Rock Creek

Rock Creek Cemetery

This cemetary is located on state hard road 94 about 7 miles north of Carthage, on the west side of the road.

Brodie, John L.- b: March 30, 1853 in Warren Co, Ohio d: February 27, 1888 in Hancock Co, Illinois
Casey, David J- b: d: March 25, 1883 in Hancock Co, Illinois   Age 13y 4m 14d
Frew, Kristina Anne- b: November 9, 1995  d: November 9, 1995
Hasten, Bruce Alan- b: January 22, 1958 in Carthage, Hancock Co, Illinois  d:  June 25, 1962 in Hancock Co, Illinois
Hasten, Goldie Mae Hoover- b: November 8, 1928 in Hancock Co, Illinois
Died  March 30, 1993 in Carthage, Hancock Co, Illinois
Hasten, Tressler Lloyd- b: Born April 12,1920 in Hancock Co, Illinois  d:  May 14, 1991--Carthage, Hancock Co, Illinois
Lower, Jacob- b:  d: October 27, 1874 in Hancock Co, Illinois   Age 19y 8m 18d
McMurrey, Willie- b: October, 1974 d: February 9, 1975 in Hancock Co, Illinois   Age 4m
Watkins, Tammy Jo- b: July 8, 1975  d: July 8, 1975