Miller Cemetery
Miller Cemetery, Sonora Township., Hancock County, Illinois

Workers in the Nauvoo Historical Society brought this Miller Cemetery list of Sonora Township (a Township which embraces part of the city of Nauvoo) to the museum in the Nauvoo State Park which the society operates.  Just who drew it up the writer of this and sponsor of this Hancock County, and Illinois burial list project, Warren L. Van Dine, has not yet discovered

Maybe Ida Blum, perhaps Miss Mary H. Siegfried, it may be one of the others who have rendered so much splendid service through the almost 20 years the society has been operated.

If the name of this worker is ever ascertained it will be attached to this list.

It was found in the filing cabinet were the typed lists of this project being furnished to the Society are kept (one of eight places of deposit for these for examination by the American people) by me October 4, 1970.  This introduction is being prepared the same day.

Who ever compiled it drew up a brief introductory statement this will be given here on a separate page.

On the Gabe Williams farm, at the edge of September, is a small burial plot, called the Miller Cemetery.  At the time of these burials this land was owned by the Miller's, so it is believed that reasonable to assume that the earliest burials were those of the Miller family.  However, the earliest dates that we found were those of the Wilson children.  The little plot is overgrown with weeds and vines and trees in most of the stones, which are very nice stones, have been toppled over by the tree roots in the groundhogs, in for them we found under the earth, from a few inches to 18 inches.  Only a couple of them are broken, however.

The 4 Wilson children are those of James Jeanette (Golden) Wilson.Achsah White, sister of Jeanette Wilson, daughter of the Abraham and Sarah Golden, was the wife of William White, son of Captain James White.

Nancy Hornbeck and her husband, John, in 1847 and 8 owned a part of what is now the Fred Baxter farm and in the early Church history, it says that John Hornbeck preached at the Golden is point Church for a time.

(1968 Hancock County, Illinois history, page 556).

In section 32, three-fourths of a mile north of the Golden is Point Church, and  1/2 mile west, there is a small fence lot where lies some of the Miller's, and some of the neighbors who died during the cholera epidemic.  Nancy in John Hornbeck and some of the Golden family.

Hornbeck, Nancy - b:   d: March 22, 185?  Aged 42 years  (w/o John Hornbeck)
Miller, Beverly - b: May 21, 1892   d: October 13, 1894
Miller, Infant - b:   d: August 23, 1895
White, Achsah - b: July 6, 1823   d: May 5, 1850  sister of genetic Wilson, daughter of a prominent and Sarah Golden, wife of William White who was the son of Captain James White.
Wilson, Cora Ann - b: September 29, 1847  d: May 6, 1850 aged 2 years 7 months 7 days  (d/o J. and J. Wilson)
Wilson, Leroy B. - b: August 9, 1843  d: December 27, 1843  aged 4 months 18 days  (s/o J. and J. Wilson)
Wilson, Mahlon - b: February 20, 1851  d: September 14, 1851  aged 6 months 25 dates  (s/o J. and J. Wilson)
Wilson, Ure S. - b: August 9, 1852  d: August 10, 1853  aged 1 year 1day  (d/o J. and J. Wilson)