McKay Cemetery

Bailey, John F. -b: January 21, 1809 in Ohio  d: January 21, 1888 in Rock Creek, Hancock Co, Illinois  (h/o Mariah V. (Haggard) Bailey.
Bailey, Mariah V. (Haggard)- b: 1833 in Hopkinsville, Christian Co, Kentucky  d: April 1863 in LaHarpe, Hancock Co, Illinois  (w/o Bailey, John F.)
Barker, Cora May (Ewing) -b: b March 25, 1873 d:  October 5, 1951 dau of Wm. Randall & Mehetable (Young) Ewing)   (w/o Orville Barker)
Barker, Orvile- b:  d: No Dates
Chapman, Samuel J.- b: August 13, 1859 in Pulaski, Giles Co, Tennessee  d: December 2, 1933 in Fountain Green, Hancock Co, Illinois (unmarked grave)
Cramer, Ethel Lucille (Calef) - b: May 26, 1915 in LePlata, Missouri   d: February 19, 2004 in Carthage, Hancock Co, Illinois  (d/o Warner and Mary Eliza (Needham) Calef,  w/o Charles J. Cramer "he died in 1983")
Decker, Elisha - b: February 03, 1819 in Madison Township, Pickaway Co, Ohio  d: November 15, 1870 in Pilot Grove, Hancock Co, Illinois  (h/o  1st, Elizabeth Teegardin Decker and 2nd. Sarah Evans Decker)
Decker, Elizabeth (Teegardin)- b: 1823   (d/o William Teegardin and Elizabeth Shook  w/o Elisha Decker)
Decker, Sarah E. (Evans)- b: March 14, 1825 in Ohio and d: June 21, 1892 in Burnside, Pilot Grove , Hancock Co, Illinois  (w/o Elisha Decker)
Eagans, Cornelia Gibson- b: May 1 1854  d: November, 19 1873 in  Hancock Co, Illinois ( d/o James and Angeline Gibson)
Earl, Andrew- unreadable   (s/o John E. & Hannah E Earl)
Earl, Hannah M- b: 1836 d: January 28, 1842 6y    (d/o John E. & Hannah E Earl)
Earl, Lewis- b: 1825 Schoharie Co New York d: August 17, 1851 in Hancock Co, Illinois   (d/o John E. & Hannah E Earl)   Age 25y
Earl, Ruth Ann- b:  d: August 26, 1845 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (d/o John E. & Hannah E Earl)   Age 17y
Earl, Steven- b: d: November 18 1888    Age 63y 2m
Eggleston, Adam- b:   d: January 12, 1888 in Hancock Co, Illinois
Eggleston, John W.- b: 1844  d: October 11, 1845 in Hancock Co, Illinois    Age 1y 6d
Eggleston, Laura- b:  d: January 10, 1887 in Hancock Co, Illinois   Age 17y 4m
Eggleston, Permelia (Earls) - b:  d: April 22, 1867 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (d/o John E. & Hannah E Earl,  w/o Lucius Eggleston)
Ewing, Charles- b:  d:  July 02, 1870 (son of Jacob and Rebecca McNeal Ewing)
Ewing, Edward Grover- b:  d: 13 Jan, 1938     Age: 55y; 8m 12d
Info: No Stone
Ewing, Eliza- d: June 21, 1882     Age: 43y; 9m
Ewing, Hettie- b: 1857 d: April 1, 1946      Age 88y; 3m; 4d
Ewing, Jacob- b: 1802   d: February 25, 1878  (s/o Swago Bill and Mary (McNeil) Ewing)
Ewing, John L.- b: 1836 d: 1884
Ewing, Mehitable (Young) - b: Dec 30,1857   d Apr 11,1946 (w/o Wm. Randall Ewing)
Ewing,William Randall- b: 1851 d: April 15, 1924      Age: 72y; 4m; 9d
( s/o Charles and Angeline (Baccus) Ewing) (Charles Ewing, is the son of Jacob Ewing.)
Furrow, Alonzo Leyton- b: March 22, 1864  d: September 29, 1945 Age: 81y; 6m; 7d   (s/o Jeremiah W. and Sarah A. Fletcher Furrow.)
Furrow, David- b: June 15, 1798  d: March 14, 1880  Age: 81y; 8m;23d   Row 13 N
Furrow, Della Mae (Rymer)- b: 1874  d: 1918
Furrow, Earl E.- b: 1898 d: 1900 age: about 2y   (s/o Alonzo and Della Mae (Rymer) Furrow)  Row 14 N
Furrow, Erentua Doud F- b: 1858  d: June 18, 1948  Age 90y; 1m; 12d   (s/o Jeremiah W. and Sarah Fletcher Furrow) Row 9 S
Furrow, Floyd Entus- b: March 20, 1906  d: June12, 1933  Age: 27y; 3m; 22d   (s/o Alonzo and Della Mae (Rymer) Furrow)
Furrow, Gibson- b: August 14, 1821  d: March 11, 1880  Age; 59y; 6m; 18d   (s/o David and Nancy (Cavender) Furrow)
Furrow, Hulen- b: December14, 1887  d: October 13, 1910  Age 22y; 10m; 30d  (s/o Doud and Mary (Salisbury) Furrow) Row 1 S
Furrow, Jeremiah Washington- b: July 9, 1827  d: August 15, 1900  Age: 73 years; 1 month 6 days   (s/o David and Nancy (Cavender) Furrow)
Furrow, Josephine- b: February 7, 1841  d: January 21, 1936    Age: 94y; 11m; 14d  (d/o David and Nancy (Cavender) Furrow)
Furrow, Leander- b: September 25, 1835  d: February 4, 1898     Age: 72y; 5m; 29d   (s/o David and Nancy (Cavender) Furrow)
Furrow, Mary (Salisbury)- b: 1867  d: February 17, 1943    Age 75y; 5m; 29d   (w/o Erentua Doud Furrow) She is also kin to the Ewings.
No Stone
Furrow, Nancy (Cavender)- b: October 9, 1799   d: November 18, 1884  age 85y; 1m; 9d  (w/o David Furrow)
Furrow, Sarah Ann (Fletcher)- b: May 22, 1838   d: December 13, 1910  age: 72y; 6m; 18d
( w/o Jeremiah Furrow)
Glaze, Nathan- b: December 14, 1793 in Maryland  d: July 2, 1883 in Hancock Co, Illinois
Hasten, Donna Faye- b: September 11,1947-- ?   d:  September 112, 1947--?
Holcomb, Cora Elma- b: August 3, 1866  d: October 17, 1902    Age 35y; 2m; 6d  (w/oAnselm Holcomb  d/o Jeremiah W. and Sarah Fletcher Furrow)
No Stone
Holcomb, Ira- b: 1888 Oct. d: March 28, 1910     Age 20y; 7m. (s/o Anselm and Cora (Furrow) Holcomb) Killed in a train accident in Mo.No Stone
Jones, Mary Agnes (Ewing)- b: Feb 21, 1880  d: June 14,1918    (d/o Wm. Randall  & Mehetable (Young)Ewing)  (w/o Thomas C. Jones)
Jones, Thomas C.- b:  d: No Dates
Long, Ethel S.- b: March 18, 1891  d: April 20, 1973
Rogers, Charity Elizabeth- b: June11, 1872, Lamasco, Lyon Co, Kentucky d: July 21, 1931 in Fountain Green, Hancock Co, Illinois   (w/o of Samuel Chapman, d/o Joseph & Mary Rogers, unmarked grave)
Sharpe, Emma Alice (Sullivan)-  b: June 27, 1886 near Carthage, IL  d: Jan 08, 1934, Chicago, Hancock Co, Illinois   (d/o John Elmer & Alice McCumber Sullivan)  (w/o Ed Sharpe)
Shipman, Nellie V. (Carle)- June 6, 1920 in Hancock Co, Illinois   d: Aug. 20, 1969 in Carthage, Hancock Co, Illinois   (d/o George and Sarah (Welchel) Carle  w/o Zenes Shipman)
Sullivan, Alice Lovina (McCumber)- b: May 27, 1849, Pilot Grove Twp, Hancock Co., Illinois  d: Sep 17, 1939, Burnside, Illinois  (d/o Wm.H.H.&Mary Ewing McCumber)  (w/o John Elmer Sullivan)
Sullivan, Cora May- b: May 26, 1874, Carthage, Hancock Co, Illinois  d: Apr 23, 1966, Carthage, Hancock Co, Illinois  (d/o John Elmer & Alice McCumber Sullivan)
Sullivan, John Elmer- b Jul 05, 1843, Trumble Co., Ohio  d Apr 24, 1928, Burnside, Hancock Co, Illinois
Thompson, James A.- b: November 4, 1926  d: June 29,1927
Trim, Mary Jane- b: March 4, 1846, Caldwell Co., Kentucky   d: July 20, 1914, Hancock Co, Illinois (d/o Nicena Trim)
Wetterich, Leonhard- b. November 1861 in Germany  d: in Hancock Co, Illinois
Wetterich, Catherine (Bratz) Hartweg- b: March 1864 in Germany  d: in Hancock Co, Illinois