Pennock Cemetery
Pennock Cemetery, Pilot Grove Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This family burial plot which has five marked graves is located in Section 22, southeast 1/4, in Pilot Grove Township, about two and one-half miles southeast of the village of Burnside.  It is a fenced in enclosure about 12 by 12 ft., with a very old ornamental iron fence, about a stone's throw West of the North-South gravel side of the road that runs around South past the farm known as the "Ranch".  It is not much farther back from the West-East county road between Burnside and LaCrosse.  (this side road is a Township road).

The enclosure is grown up to brush and weeds, and there are a number of large underground dens of some kind of wild animal, probably groundhog.  It is evident this family cemetery has not been given in the upkeep for 40 years at least.  Probably living relatives of these people, are no longer in residence in this vicinity or if so, these people are such ancestral figures in their family background they no longer feel much kinship with them.
These dead are early pioneers of this county alone probably no one now living in Hancock County can recall ever having seen.  The most recent burial here is that of Mrs. Sylvester Pennock which was 85 years ago.
The surrounding terrain is level farm field and during the summer growing season, tall corn usually hides this vest pocket sized cemetery from view by a passing motorist or by the worst that contingent as there are horse people living south on this side of the road.
This list compiled by Warren L. Van Dine, December 22, 1965.

Pennock, Sylvester- b:   d: August 4, 1861 Aged 49 years 3 months 20 days
(Mr. Pennock was a native of the State of New York coming to Hancock County, Illinois about 1840.  He lived one year in Fountain Green after which he located on a farm, eventually being intered in the Pennock family burial plot where he now has found the eternal peace.  Mrs. Pennock who will be listed next on this list was also a native of New York and of Methodist persuasion.  This couple were parents of 10 children, five sons and five daughters.  The Pennock name was long part of the Pilot Grove Township scene and it is still recalled.  See the 1880 Gregg history of Hancock County for above material, page 855)
Pennock, Elizabeth- b: August 9, 1813   d: January 21, 1880
(first unreadable) (this stone was down and covered with 6 in. of dirt but as some of the base could be seen above ground the writer of this (Warren L. Van Dine) was able to uncover it when he made this list December 22, 1965. )
Pennock, Frances- b:   d: March 30, 1857  aged 3 years 6 months 10 days  (d/o W. and E. Pennock)
Pennock, Henry S- b:    d: October 1,  1864  Aged 1 year 14 days  (s/o George and Martha Perkins) Pennock)
Pennock, Infant- b:   d: June 30, 1859  aged 22 days