Mt. Vernon (Old Baptist Church) Cemetery

Old Baptist Church Cemetery, Rocky Run Township, Hancock County, Illinois

   This cemetery burial list was made June 21, 1968 by Mrs. Elmer Kay, a worker in the Lee County Genealogical Society of Keokuk, Iowa.  In a letter to Warren L. Van Dine in which it was enclosed she stated:
   "This cemetery is located on the left-hand side of Highway 96 as you are going north.  We had passed the road to Sutter and just a short distance further was the cemetery. "

   This description would place the burying ground in section 1 of Rocky run Township.
   In another burial list for the cemetery also included in this project drawn up by the late Pearl Gordon Vestal of Hamilton, Illinois May 7, 1949 The following Introduction is given as it appeared.
Her introduction will be quoted next.

   Old Baptist Church cemetery is on the west side of Illinois 96.
This is a large ground with no present church or school building and no old cellular hold it is about 1 mi. south of the Green Plains Cemetery (which is in the southeast corner of Wilcox Township). It is about ? miles southeast (following Illinois 96) from the Bethel Church (Hamilton, Illinois).  Is practically treeless now, apparently mowed by sythe, or by farm machine mowers, not a lawn mower (as Wythe Congregational Cemetery is).  The iron fence family lots, however seem to escape the general mowing.  There may be unmarked graves, but apparently there is still room for many times as great a number of graves as are at present evident. We saw almost no old marble slabs; it appears almost all of the stones are very new, expensive, granite, of modern type, though probably most were not directed at years of death by those they memorialize.
Note: Some of the families' surnames are those appearing also in Green Plains, or in Wythe Congregational Cemetery. , if not both.
Inscription's copied May 7, 1949 by Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Vestal of Hamilton, Illinois.

This cemetery, which according to the 1968  history of Hancock County page 507 and page 518 (Rocky run Township chapter) is called "Mount Vernon" after the name of the now defunct church with which it was associated (Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church), was probably founded in 1869 when the church was built, or, if not then a year so later as some burials here date back to the early 1870's.

The county history States, page 507;

   "A third church was built in 1869 on ground purchased from John B. Williams and his wife Angelina A Williams.  This was the Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church and was located on what is now Illinois route 96 on the Wilbur Hackemack farm.  There is no record of the activities of the church.  In 1922 C. C. Maddox, John W. Hackemack and David Ayers, Sen., were designated to wind up its affairs.  The building was sold to Philip Schafer, and the lumber was used to build a barn on land now owned by Don Kropp.  The cemetery on the old church site is still maintained.  The Rocky run at Mount Vernon cemetery Association was issued a chapter by Secretary of State Lewis Emerson in April 1923. "

By the "Third Church" in the above is meant the third religious congregations established in the Township and not the third building on the site.

   There has been very little research done on the cemetery is in Rocky Run Township, and no history is available for reference.  Holden cemetery is the oldest, dating back to the time of the first settlers.  This cemetery was later called Crenshaw and is known by that name at the present time.
   Other cemeteries are Caldwell, Mount Vernon, Daugherty, Oak Valley and Fletcher.  Only Oak Valley and Fletcher are being used now and receive regular care, as does Mt. Vernon.  There are several other burial grounds throughout the Township, all on private property.  Only the soldier dead receive attention on Memorial Day in the unused cemeteries.
   One gets the impression from scanning this burial list that this is one of the nice burying grounds of the County.  It was operated in connection with the substantial Baptist church congregations of American Protestantism and its location on what is now hard road #96 in the county made it attractive.  These were apparently families' of standing and property from the description of the monuments made by Mrs. Vestal's at the time her visit there in 1949 requiescat in pace.
   This cemetery burial list with the introduction was copied from the Pearl Gordon Vestal (Mrs. C. L. Vestal) scrapbook "Pioneer biographies book", 139. Mrs. Vestal's accompanied by her husband made this list at the cemetery in the fall of 1949.
   Her interest in Hancock County historical research was no doubt stimulated by the worker for Father John Gordon who was president of the County Historical Society in 1932.  He was a Hamilton, Illinois banker who spent the best years of his life engaged in this local Research.
   Both Mr. and Mrs. Vestal's are now (spring of 1968) deceased.  Several people got her scrapbooks after she died.  He went first.  A number of her scrapbooks for present to the Hamilton Library, The Vestal and Gordon families lived in or near Hamilton.  The Gordon family also kept some of the scrapbooks.
   In March of 1968 Mr. Don Gordon of Hamilton, a brother of Mrs. Vestal, loaned one of the scrapbooks to the County History office at Carthage, Illinois Court House.  Here material for the 1968 Hancock county history was being assembled for Publication.
   The book contained a number of cemetery burial list of which This Old Baptist Church Cemetery list was one.  By arrangement with the Gordons and the County History office some were copied by Warren L. Van Dine for this cemetery burial list project.
   Credit for this list will be given to the Pearl Gordon Vestal  " beloved lady of the press".

Armstrong, Elizabeth A. (Davidson)- b:1856   d:1899  (d/o when Samuel and Jane Davidson, w/o John S. Armstrong)
Armstrong, Elmer A.- b:1874   d:1876  (s/o John S. and Elizabeth A. (Davidson) Armstrong
Armstrong, John S.- b:1853   d: 1899  (h/o Elizabeth A. (Davidson) Armstrong
Armstrong, Mary A (Parker)- b: February 9, 1832   d: August 4, 1909
Armstrong, Thomas W.- b: December 2, 1828 in Ohio   d: May 21, 1897
Ayers, Mary (Clark)- b: April 25, 1837   January 31, 1916  (w/o William Ayers)
Ayers, Margaret- b:1870   d: 1943
Ayers, William- b: November 24, 1830   d: December 12, 1887  (h/o Mary (Clark) Ayers)
Ayers, William G.- b:1872   d: September 18, 1933
Berry, George W- b:1814   d:1879
Berry, Grandma- b:1779   d:1875
Berry, Margaret H.- b:1822   d:1888
Brown, Evan L.- b:1860   d: 1885
Brown, Mary Jane- b:1841   d: March 28, 1917 in Hamilton, Hancock County, Illinois
Brown, William H.- b: 1826   d: 1882
Burrows, Eliza- b: November 16, 1887   d:
Burrows, Louisa (Jacquot)- b:    d: May 14, 1903  45 years  (w/o Phillip Burrows)
Clark, George- b: 1803 in Antrim, Ireland    d: 1896
Clark, Margaret- b: 1798   d: 1887
Dellano, Dasy A.- b: February 25, 1872  d: December 3, 1874  aged 2 years 9 months 8 days  (d/o Henry and Nellie Dllano)
Hackemack, Lottie A.- b: 1881   d: 1911  (w/o J W Hackemack)
Kraushaar, Harold Dale b. December 28, 1925 d. January 20, 2006
Kraushaar, Joan (Denholm)- b: April 13, 1921 in Niagra Falls New York   d: March 14, 2004 Keokuk, Lee Co, Iowa  (w/o Harold Kraushaar)  (d/o John and Joan (Gilchrist) Denholm)
Mackey, Alex B.- b:   d: October 23, 1884  Aged 60 years 1 months 9 days  Sargent Co.H. 118th lll. Inf. ( Civil War)
Mackey, Eliza J.- b: August 30, 1828   d: February 21, 1902    aged 73 years 5 months 22 days
Maddox, Andora (Yenawine)- b: February 17, 1857   d: February 26, 1908 (w/o Powhatan Maddox)
Maddox, Christopher C.- b: 1853   d: 1942
Maddox, Edwin G.- b: 1894   d: 1910
Maddox, Elizabeth J. - b: 1867   d: 1909   (w/o Christopher C. Maddox)
Maddox, Powhatan- b: July 25, 1846   d: August 15, 1910 (h/o Anora (Yenawine) Maddox)
Richards, Martin- b: 1872   d: 1950
Richards, Minnie A.- b: 1878   d: 1926
Wallace, Gordon- b: March 14, 1845   d: March 12, 1920
Wallace, Matilda- b: August 6, 1815   d: July 22, 1908
Wallace, Robert- b: July 7, 1808   d: December 22, 1895
Yenawine, Owens- b: December 3, 1868   d: December 20, 1900   aged 32 years 17 days
Yenawine, Tabitha E.(Coe)- b: May 1, 1833   d: March 8, 1876  (w/o Thomas Yenawine)
Yenawine, Thomas F- b: November 6, 1832   d: February 24, 1902  aged 69 years 3 months 18 days (h/o Tabitha E. (Coe) Yenawine)