To submit your unidentified, Hancock County-related photos for display:

1) Scan each picture individually at, preferably, between 100 to 150 pixels per inch (ppi).  If this ppi is not possible due to scanner limitations, use a setting as close to 100-150 ppi as allowed.

2) Create a jpg/jpeg image, a commonly used image format.  If you cannot create a jpg/jpeg image, bmp, gif or tiff formats are other possible (less desirable) choices.

3) Forward each image separately, OR foward multiple images in a zipped file, to Judi Gilker

Include any information you have or suspect, including names, related surnames, possible dates, etc.  For example, if you think a photo MIGHT be of one of the Jones brothers, include that information.  You may have pictures in which some of the subjects are known to you, but you can't identify the gentleman standing next to Aunty Jane.  This would also be an acceptable submission.

Submitted photos will appear as quickly as possible in the next available position within a gallery.

The verbiage accompanying each photo MUST include a stated relationship to Hancock County or a Hancock County resident.  Submissions arriving without this information will not be acknowledged or displayed on the photo pages.

Administrators of the photo pages will not be responsible for relaying messages between the owner and the viewer.

The Administrators will not display any photos deemed inappropriate by the Administrators.

Note: if you receive additional information or HOORAY! identify someone in a picture you've submitted, please send an e-mail regarding your success to:

 Judi Gilker

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