Wythe Presbyterian Cemetery

Wythe Presbyterian cemetery, Wythe Township, Hancock County, Illinois

   This cemetery burial list was made by Mrs. Homer (Mildred) Hooper in June of 1962.  Mrs. Hooper is a worker in the Utah Mormon (L.D.S.) Church.  The Hoopers lived at 14 03 College Avenue, Quincy, Illinois 62301.
   Mrs. Hooper stated in a letter dated February 10, 1966 to Warren L. Van Dine:
   "The Quincy branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which I am on Member and Genealogical Secretary,  has their northern boundary line at the northern edge of the Warsaw "Y" and a straight line east to the Illinois river.  I especially would like a copy of all cemeteries this side of that line.
   I am including in this letter a copy of one of the Basco cemeteries.
   I'm not looking for any credit of my own but if you want to give credit to anyone for anything that I send you just give it to the Quincy branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). "
   By  "this side" of the line in the above of course means south of it where the Hoopers reside.
   As will be noted credit is being given to both Mrs. Hooper and the Church, this for one reason to enable people who may wish to use this list to ascertain where it came from.  As further quotation from Mrs. Hooper's Letters will indicate, her husband Homer Hooper also worked on this list.
   The list referred to as being sent is of course this Wythe Presbyterian one which Mrs. Hooper refers to in her letters as one of Basco cemeteries.
   Mrs. Hooper Wrote further to Warren L. Van Dine February 18, 1966 as follows:
   "I copied the Basco cemeteries in November 1962 with the help of my husband, Homer Hooper.  I don't remember there was a church by the cemetery that I sent you.  It was on flat ground and fenced and a man was using a power mower when we arrived.  It was fairly neat. "
   For some reason Mrs. Hooper States in this letter she made this list in November of 1962 she gave the date June of 1962 in her other letter.  A lapse of memory probably.
   Mrs. Hooper gives a location of this cemetery in her February 10th letter as "In Wythe Township 2 Miles east of Route 96 on Basco road Hancock County, Illinois. 9 miles west of Basco. " route 96 is of course Illinois State Highway No. 96, a concrete road running north-south down the map of  Western Illinois from Nauvoo on the river in Hancock County to Quincy on the river in Adams County.  The Basco road as Mrs. Hooper calls it is a blacktop road probably a county road running west-east from state concrete road No. 96 to state concrete road #94 which is a north-south road running down the map of Western Illinois parallel with No.26 off to the east.  The towns of Elderville and Basco are on the west- east blacktop.  According to Mrs. hooper's description this cemetery must be west of Elderville and Basco. Elderville is at least 6 miles west of Basco.
   Henry Siegfried of Denver, Illinois, surveyor (brother of Miss. Mary H. Siegfried) describes the location of the cemetery which he simply calls "Wythe" as two and one-half miles west of Elderville, at the first four corners.
   There is no church building in connection with the cemetery as Mrs. Hooper has stated, but there was a Presbyterian Church here in the civil war days and this burying ground is called Wythe Presbyterian because this was the name the congregation went by.
   The 1880 Gregg county history described this Wythe Presbyterian congregation as follows, page 626:
   "The Wythe Presbyterian Church on Section 17 was organized later, exact date Not stated; it occupies a nest frame building, erected some 10 or 12 years ago.  Its membership is not large. "
   By "Later" in the above Mr. Gregg mantic at a later date than the founding of the Congregational Church in Section 19.  It was founded in 1851.
   It will be noted Gregg used the adjective "Nest" which Mrs. Hooper uses almost a century later in describing the Church cemetery.
   The Wythe Presbyterian congregation is gone now from the scene here.  The church building which Mr. Gregg dated as being built during the 1868-1870 two years period is gone now, torn down or moved elsewhere.  Probably as often happens with rural Hancock County church congregations, the Member's moved away or died off and not enough members were left to carry on.
   There was also a rural Christian church located 2 miles south of the Wythe Presbyterian, in Section 29.  This means there were three rural congregations (that, the Wythe Presbyterian, and the Congregational one) located in a 2 miles area, with all three drawing membership from the sparse population here.  There simply were not enough people living here to furnish adequate membership for 3 congregations.
   This introduction prepared by Warren L. Van Dine February 19, 1966

Bliss, Elizabeth- b:   d: August 11, 1893 in Crab Orchard, Kentucky  aged 98 years
Bliss, Elizabeth M.- b: January 29, 1829   d: February 13, 1880
Bliss, Harriett M.- b:1849   d:1926
Bliss, Infant- b: August 29, 1850   (d/o I. And E. M. Bliss)
Bliss, Isaac- b: September 8, 1824   d: 1852
Bliss, Prudence A.- b:   d: September 26, 1857
Clemer, Henry- b:1858   d: 1905  (may 1813-1905?)
Cochran, Edna F. - b: 1876   d:19??
Cochran, Frank- b: no dates
Cochran, Harriet H.- b: December 4, 1849   d: March 28, 1921
Cochran, Jennie- b: no dates
Cochran, James- b: December 19, 1814   d: August 14, 1895
Cochrane, James G.- b: January 30, 1843   d: January 5, 1921
Cochran, James Mac- b:   d: May 31, 1880  Aged 9 months 5 days  (s/o C. C. and J. R. Cochran)
Cochran, John E.- b: September 9, 1841   d: March 2nd 1910   Corpl  Co. E. 118 Ill. Inf.  (h/o Rachele E Cochran)
Cochran, John H.- b:1876   d: 1950
Cochran, Joshua N. - b: March 10, 1849   d: June 9, 1918
Cochran, Lucine A.- b: February 9, 1848   d: March 22, 1917
Cochran, Lydia J.- b:1854   d: November 22, 1938
Cochran, Mabel H.- b:1857   d: 1957
Cochran, Nancy- b: September 16, 1819   d: November 2, 1899
Cochran, Newton M.- b:1868   d: November 9, 1945
Cochran, Rachele- b: August 17, 1842   date: July 22, 1920  (w/o John E. Cochran)
Cochran, Ruth- b: 1894   d: 1940
Collen, Carrie- b: December 26, 1858   d: December 26, 1948
Elder, Cora Mabel- b:1877   d:1878  (d/o A.O. and T.E. Elder)
Elder, baby- b: March 8, 1889   d: July 12, 1889
Elder, Bessie- b:1881   d: 1881  (d/o A.O. and T.E. Elder)
Elder, George M.- b: June 13, 1905   d: September 22, 1905  (s/o J B and E. L. Elder)
Elder, Hattie A.- b: July 24, 1876   d: August 29, 1876
Elder, Jennie Maud- b:1871   d:1871  (d/o A.O. and T.E. Elder)
Elder, Robert Oscar- b:1878   d:1880  (s/o A.O. and T.E. Elder)
Ernst, Amanda- b: October 10, 1865   d: November 15, 1951
Ernest, Elizabeth- b: December 8, 1896   d: April 17, 1909  (on top of the stone it Read  "Jessie May" but on front it read Elizabeth)
Ernest, J. Peter- b: May 30, 1855   d: July 2, 1921
Frazer, Jennie Belle- b:   d: April 2, 1872  (d/o F. and L. A. Frazer
Fulton, Harriet J.- b: April 14, 1832   d: October 1, 1915
Fulton, Harriett S. - b: November 31, 1860   d: July 28, 1953
Fulton, Mary Emma- b: March 31, 186?   d: March 26, 1917
Fulton, Nannie- b: April 21, 1873   d: October 29, 1882
Fulton, Robert- b: November 23, 1832   d: June 13, 1888
Gray, Elizabeth- b: November 12, 1834   d: December 26, 1914
Gray, Martha E.- b: January 5, 1863   d: May 31, 1948
Gray, Jennie R. - b: February 2, 1882   d:
Gray, William- b: April 16, 1830   d: November 18, 1914
Grey, William H.- b: December 17, 1864   d: June 14, 1946
Herrmann, Everett H. - b: April 20, 1903   d: February 28, 1904  (s/o J C and L. W.Herrmann)
Herrmann, Hannah Rodamia (Lindsay)- b: July 4, 1852   d: November 1912
Herrmann, John G.- b: July 4, 1846   d: May 20th 1924
Holmes, Eliza J.- b: October 13, 1828   d: January 20, 1910
Holmes, James R.- b: October 2, 1819   d: January 30, 1881
Jones, Wylla-  b:1887   d: 1959
Kiser, John M.- b: September 20, 1862   d: February 16, 1919
Kiser, Rose- b: March 11, 1887   d: February 16, 1919
Marshall, Mary J.- b: May 13, 1857   d: June 4, 1935
Marshall, William F.- b: January 9, 1852   d: March 14, 1901
Newell, Catherine- b: 1815  d: November 17, 1869  Aged 54 years
Newell, David- b: 1802  d: June 4, 1874  Aged 72 yrs
Pears, Jane- b:  70 years 4 months  (w/o William Pares)
Pears, William- b:    d: May 2, 1873   Aged 72 yrs 6 months 20 days   (h/o Jane ) ott, Lee J.-b:    d: September 18, 1886  Aged 28 years 4 months 5 days
Slattery, B. E.-  b: June 16, 1826   d: February 28, 1891  (h/o Mary A. Slattery)
Slattery, Bartholomew- b: April 25, 1795   d: August 21, 1856
Slattery, Frances E.- b: March 20, 1845   d: September 15, 1858
Slattery, Infant son- b: May 3, 1866   d: October 6 1866
Slattery, John- b: March 15, 1823   d: March 3, 1883
Slattery, Mary A- b: June 5, 1828   d: August 1, 1860  ( w/o B. E. Slattery)
Slattery, Myrtle- b:1872   d: 1904
Slattery, Nancy A.- b: 1805   d: March 13, 1877  72 yrs 11 months  (w/o Bartholomew Slattery)
Stenson, Anna Elizabeth (Herrmann)- b:1883   d: 1934
Still, Margaret- b: 1845   d: September 20 , 1855  aged 10 years  (d/o Mary Still)
Washburn, Edwin- b:1874   d:1961
Wells, Grace M.- b: November 25, 1888   d: September 9, 1889  (d/o W. and M. I. Wells)
Weyand, Lucy M.- b:1857   d: 1955
Varos, William A.- b: no dates   Co.  D.  33 Ill. Inf.
Young, Isaac W.- b: 1847  d: March 18, 1873  aged 26 years

Bliss Gregg: History of Hancock County, Illinois, Pub. 1880 P. 628
Isaac Bliss fourth of 11 children of Samuel Bliss (father native of Vermont died 1852 aged 61 years) was born in Maskingham County, Ohio September 9, 1824.  In 1848 Isaac moved to Wythe Township, Hancock County, Illinois.  Teacher, Farmer.  Married October 4, 1849 Miss Elizabeth Peairs. Presbyterians.  Have four children (two children died young). 3 are buried in this cemetery.

Marshall P. 631 Wythe Section: Gregg history Hancock County, Illinois 1880.  William J. Marshall is a son of Joseph W. and Lydia Ferguson Marshall.  Joseph W. Marshall was born January 25 , 1825 in Guernsey County, Ohio and was a son of Samuel and Catherine Marshall.  Natives of Westmoreland County, Pa., who had come to Ohio in 1823.  Joseph W. Marshall married October 18th 48, Miss Lydia FERGUSON of Pennsylvania and had nine children, eight of them living in 1880: Catherine J., William F., Robert R., George A., Samuel W., Charles B., and Lucy C..  (note: William J. M. married Mary Gray, daughter of William and Elizabeth Gray (both buried in this cemetery).  Page 1283 in volume 2.
History Encyl. of Illinoi and history of Hancock County, Illinois published in 1921.
Charles B. Marshall, son of Joseph W. and brother of William J. Marshall was born November 4, 1864, Wythe Township.  Charles' father Joseph W. died March 2nd 1904.  Charles' mother Lydia Ferguson Marshall born December 12, 1831 died December 15, 1897.  The children of Joseph W. and Lydia Ferguson Marshall were Charles B., RICE are, of Hamilton, George A. of Elvaston, William and Samuel deceased, Belle of Elvaston, Lucy, wife of Frank Urton of Elvaston, Jane, deceased.  Charles B. married (1) Alice, daughter of wilson and Mary (Johnson) Kiser.  Alison died in 1925.  No children, but they reared Alice's two nephews Lloyd and Karl Blake.  (note: Charles P. Marshall married (2) Helen, daughter of Owen an Ella (Miller) Pence, of Hamilton.  Note children.  Charles B. Marshall died July 23, 1947.

Young Gregg: history Hancock County, Illinois, published 1880 page 651 in Wilcox Township: Isaac Young, born in England, came to America 1828 and remained in New Jersey until 1832, when he married Hannah Frazey (Frazee) in 1845 they moved to Hancock County, Illinois where they purchased a farm.  He died December 1877 and his widow still lives in Wilcox Township upon their farm.  He was a machinist and farmer.  Hannah is the daughter of Samuel and Mary Frazey, both natives of New Jersey.  Isaac and Hannah Young had five children.  The only ones (1880) living been Worthen
Young and Mrs. Carrie (Young) Wright .