipolis, Ohio to Warsaw
by boat. From Warsaw the family went to the place where Mahlon Crabill now lives,
on the farm owned at present by Thomas DeHaven. (1923).  There Mr. McCumber
set up a blacksmith shop.  Later the family moved a few miles east, where he still
engaged in the blacksmith business.
Here in Hancock Co., Il, Margaret "Maggie" was born in 1859 and William A. Nov.
24, 1862.
     Birth : 4 JUN 1853 Ewington, OH, Gallia County
     Death : 27 SEP 1899 Webster, IL, Hancock County

          Marriage: 1 FEB 1874

               Hobart, Pardon
               Birth : 10 NOV 1849 Webster, IL, Hancock County
               Death : 8 SEP 1939 Carthage, IL, Hancock County

                    Father: Hobart, Jonas II
                    Mother: Farr, Polly Maria


               Hobart, William Clarence
               Birth : 6 DEC 1874 Webster, IL, Hancock County
               Death : 8 OCT 1898 CA
               Hobart, Frank W.
               Birth : 2 APR 1876 Webster, IL, Hancock County
               Death : 16 DEC 1949 Keokuk Hospital, Keokuk, IA,
               Lee County
               Hobart, Ida Marie
               Birth : 11 APR 1878 Webster, IL, Hancock County
               Death : 17 OCT 1955 Carthage, IL, Hancock County
               Hobart, Leland Sanford
               Birth : 1 JAN 1880 Webster, IL, Hancock County
               Death : 16 JUN 1964
               Hobart, Orin Leslie
               Hobart, Frances Electa
               Birth : 10 MAR 1884 Webster, IL, Hancock County
               Death : 29 MAR 1973 Seattle, WA, King County
               Hobart, Hiram Harrison
               Birth : 11 SEP 1886 Webster, IL, Hancock County
               Death : 24 AUG 1975 Denver, CO, Denver County
               Hobart, Howard Hopkins
               Birth : 6 JUN 1889 Webster, IL, Hancock County
               Death : JUN 1983
               Hobart, Anna Ruth
               Birth : 9 JUN 1892 Webster, IL, Hancock County  d 26 Apr,1923,Han.Co.IL

6.  McCUMBER MARGARET   "Maggie"
b  Feb 18, 1859, Hancock Co., IL
m  Apr 04, 1876 to John E. Sharp  b Mar 1856

CHILDREN   all born in Hancock Co., IL

Lillie M          b Mar 01, 1878   d Nov---1899
Vince             b Feb 04, 1879   d in infancy
Laura E.         b Mar 03, 1880
Bert                b Jul 19, 1883
William D.      b Aug 31, 1885
Frank H.        b Oct 06, 1887
Mary E.         b May 14, 1890
Bernice          b Oct 29, 1894
Alice              b Oct 29, 1894
Alma G.         b Aug 27, 1897
Cecil S.         b May 11, 1901
b Apr 25, 1856, Gallia Co., OH
d Feb 08, 1936, Iowa City, IA
m  Sep 12, 1882, Carthage, Il to Barbara Winkleman
                                              Lillie Maude McCumber Coltrain 1882-1971
                                              Pearl McCumber Stanley 1885-1983
                                              Mary Elizabeth "Marie" Coltrain 1887-1974
                                              Alice May McCumber Selby 1890-1977
                                              Effie McCumber Gideon  1892-1943
                                              John Harrison McCumber 1895-1987
                                              Harvey Smith McCumber  1897-1979
                                              Verda Ruth McCumber Harris  1899- Jul  10, 1993
                                              Flora Grace McCumber Bentrude  1903-
                                              Ileta Frances McCumber Tock     1904- Jun 21, 1995

          * Barbara Ann Winkleman moved with parents John and Elizabeth (Fisher)
              Winkleman to Carthage, Il when she was 14 years old

7. McCUMBER, William A
   b Nov 24, 1862, Hancock, Co.,IL
   d Oct 28, 1918, Hocking, IA