Old Mormon Cemetery
The Old Mormon Cemetery, Sonora Township, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois

List of known dead buried in the Nauvoo, Illinois cemetery called "The Old Mormon Cemetery" owned by the reorganized L.  D.  S.  Church Furnished by the L. D.  S.  Church (Utah Mormon) (Genealogical Society, 107 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, 11 Utah) from the Church Records and Is Maintained from the 1940s till today (the Fall of 1962).

The location of this cemetery has been described as "west of Ogden schoolhouse".  By this is meant a former rural school of stone construction on the old road running east out of Nauvoo through the State Park (Parley Street on which Joseph Smith the martyr and his party of horsemen road out of Nauvoo when they went to current page in late June of 1844 to keep what Joseph Smith described on this trip was an appointment with death).

Typed in the fall of 1968 by Warren L. Van Dine of Burnside, Illinois.  This is an exact copy of the typed list furnished by the Genealogical Society and a letter dated Sept. 26, 1962.

This list has been furnished by the Church under an agreement between down and a Warren L. Van Dine interred into in the spring of 1962 whereby they agreed to furnish this for distribution to libraries, etc..  In the Nauvoo area in exchange for a copy for their records of the list so distributed by Mr. Van dine at that time compiled by Miss Mary Siegfried of Denver, Illinois in the fall of 1941 with some additional names from a list compiled by Miss Maria B. Kelley in the spring of 1916.

Typed copies of this Utah L.  Letter d.  S.  List to exactly like this one are being widely distributed by Mr. Van Dine two most points were the Mary Siegfried list was placed in the spring.  It is advised in the Filed with that list.  There is a possibility there may be some names on this list not on the other.  Due to the rundown condition of this cemetery practically from early Church times (by which is meant to the 1840s) to the early 1960s when R. L. D. S.  Laboring man instituted a cleanup here, some monuments for standing in earlier years in the last century when the Utah people made their list which were to weathered to decipher or were lost by 1916 and 1941 when the 20th-century Miss Siegfried list was made.

As was explained on the title page of the Mary Siegfried list, this distribution of this list is also being made because of numerous inquiries for families with dead buried here, who have found it especially difficult to locate their graves and to look after them due to the inaccessible location of this cemetery prior to the building of the road into it by the R. L. D. S.  The Church in 1961, and also due to the dense growth of brush and vegetation, also fallen trees, here in past years.

Mr. Van Dine is an R.  L.  D.  S.  The Church worker, a Western Illinois worker in a number of patriotic societies such as the Sons of the American Revolution, a member of four historical societies of the region, etc. he is a state University of Iowa alumnus.

The names of this cemetery with dates of beginning use of these designations.

Marks-- 1840 (at founding).
Old Mormon-- 1846 (when Mormon population a very and was replaced by non Mormon).
Pioneer Saints--1961 (at time of restoration work by R. L. D. S. Church).

Averett, Dorcus, consort of Eliza Averett - b: 1788   d: February 6, 1843  aged 55 years
Bleem, Ida - b:   d: May 12, 1954
Chandler, Charles - b: September 13, 1795   d: 1876
Chandler, Harriet -  b:June 4, 1799  d: January 3, 1882
Chandler, Mary A - b:   d: 1911
Clark, Elizabeth - b: no dates came from England in 1841
Clarke, Francis - b: no dates came from England in 1841
Cormack, Richard - b:   d: April 22, 1849  aged 27 years
Durfee, James - b:1795  d: July 16, 1844  Aged 49 years 10 months 7 days
Garner, Elizabeth -  b:1788  d: December 21, 1842  aged 54 years
Green, S. M. - b: no dates
Hampton, Jonathan - b: 1810  d: December 20, 1844  aged 34 years
Harvey, J. W. - b:   d: August 1844
Harvey, T.  J. - b:   d: August 1843
Hofheins, C. - b:   d: May 6, 1844  aged 5 years 22 days
Hofheins, P. - b:   d: October 4, 1845  aged 4 years 5 months
Huffacker, Augusta - b: no dates (d/o S.  G. and S D. Huffacker)
Huffacker, S. G. - b:   d: September 20, 1845  aged 27 years  (w/o S. D. Huffacker)
Kay, Mary - b: June 14, 1819   d: August 9, 1890  aged 89 years
King, Rhoda - b:   d: July 15, 1840 9 months 4 days   (d/o Thomas and Rebecca King)
Loomis, Laura Iowa - b:   d: August 22, 1845  aged 18 months  (d/o R. H. and C. H. Loomis)
Lincoln, Ira - b:   d: October 1845  aged 45 years
Lyon, Asa - b:   d: December 25, 184?  Aged 12 years  (s/o Col. W. P.  And S. P. Lyon)
Lyon, Marian - b: 1840   d: March, 1842  aged 2 years  (d/o Col. W. P.  And S. P. Lyon)
Lyon, Philofreen J. -  b:1842   d: January 27, 1844  aged 2 years  (d/o Col. W. P.  And S. P. Lyon)
Mendenhall, Abraham - b: May 18 and 41   d: August 27, 1841  aged 4 months  (s/o W.  And S. Mendenhall)
Pickles, Ann - b:   d: March 25, 1844  aged 60 years  (w/o Joseph Pickles)
Pilkington, Adam - b: 1810   d: February 11, 1856  aged 46 years
Pilkington, Jane - b: 1812  d: March 22, 1880  aged 68 years
Pilkington, Mary - b: 1834  d: August 12, 1849  aged 15 years
Pye, Ann - b: no dates   aged 13 years
Rahn, George - b:   d: 1879
Robinson, Catherine C. - b: 1788   d: November 9, 1845   aged 57 years
Robinson, Charles - b: 1785   d: October 4, 1840  aged 55 years
Robinson, James - b: 1810   d: April 20, 1841  aged 31 years
Robinson, Jerusha - b: 1785  and d: August 23, 1836  aged 51 years
Stone says Robison
Sanders, John - b: 1801   d: September 16, 1844  aged 43 years
Scovil, Lucy - b: no dates aged 58 years
Sears, A - b: 1822   d: February 1846  aged 24 years
Starden, Jobe - b: no dates
Stevenson, Elizabeth  married 1 May 1880  aged 44 years
Taylor, L. A. - b: June 1, 1842 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois   d: October 10, 1843 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois  aged 1 year 4 months 10 days  (for the child of John Taylor by 1st wife)
Webb, Hannah - b:1785   d: 1845   aged 60 years  (w/o James Webb)