Todd Cemetery
Todd Cemetery, St. Albans Township, Hancock County, Illinois
(North East 1/4 Section 3 Townships 3 N  7W)

This todd cemetery burial list was made in June of 1976 by Mrs. Leo Bruneun of West Point, Illinois (of village located in St. Alban's Township).

Miss Mary H. Siegfried of Denver in Harmony Township, Hancock County, procured this list for my Warren L. Van Dine Hancock County cemeteries project from Mrs. Bruneun.  She forwarded it to me and a letter from Denver dated June 19, 1976.  Her Post Office address is now R.F.D. No. 2, Carthage, Illinois 62321

Miss Siegfried stated in a brief introduction:

"The cemetery is located in the NE section 3, St.Albans Township, and was near the village of St. Albans.

St. Albans very calm post office was established July 1, 1839 with Jonathon Todd as first postmaster, and named, the former home St. Albans, Vermont.  In 1852 of village of the same name was laid out by John Slater.  St. Albans was a station on the old Warsaw-Agusta stage road, known as the plank road.  Little is left of the village today except a few mounds, old wells and the headstones in the cemetery; The Post Office was discontinued in 1871. "

Miss Siegfried explained about the relationship of several of the deceased Todd Cemetery people:

"According to Donald Parker, the family had just returned from visits to their native state, Vermont, when they were stricken by some epidemic which took the lives of the Father and two sons. "

Mrs. Bruneun is to receive credit for preparing this list for the project and a vote of thanks on to be accorded Miss Siegfried also.  The latter is in my opinion the best researcher now living in our county (Hancock).

This list has been put into the project by Warren L. Van Dine August 2, 1976

Todd, Jonathon- b:1796   d: 1843
Todd, John- b:1816   d: 1843
Todd, Timothy- b:   d:1843
Todd, William- b:   d:1847
Todd, Mary A.- b: July 21, 1838   d: February 23, 1840

N.B.Mrs. Bruneun stated: "I can't make out the birth date of Timothy and William. "