Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Harmony Township, Hancock County, Illinois

Miss Mary H. Siegfried, a professional researcher living in Denver, Illinois has furnished the following description of the ownership of Mt. Pleasant Cemetery:

"Mt. Pleasant Cemetery is in section 13 southwest of Mt. Pleasant church.  The land was deeded March 5, 1859 by Simeon and Elizabeth Walton, but there must have been many burials before that date.  It was deeded to James McClure, Joseph Massie, and the Logan Lyon, trustees of the Mt. Pleasant church, as a burial ground for ever.  One soldier of the war of 1812 is buried here. James Major, who died in 1874.

It was deeded to Harmony Township by D. A. Lyon, L. S. Massie, and Carrie Faulkner, trustees, on November 23, 1934."

This Mt. Pleasant church is a Christian Church and it is described as follows in the 1921 Schofield County history:

(Volume 2, Page 1079):
"The first Christian Church and Harmony Township, known as Mt. Pleasant, was organized in 1837, in section 13, and this congregation still exists, having a fine country church building."

(Volume 2, Page 902):
"The oldest Christian Church in the County is known as the Mt. Pleasant church, which is situated midway between Carthage and Plymouth, 10 miles from each place and 4 1/2 miles from Bentley.  Its history dates back to 1833, when there came from a dear County, Kentucky, Gilmore Callison and his wife Elizabeth, her brother James McClure, who had been baptized in 1830 and Green River, Kentucky, by the pioneer creature of a Christian faith John D. Steele; Mrs. Betsy Massie; Green Browning, and others.  These persons met on the first Lords day after their arrival, at the home of Mr. Callison, to "break bread", and then formed a Church of Christ.  This was beyond question the first "Christian" Church established in Hancock County and it became the Mother Church of congregations at Plymouth, Carthage, Augusta, Oak Grove, Denver and Bentley.

From the work entitled "history of the disciples and Illinois" we quote the following concerning this pioneer church organization: "the settlers soon gave to replace its name "Mt. Pleasant" and 1839 charge were Callison was ordained an elder and William Smith was made deacon.  The two Callison served this and other communities as preachers.  People came from 5 to 25 miles to the public worship.  They came on horseback and in wagons sometimes drawn oxen and were entertained by those living near the grove.  Young people walked from two to five miles to church.

Robert, John, James, George and Elizabeth Stark united with the church some years after its organization.  The Stark's, Pattens, Drons and others were from friends of Alexander Campbell in Scotland.  Margaret Patten was one of his friends who ministered to him in prison.  He called her and her girl companions his "ministering angels".  Robert Stark and when he first came from Scotland, and probably James Stark also, made his residence at Mr. Campbell's house in Virginia.  Elizabeth Stark Mary Simeon B. Walton and settled near the church.  He united with the congregation in 1843.  James and Mary A Black came from Elkton, Kentucky, and 1852.  He was ordained an elder and when there was no regular minister preached for the congregation still 1875.  Where young and Lucy Lyon Bridgewater united with the church in 1852.

Mrs. Alzada Groves, and octogeneration, says that when she first into the Mt. Pleasant church, the women wore homespun as did the men also, all made by the home folks.  The women were proud of the calico dress and a sunbonnet.  The man wore skin caps and straw hats that were braided and sewn by the women.  After her marriage Mrs. Groves often walked 2 miles to church and carried her baby.  In the early days it was, to hear the wolves howl at night; but their proximity and bloodcurdling howls did not keep anyone away from the church.  A mother and her son were driving through the timber one night when a wolf followed them.  The boy drove the horses while the mother said at the end of the wagon and get better off with the pitchfork.

At one time Robert Foster settled in the community and preached for the congregations.  The members built a house for him on the farm about three miles from the chapel.  Before that time Mr. McClure met a man on the road near Tuckertown, who asked him where he lived.  Upon his reply the man said: "why that is over in the Campbellite settlement.  Are they not dangerous and do they not have humps on their backs and horns?"  Mr. Merck were answered: "I am one of them.  They are not dangerous and they look like most people.  I guess, come over to our meetings."

In August, 1858 or 1859, a district meeting was held at Mt. Pleasant which lasted two weeks.  Many preachers were present among them Thomas Munell and one of the Erretts.  People came from afar to attend it."

Gregg's 1880 County history states the Mt. Pleasant building being used at that date was "erected as early as 1850".

The writer of this, Warren L.  Van Dine, has not been in the cemetery to date (November of 1967).  This burial list is not complete.  It is a partial list compiled by Mrs. John Fleming acting as a representative of the Illinois Society Daughters of the American Revolution (probably the Shadrack bond chapter of Carthage, Illinois) about 35 years ago (in the early 1930s), giving burial solely prior to about July 1, 1877 when the Illinois state law providing for keeping of death records in County courthouses went into effect.

It was assumed by the D.A.R. burials after that date could be checked on in County records this seems unsound procedure as many deaths might occur in other counties making it impractical statewide search necessary or even in other states with different death records arrangements.  But it was done that way by the D.A. R.

If and when it is convenient it is planned by the writer to complete this list by the addition of burials after July 1, 1877 probably by doing so at the cemetery.

The writer of this talked with Miss Mary H. Siegfried in the Carthage courthouse (Hancock County) Nov. 6, 1967.  She stated Mt. Pleasant cemetery is across the road for Mt. Pleasant church  (The church building is on the east side of a North South road and the cemetery is on the west side), but it is being maintained in connection with the church board is generally considered a Church matter.

The Christian churches still operating with the local congregation here at Mt. Pleasant according to Miss Siegfried.  This must certainly be listed as one of the oldest and best-known disciples of church congregations in the County and in Western Illinois.

(1968 Hancock County history, p. 348).

Mt. Pleasant cemetery is in section 13 southwest of Mt. Pleasant church.  The man was ceded to the trustees of Mt. Pleasant church March 5, 1859 bison man and Elizabeth (Stark) Walton, but there were burials there before that time.  It is one of the oldest pioneer cemetery.  It was deeded to
Harmony Township by the trustees Nov. 23, 1934

Aleshire, Douglas D.- b: October 31, 1835 in Page Co, Virginia   d: June 23, 1915 in Plymouth, Hancock Co,  Illinois  (s/o Jonas and Mary Aleshire)
Aleshire, Jonas- b: February 16, 1801, Shenandoah, Co, Virginia   d: June 2, 1878, Hancock Co, Illinois   (s/o John Conrad and Susannah (Pangle) Aleshire)
Aleshire, Miriam A.- b: December 10, 1860 in Hancock Co, Illinois  d: November 28, 1891 in Hancock Co, Illinois (d/o Douglas and Matilda Aleshire)
Aleshire, Mary Christian (Branham)- b: July 11, 1816 in Albermarle Co, Virginia   d: June 9,
1869 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (w/o Jonas Aleshire)
Aleshire, Matilda (Beavers)- b: April 19,1833 in Hancock Co, Illinois   d: February 1, 1913, Plymouth, Hancock Co, Illinois  (d/o James and Sarah (Smarr) Beavers, w/o Douglas Aleshire)
Bates, Iva-  b: 1860   d: Dec. 12, 1870       aged 1 year
Burner, Cora Olive- b: December 1870   d:  March 16, 1874       agent 4 years 4 months
Burner, John W.- b: July 23, 1840   d:  July 26, 1875   Age 35y 3 d
Byers, Aaron- b:1833  d:  May 7, 1863    Age 30 y
Byers, Lizzie-  b: August 1861  d: January 29, 1862   Age 6 m
Bush, Florance Victoria (Aleshire)- b:1844 in Page Co, Virginia   d: 1886 Hancock Co, Illinois     (d/o Jonas and Mary Aleshire, w/o Edwin J. Bush )
Bush, Owen Clyde- b: April  21, 1878 in Hancock Co, Illinois  d: February 22, 1889 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (s/o Edwin and Florance Bush)
Doherty, Sarah-b: 1844   d: February 1, 1874     Age 30 y
Dye, James-b: 1858  d: February 16, 1867     Age9 y
Dye, Martha- b: 1861  d: May 27, 1866     Age 5 y
Friend, Catherine Ann- b: December 1, 1829 in Sangamon Co, Illinois   d: February 1917 Hancock Co, Illinois
Haley, Nancy- b: 1848  d: Sepember 23, 1854      Age 6 y
Hall, Tenty D.- b: 1878  d: February 16, 1871     Age 73 y
Hardy, Margaret- b: 1860-  d: September 27, 1861    Age 1y
Hensel, Samantha- b: 1865  d: March 23, 1868  3 y
Hughett, Lavina-  d: November 3, 1861     Age 36 y
Jones, Robert Franklin- b: August 1875  d: October 15, 1875  Age 2 m
Major, James S.- b: 1793  d: Septtember 23, 1874 in Hancock Co, Illinois   Age 81 y
Major, Sarah E.- b:  in Illinois  d: Jan. 12. 1873 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (d/o  James S. Major)
Mauk, Dan- b: 1874   d:  September 6, 1875    Age1 y
Mauk, George A.- b: 1859   d: December 12, 1861     Age 2 y
McAnulty, George N.- b: 1870  d: November 16, 1870   Age 6 m
McCallister, George R- b: 1852   d: August 9, 1871     Age 19 y
McCallister, John- b: 1804   d: August 30, 1871     Age 67 y
McCallister, Nancy-b: 1856    d: August 2, 1871    Age 15 y
McCallister, Sarah- b: 1860  d: December 2, 1870     Age 1 y
McCallister, William C.- b: 1870   d:  July 21, 1871     Age 1 y
Orton, Almony- b: July 1870  d:  January 24, 1871   aged 7 months
Orton, Avis-  b: June 12, 1870     agent 4 years
Orton, Hattie- b: October 1860   d: Feb. 8, 1861    aged 5 months
Orton, Robert-b: 1866  d: March 4, 1874    aged 8 years
Orton, Charles- b: 1863  d: August 4, 1864      aged 1 year
Perry, Henry- b: January 31, 1834 in Brown Co, Illinois   d: January 14, 1866 in Carthage, Hancock Co, Illinois    (h/o Mary Ellen (Burner) Perry)
Perry, John Carlton- b: January 13,  1863 in Hancock Co, Illinois   d:  January 13, 1865 in Hancock Co, Illinois   (s/o Henry and Mary Ellen Perry)
Preston, James-b: 1787 in Virginia   d: November. 22, 1870 in Hancock Co, Illinois    aged 83 years
Preston, Thomas N.- b: 1818   d: November 29, 1852     aged 34 years
Sanders, Nellie - b: 1874    d: February 22, 1875  aged 1 year
Strink, Albert E.- b: 1861   d: August 26, 1862     aged 1 year
Strunk, Florence- b: 1863  d: August 19, 1865    aged 2 years
Strunk, Lewis-b: 1852  d: September 30, 1863     aged 11 years
Thompson, William N.- b: 1841  d: Jul. 28, 1852     aged 11 years
Walton,William C.- b: August 15, 1844   d: February 16, 1894 in  Hancock Co, Illinois
Wood, Maggie (Aleshire) -  b: December 29, 1870 in Hancock Co, Illinois  d: June 14,
1908 in Plymouth, Hancock Co,  Illinois  (d/o Douglas and Matilda Aleshire, w/o  P.
Elmers Wood)
Wood, unnamed -  b: and d: about June 14, 1908 in Plymouth, Hancock Co, Illinois  (d/o Elmers and Maggie Wood - buried with Maggie)