McGregor Cemetery
McGregor Cemetery, Sonora Township, Hancock Co, Illinois

McGregor Cemetery is located in the center of the miles square section of farmland, one half mile west and one-half miles south off the blacktop road out of Powellton, Illinois.  There is a fairly good-sized creek running east-west through here.  The cemetery is on the south bank of the creek.

The creek is lying on both sides through the mile with a fringe of woods and undergrowth.  This reaches city with of the eight or 10 rods in places.  This so completely hides the cemetery from view that the writer of this (Warren L. Van Dine) had trouble finding it when he went there December 3, 1965 to compile this burial list.

It is a completely abandoned maze of fallen trees, brush, and vines.  There was a fence around it at one time but this is down on the south side at least.  Probably no claim that or fencing has been done here in our twentieth century.

There are no twentieth century burials here.  I believe the attached list shows one burial in 1899 and that this is the most recent one (the last one).  This is definitely a Civil War days last century burying ground (the last half of the last century).

The people who rest in death here have long gone, from the Western Illinois scene and probably no one now living recalls ever seeing or talking with any of them.  They are pioneer forbearers who lived in What has been called in Hancock County the days beyond recall.

There are no granite monuments here.  All our American white marble of the pioneer era type.

Part of the monuments are still standing and about as straight as in any cemetery for century-old stones.  Those down have been knocked off bases by falling trees were three limbs.

There does not seem to have been stock pastured in here at anytime since the fences went down.  The fields off to the south are the valuable Prairie lands of Western Hancock County, too valuable for use as pasture land.  They have probably been under cultivation continually since the 1880s at least which means no stock his greatest here for generations.

(1968 Hancock County history, page 556).

In 1852 the McGregor family moved to this Township and Bob land (section 10).  The people who had lived there, the Stannards had a daughter, Medora, who died in was buried on a little knoll near the creek.  The next year, George Williams, son of Democrat Williams, died of typhoid fever and was buried here.  The Ikerds, the Fish family, and others were buried there; also Mrs. McGregor and some of the grandchildren.  There have been no interments there for sometime.

Partially Submitted by: Nancy Shevokas

Bell, Mary- b: December 24, 1775   d: November 30, 1859 Aged 83 ys 11 ms 6 da Marble slab (w/o A. Bell)
Bell, Mary A.- b:November 5, 1835 d:  January 2, 1851 Aged 15 ys 1 m 28 da Marble slab (d/o R. & L. Bell)
Bell, William M. Beers- d: (Stone broken in two and other half lost) (s/o R. & L. Bell)
Chadsey, William- b: September 15, 1837   d: May 31, 1862    Aged 24 ys 8 ms 16 da (s/o J. M. & M. Chadsey)
Fish, A. J.-b: May 8, 1824 d: September 21, 1899 Large marble monument
Fish, Elvina J. Fish- b: March 8, 1801  d Apr. 13, 1888- Marble slab
Fish, Mary M- b: August 31, 1851   d August 11, 1869 Aged 17 ys 11 mo 11 da (d/o A. J. & V. C. Fish)
Fish, Myrtle M.- b: January 21, 1868  d: Jan. 22, 1869 Aged 1 y 1 d (Verse unreadable) , (d/o A. J. & V. C. Fish) Small Marble slab
Ikerd  (Remainder of monument broken off and covered by a heavy log. No possibility of moving. Marble slab)
Ikerd, Eliza Ann- b: June 2, 1834   d: September 23, 1863 Aged 29 ys 3 ms 21 da Marble slab (w/o J. F. Ikerd)
Ikerd, Henry Ikerd-  d:  Oct. 7, 1860 (Stone broken in two and remainder unreadable) Marble slab
Ikerd, John F.- b: January 27, 1831   d: March 17, 1862 Aged 31 ys 1 m 18 da Marble slab
Ikerd,  Mary- b: September 1, 1802   d: Sept. 22, 1876 (Verse unreadable) Marble slab
Ikerd, Nancy- d: November 15, 1830 Aged (unreadable) We meet to part no more (w/o Henry Ikerd) Marble slab Farewell)
Ikerd, Ruth J. - b: October 15, 1835   d: January 23, 1892  aged 57 years 3 months 12 days
Leach, Francis- b: June 13, 1807    d: Nov. 29, 1874 (One side)
McGregor, James- b: September 14, 1853 d: June 16, 1877 Aged 23 ys 9 ms 2 ds (Verse unreadable) Marble slab
McGregor, Joseph - b: June 09, 1837  d: October 11, 1853  aged 16 years 4 months 2 days  (s/o H. and L..McGregor)
McGregor, Luanna- b:March 10, 1807   d:  August 27, 1887 Aged 80 ys 5 ms 17 da  Marble slab
McGregor, Mary J.- b: May 21, 1838   d: February 21, 1898 (One side) Children of J. & M. McGregor Marble shaft (One side)
McGregor, Melvin-  b: January 24, 1883 d: Oct. 16, 1887 Marble shaft (one side) These are together on one Marble shaft  (s/o J. & M. McGregor)
McGregor, Sadie- b: August 26, 1869 d: Jan. 10, 1881 Marble shaft (one side) (d/o J. & M. McGregor)
Nichols, Susan M- . b: July 6, 1829   d:  July 27, 1853  ( w/ o Rev. A. Nichols) - Marble slab
Nichols, Barzilla H-  b:  April 2, 1852  d: July 30, 1857 (or maybe ? 1852) (d/o A. & S. M. Nichols) - Marble slab
Pitt, John F.- b: April 26, 1858   d: April 12, 1861    Aged 2 ys 11 ms 17 da Marble monument (s/o J. & M. J. Pitt)
Smith, Francis H. - b: February 7, 1866   d: September 17, 1866
Smith, Martha E.- b: December 10, 1836  d June 9, 1865  Marble shaft (one side)
Smith, Ralph J. - b: May 13, 1877   d: July 16, 1877
Williams, Sarah A. - b: March 10, 1846   d: January 18, 1853  aged 6 years 10 months 8 days  (d/o  W. S. and J. Williams)
Williams, William S. - b: July 09, 1796  d: June 9, 1867  aged 70 years 11 months