Spangler Cemetery
Spangler Cemetery, Hancock Township, Hancock County, Illinois

Spangler Cemetery is located in section 5 (5N 5W) in Hancock Township.  It is on the east side of the north south gravel side road which runs south into Hancock Township from the west East gravel highway which is that Township line between Hancock and Fountain Green Township's.  It is about three-quarters of a mile down into Hancock Township.

This Spangler burying ground was owned by the Spangler family from the time it was opened (which was at least as far back as 1847) till about 1960.  At that time the Honorable Harry Spangler of Carthage, County Clerk of the County, who owned this cemetery and the surrounding farmland, deeded it (just the cemetery) to Hancock Township.  So it is now Township owned and maintained.

The Spangler's were, and still are, a prominent family of this Township.  About the first one to come to the township was Joseph T. Spangler who began telling the soil there at least as early as 1838.  He is at rest in this cemetery, as are dozens of other Spangler's, and S. also are quite a number of the Sample family into which this pioneer married when in 1851 he stood up before a preacher with Mary Ann Sample.  (See the 1880 Gregg the County History, page 684)

One of the Spangler women lives across the road a little north from Spangler Cemetery today (1965) Mrs. Kenneth Holloway, and her father, Mr. Charles Spangler, lives around the corner and a little east on the Township line highway.  Both live in beautiful modern farm homes.  Hancock Township has been kind to the Spangler family and home to them.

Mrs. Holloway very graciously directed the writer of this (Warren L. Van Dine) to this cemetery when he compiled this list December 22, 1965, and while he was that worked Mr. Charles Spangler came to the cemetery and welcomed him and rendered valuable assistance with data about the cemetery and people at rest in it.

Spangler Cemetery is one of the most beautiful rural burying grounds in the County.  It is a tiny hilltop a fair, about large enough for a family home and garage.  But, it is not crowded though there are quite a few graves and stones in it.

There have been burials here steadily since the first one in 1847 the list shows the burial or two as recently as this year (1965) but burials have been confined mostly to a few families like the Spangler's and the Samples.

What makes this cemetery strikingly beautiful is the surroundings.  On three sides, the north, east, and south there is a magnificent view of forest and far flung ravines.

There is a rather unsightly barnyard between the cemetery and the road where livestock, like August, are kept.  The common touch is not absent here.  Everything, with the exception of the knowing of the thin stand of grass, is about as God made it.

The cemetery is well fenced with the substantial lumber gate.  No livestock is ever been pastured in here.  But the fence is quite old common farm this field wire fencing with mostly steel posts very rested.  There is no shrubbery, but someone who is probably numbered among the deceased Spangler's, have planted four or five evergreens here fifty or seventy-five years back and some of them are now twenty feet high and beautiful.

Work on this list of done by Warren L. Van Dine December 22, 1965

(1968 Hancock County history, page 325)

Spangler Cemetery is located on the original Spangler tract of land, now owned by Harry Spangler, in section 5 one mile south of the north line of the township.  It is about a block east of the main road.  The names on the stones in this cemetery are Spangler, Sample, Duffy, David Bailey, about a jumper of the Union Army during the Civil War, was murdered in Webster by your riot Champlin and he is buried in this cemetery.  His mother Polly Bailey, is also buried here.  There is one graves outside the fence, identified as "an old man of the Beckwith family."  The oldest graves in the cemetery is that of Margaret, wife of William Miller, who died April 30, 1847.  The most recent burial was that of Joe Alexander Spangler on April 3, 1965.  Spangler was born in 1889.

(1968 Hancock County history, page 127)

Spangler Cemetery in Hancock Township is still another historic burying ground.  It is one of the most interesting rural cemeteries in the County, a tiny hilltop tract about large enough for a family home and garage.  What makes it strikingly beautiful are the surroundings.  On three sides north, east, and south there is a magnificent view of forest and far flung ravines.  Here in Spangler Cemetery, Wesley Williams, one of the founders of this County is buried.  He was interred here following his death at the home of his son-in-law Samuel L. Spangler, in Hancock Township, husband of Williams daughter, Isabelle.  The born in Lincoln County, Kentucky, March 24, 1792, Williams pass from the slide May 12, 1870.  He was a prominent in Kentucky before coming to Western Illinois as an officer in the Kentucky militia one of the Kentucky ends.  He was with general William Henry Harrison (later President Harrison) in the war of 1812.  About 1825 or 1826 he moved to Illinois, living in Quincy, Adams County, until 1829, where he served as a justice of the peace.  The firm 1829 through the remaining 40 years of his life, he lived in Hancock County, where he was a public figure, holding various Carthage maintenance offices County and federal offices.

Baily, David - b: no dates  (Described as a bounty jumper of the union army of the Civil War who was murdered sometime soon after the war and Webster by Uriah Champlin.  Mr. Bailey received a dishonorable discharge from the army).
Bailey, Polly - b: no dates  (She was a mother of David Bailey.  She died of some kind of plague, probably cholera as that was prevalent in Western Illinois at the time.
Bainter, Frank - b: 1860   d: 1947
Bainter, Ida Z. - b: 1862   d: 1934
Denison, Abraham - b: August 23, 1841   d: February 5, 1862  aged 20 years 5 months 13 days  (s/o J and L Denison)
Denison, John - b: June 23, 1808   d: February 27, 1897  aged 88 years 8 months 4 days
Denison, Leah - b: 1811   d: November 7, 1881  in this 70th year of her age  Inscription; the Payne's of death are past labor and sorrow sees and lifelong warfare closed at last her soil is found its peace.
Duffy, Anthony - b: August 20, 1811   d: September 15, 1883  (h/o Mary M. Duffy)
Duffy, Mary M. - b: September 15, 1815   d: July 20, 1872  (w/o Anthony Duffy)
Duffy, Johnny O. - b: April 2, 1880  d: November 4, 1865  aged 2 years 5 months 26 days  (s/o S. S. and F. Duffy) Little Johnny
Evans, Mary E. - b: February 22, 1871  d: November 22, 1872 aged 1 year 9 months  (d/o J. B. and R. E. Evans)  Inscription; beautiful lovely she was but given a fair bad to earth to blossom home in.
Huston, Clyde Spangler - b:   d: 1950
Huston, Infant Son - b:February 8, 1882    d: September 28, 1882 aged 7 months 20 days  (s/o S F and S V Huston)
Huston, Infant Son - b:   d: April 1, 1880  (s/o S F and S V Huston)
Latherow, James B. - b:   d: about 1920
Latherow, Rebecca - b:   d: about 1920
Miller, Francis R. - b: December 10, 1861  d: September 2, 1879  aged 17 years 8 months 23 days  (s/o. John D and Jane Miller)
Miller, Jane - b: March 29, 1839   d: June 23, 1889  (w/o John D.Miller)  Inscription; Gone Home
Miller, John D. - b:   d: January 7, 1877  aged 83 years 1 month 11 days  (this date not plain-may be incorrect, may be 33 years) (h/o Jane Miller)
Miller, John D. - b: May 1877  d: May 10, 1877  aged 1 month  (s/o John D. And Jane Miller)
Miller, Margaret E. - b: August 14, 1813  d:  April 30, 1847  aged 33 years 8 months 16 days  (w/o William Miller)  inscription; her son is gone down while it was yet day.  (Mrs. Miller's death date is the oldest in this cemetery)
Miller, Sadie - b: March 8, 1869   d: April 9, 1890  (d/o J. D and Jane Miller)
Miller, William - b: September 15, 1798 d: August 28, 1879 aged 80 years 11 months 13 days  Inscription; the hoary head is a crown of Glory  (h/o Margaret E. Miller)
Sample, Edmund H. - b:   d: April 11, 1871  aged 24 years 3 days
Sample, Eli - b:   September 16, 1852  in the 18th year of his age
Sample, George - b:    d: October 20, 1862 aged 31 years for months  Co. B. one 18th Regiment Illinois
Sample, Jane - b: May 02, 1805  d: January 9, 1868  aged 62 years 8 months 7 days  (w/o Robert Sample)
Sample, Mattie Bell - September 15, 1863  aged 1 year 11 months  (d/o F. and R. A. Sample)
Sample, Robert - b: December 1, 1803 in Lancaster County Pennsylvania   d: January 12, 1886  (h/o Jane Sample)  Inscription; Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright; for the end of that man is peace.
Scott, Thomas K. - b:   d: 1952
Scott, Infant daughter - b:   d: 1955
Scott, Kerry Lou - b:   d: 1951   (Infant)
Scott, Thomas K. - b:   d: 1952
Shirey, Barbara A. - b:   d: 1939 (infant)
Sowers, Charles T -  b: 1863   d: 1925
Sowers, Euphemis -b:September 16, 1859   d: October 27, 1859  (d/o William and N A Sowers)
Sowers, George -  b: May 17, 1830  d: April 16, 1896  Inscription; Rest father rest in quiet sleep well friends in sorrow o'er thee keep
Sowers, John E - b: 1860   d: 1943
Sowers, Mamie R. - b: February 5, 1874   d: September 9, 1875  aged 1 year 7 months 4 days  (d/o G and W Sowers)
Sowers, Wilhelmina -   b: 1838 d: 1910
Spangler, Anne Mary - b:   d: 1899  (w/o Joseph T. Spangler)
Spangler, Arthur C ("Turk")-  b: Aug 18, 1931 in Fountain Green Twp, Hancock County, Illinois  d: September 24, 1998 in LaHarpe, Illinois  (s/o Arthur M Spangler and Mamie (Cameron) Spangler)  (h/o Margie Porter) (Military Service: served in the Illinois National Guard from 1949 until 1952, when he was activated during the Korean War)
Spangler, Charlie T. - b: June 15, 1888   d: December 1969 in Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois
Spangler, Edward A - b: July 11, 1857  d: October 18, 1857  aged 3 months 7 days  (s/o J. S. and M. R. Spangler)
Spangler, Edward S. - b: 1864   d: March 3, 1947 in Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois
Spangler, Fanny B. - b: 1871   d: October 4, 1922 in Hancock Township, Hancock County, Illinois
Spangler, Frank C - b: May 5, 1849  d: July 5, 1860  aged 11 years 2 months  (s/o J. S. and M. R. Spangler)
Spangler, Gladys L. - b: 1893   d: 1944
Spangler, Hattie Bell - b: April 10, 1869   d: March 11, 1871  aged 1 year 11 months 1 day  (d/o J. R. and A. M. Spangler)
Spangler, Ida - b: September 30, 1894   d: August 5, 1895   (d/o Joseph T and Ida (Freer) Spangler)
Spangler, Ida (Freer) - b: 1859   d: 1921   (w/o Joseph Trego Spangler)
Spangler, Infant - b: September 14, 1888   d: September 15, 1888  (c/o Joseph T and Ida (Freer) Spangler)
Spangler, Infant - b:   d: 1914  (d/o H. E. and A. R. Spangler)
Spangler, Infant Son - b:   d: 1923  (s/o John Skiles and Sarah Ethel Spangler)
Spangler, John S. - b: June 3, 1829   d: January 10, 1887  aged 57 years 7 months 7 days  1st Lieut. Co. K. 118th Illinois Infantry
Spangler, John Skiles - b: 1900   d: 1963
Spangler, Joseph T. - b: October 15, 1817 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania   d: October 6, 1889  (h/o Anne Mary Spangler)
Spangler, Joseph Trego - b: 1861   d: 1936  (h/o Ida (Freer) Spangler)
Spangler, Mamie (Cameron)-  b: January 20, 1902 in LaHarpe, Illinois  d: August 2, 1993 in LaHarpe, Illinois  (d/o Joseph Cameron and Lula McCord)  (w/o Arthur M Spangler)
Spangler, Margaret M -  b: March 17, 1855   d: September 13, 1856  aged 1 year 5 months 27 days  (d/o J. R. and A. M. Spangler)
Spangler, Mary F - b: November 28, 1886   d: May 10, 1888  (d/o Joseph T and Ida F Spangler)
Spangler, Rebecca - b:April 28, 1798   d: November 1, 1852  aged 54 years 6 months 4 days  (w/o Samuel Spangler)
Spangler, Samuel - b: March 31, 1787  d: June 5, 1873  aged 86 years 2 months 5 days  Illinois Private Pennsylvania Militia, war of 1812 (also government uprights American white marble head stone for him) Latin Cross
Spangler, Sarah Ethel - b: 1898   d: 19??
Spangler, U. Skiles - b:   d: May 12, 1881  (s/o J. S. and M. R. Spangler)
Walters, Ella - b: no dates
Walters, Johnny J. - b:   d: September 1883  Aged 7 Years  (s/oAndrew and Ellen Walters)
Walters, Mattie - b: no dates

Unmarked - Identified as an old man of the Beckwith family