Unknown Burials
These people died in Hancock Co, Illinois. Most likely they were buried in Hancock Co.
If you know where they are buried please email Ken Huffman so I can put them in the right cemetery. or take them off the list. If you have someone who you know was buried in Hancock County but you do not know which Cemetery, please email me so I can add them to the list.  Thank you
Please !!! check the cemetery listings before sending me your names for the unknown burials list.

Atkinson, Mabel - b:   d: November 12, 1962 Nauvoo, Hancock Co, Illinois  (2nd w/o Robert Atkinson)
Atkinson, Robert  - b: August 19, 1882 in  St Marys, West Nissouri Township, Middlesex Co, Onterio, Canada   d: November 12, 1962 Nauvoo, Hancock Co, Illinois  (h/o Mabel Atkinson)
Ancelet, Ernest- b: June 25, 1890 in Illinois d: May 1977 in Hamilton, Hancock Co, Illinois
Bavery, Hazel- b: September 3, 1896 in Ilinois  d: November 1981 in Carthage, Hancock Co, Illinois
Bavery, James- b: November 26, 1915 in Ilinois  d: January 1994 in Carthage, Hancock Co, Illinois
Bavery, Ruth- b: December 27, 1916 in Illinois  d: November 7, 1991 in Carthage, Hancock Co, Ilinois
Brown, Rebecca - b: November 15, 1815 in Virginia d 1864 in Hancock Co, Illinois (possibly Denver or Wythe Twp) (w/o John G Brown)
Dusenberry, Edward- b: September 7, 1881 in Illinois  d: September 1968 in Nauvoo, Hancock Co, Illinois
Dusenberry, Mable- b: February 13 1879 in Illinois  d: December 1969 in Nauvoo, Hancock Co, Illinois
Earls, Ervin- b: August 17, 1914 in Illinois  d: November 10, 1993 in Basco, Hancock Co, Illinois
Earls, Gilbert- b: January 03, 1823 in Schoharie, New York  d: Hancock Co, Illinois
Earls, John- b: July 16, 1892  in Illinois  d: December 1980 in Hamilton, Hancock Co, Illinois
Earls, Ursula (Thompson)- b: 1830 in Indiana  d: April 10, 1863 in Hancock Co, Illinois
Earls, Willard- b May 5, 1912 in Illinois  d: December 1974  in Carthage, Hancock Co, Illinois
These are either Emert, Emmert, or Emmett
Emmett, Eliza A (Milton)- b: 1867  d: June 30, 1943 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (w/o Lilburn Emmett)
Emmett, Lilburn- b: 1860 Rogersville, Hawkins Co, Tennessee  d: April 28, 1938 in Hancock Co, Illinois  (h/o Eliza (Milton) Emmett)
Emmett, Mary Ann (Davis)- b: 1825 in Tennessee d: ? in Hancock Co, Illinois
Emmett, William S.- b: 1825 in Tennessee  d: after 1910 in Rock Creek, Hancock Co, Illinois
Lilly, Nancy M.- b: November 15, 1815 d: abt 1864 Possibly Wythe township, Hancock Co, Illinois (w/o Elijah Lilly)
Martin, Margaret Jane (Blankenship)-b: March 25, 1883 in Illinois   d: November 1976 in Augusta, Hancock Co, Illinois
Whitehouse, Hannah Londrie- d:  July 1869
Whitehouse, Arthur H.- d: July 5, 1869
Whitehouse, Josephine B.- d: October 30, 1868
Whitehouse, Minnie Jane- d:  1871
Nichols, Delia (Whitney)- b: 1848   (w/o Henry Nichols)
Nichols, Horatio- No Dates
Nichols, Josephine- No Dates
Perry, Elinor (Lear)- b: February 02, 1790 in Virginia  d: March 05, 1868 in Hancock Co, Illinois
Thompson, Elizabeth (Davidson)- b: July 03, 1811 in Virginia  d: January 29, 1895 in Hancock Co, Illinois (w/o James T. Thompson)
Thompson, James T.- b: June 28, 1803 in Tennessee  d: May 02, 1881 in Hancock Co, Illinois
Andrew Polite died 11 Feb 1865 while home from the Civil War. Submitted by Roberta Summers