Pilot Grove Cemetery

Ewing, Addison Blair- b: October 1, 1820   d: 1890  (s/oJames and Mary McMillan Ewing. Brother of Esther Ewing). He m Mary Terry
Furrow, Laura (Roush)- b: April 23, 1868   d: May 30, 1919   Age: 50y; 1m; 7d  (w/o Sylvanous Fred Furrow)
Furrow, Sylvanous Fred- b: December 31, 1861   d: October 6, 1945    Age: 83y; 9m; 5d  (s/o Jeremiah W. and Sarah A. Fletcher Furrow h/o Laura (Roush) Furrow)
Holcomb, Esther- b: December 2, 1820 d: June 28, 1878     age: 58y; 6m; 27d. (1st wife of Dr. Ira Holcomb; 2nd wife of Dr. Samuel Knott)
Holcomb, William A.- b:1847    d: June14,1877  (s/o Dr. Ira and Esther (Ewing) Holcomb).
Ikerd, William V.- b: July 11, 1833   d: May 25, 1919
Jacob, Ann- b: 1855 (d/ o Dr. Ira and Esther Ewing Holcomb). She m Edward P. Jacob.
Long, Minerva (Tomlin)- b: September 11, 1825   d: April 7, 1891
Long, Thomas Slover- born 6 Nov 1824 die 13 Sep 1903 burial Pilot Grove
Roush, Rebecca N. (Ewing)- b: October 27, 1823   d: November 26, 1911    Age: 88y; 28d;   (d/o James and Mary McMillan Ewing).