Ranck Cemetery
Ranck Cemetery, Nauvoo Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This is a family burial plot located on Warsaw street in Nauvoo, Illinois who the people were who opened this burying ground the writer of this (Warren L. Van Dine) does not know.

This is being written December 5, 1965.

This burial list was obtained by The writer from the Utah Mormon Church in the fall of 1962 (Genealogical Society, 107 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah).

Warsaw street is a north-south street in Nauvoo connecting the west-east hard road (State Highway No. 96) in the east part of this city with the west-east blacktop a quarter of a mile or so below it.  The hard road is Mulhollan Street. in the city set up and the blacktop is Parley Street. Warsaw Street this not as far as the writer of this can recall go north of the hard road or south of the blacktop.

One turns south off the hard road at the Pioneer Motel corner.

The writer of this has not been able so far to locate the back yard or perhaps vacant lot where these burials were made.  The Utah people obtained this list from the Nauvoo city Sexton.  He told them it was on lot No.33 owned by a Mr. Martin Peck.

Nauvoo people of today who know nothing about this man.  It may be as these burials were made in a very early pioneer days all had any connection with this matter are now gone from Nauvoo and the house and buildings if this was at a home are also now removed from the landscape.

If further information is ever obtained about the Ranck cemetery this list will be replaced with a more complete one.

Ranck, Mary C.- b: November 17, 1844 in Lancaster County Pennsylvania   d: July 17, 1846  Aged 1 year eight months (died of canker)  (d/o Peter and Ann Ranck)
Ranck, William- b: March 15, 1846 in the Lancaster County Pennsylvania   d: July 18, 1846  aged 4 months 3 days  (died of fits)  (s/o Peter and Ann Ranck)