Morrison Cemetery

Morrison Family Cemetery, Rocky Run Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This Morrison Family Cemetery burial list is one of the lists of the Warren L. Van Dine project of collecting names of the dead buried in our County.  This introduction is being put to on paper by him August 19, 1975.

It is one of many such family burial plot set up in this county in pioneer times.  Many people then did not consider their loved ones would be safe where they might be carried off for sale by grave robbers.

No family burial plots are being found here in our second half of the 20th century nor any already set up being used.  We have moved into a new era when grave robbing is no longer a crime carried on here.  Some monuments are occasionally broken up by vandals and it is not considered a reason for not using that type of cemetery.

Rocky Run Township is an isolated world part of our county with limited population.  There are not many cemeteries of any kind and not many burials in that part of the county.

Rocky Run Township historic sites lists drawn up by the township Sites chairman Leon Lamet and committee made up of Eva Lemkeman, Fred Bruder and Grace Weaver.

This is a small cemetery located just west of the Rocky Run church.  Section 14.  Only members of the John A. Morrison, Sr. family are buried there.  No road leads to this burial ground.

Morrison, Hannah (Bradshaw)- b: October 10, 1839 in Fulton County, Illinois  d: April 20, 1922 in Rocky Run Township, Hancock County, Illinois  (w/o John A. Morrison) Morrison, James- b:   d: March 28, 1836   Aged 28 years 4 months 27 days
Morrison, John A.- b:   d: March 20, 1886  (h/o Hannah (Bradshaw) Morrison)
Ray, George, Rev.- b:   d: March 15, 1875  Aged 57 yrs
Ray, Virginia- b:   d: May 25, 1860 Aged 17 years
Morrison, Robert V.- b: no dates