VandDruff Cemetery

VanDruff Cemetery, Durham Township, Hancock County, Illinois

VanDruff cemetery is located probably in Section 13 or about their in Durham Township, which means it is about halfway up the Township North and South and Durham Township-LaHarpe Township line.  LaHarp Township is east of Durham Township.

It is a mile north of the Illinois State Highway No. 96 .  One turns north from the hard road at a corner in the Crooked Creek bottoms several miles west of the city of LaHarp, goes a mile up the map of Durham Township on the gravel road, and then east about a quarter of a mile.

It is rolling terrain in this area, hills and some wooded land. It is farming country but with a shaggy unkept look as if topsoil was about to be stripped off by long continued cultivation of fields with too much fall and there wasn't much cash money available for keeping farms looking spic and span.

The cemetery is a grassy plot perhaps an acre square, looking more like some farmers barnyard than a place of rest for people's loved ones.  It is common in appearance in other words with no effort being made by anyone to put on any "front" to say the least.

The fencing is old and run down and there is a huge brush pile or two on the grounds.  The place is mowed but if weeds could be kept down without doing lawn mowing here it probably would look just as well.

There are not a large number of burials here if the count of stones is the proper tally, but there may be more burials than stones.  Most of these deceased were lowered in the ground here in days when many people did not have means to buy monuments.  Most stones here are marbles of the last century style in cemetery memorial's meaning this is a Civil War generation burying ground.

The monuments are scattered across the front half of the grounds along the road.  There are but two in the entire back half of the grounds.

It would be hard to find a cemetery in this county in which the dead who are in rest in it have less claim to distinction on their life records.  There does not seem to be anyone here known for any achievements in Western Illinois history or for anything much.  If anyone here even served the country into war is not rewarded on these stones.  Most County cemeteries have from one to a hundred war veterans of the wars of the republic.

There are mostly farm fields around the cemetery.  There is a shallow creek or dry valley across the east fence with a thin stand of woods, trees that will never grow into anything.

Off in the distance to the southeast is the city of LaHarp in LaHarp Township.  A Western Illinois town where about a thousand humans are waiting till their turns come to be carted off to the county cemeteries.

This cemetery burial list was compiled by Warren L. Van Dine 1966

(1968 Hancock county history, p. 298).

This is located 1 mile south and 1 mile east of Disco.  The VanDruff's bought a farm in the 1840's and, as time passed, the owner decided to have this family buried on the land.  He fenced off a plot ground for the cemetery and members of the family were interred there as well as those of other families, Nichols, Blythe, Starkey, Phillips, Smith and Schultz among them.  There are many unmarked graves.  The earliest date on a tombstone is 1842.

Bedell, Nancy L.- b: January 14, 1828   d: April 19, 1865  aged 37 years 3 months 5 days (w/o W. R. Bedell)
Bedell, Rosabell- b: April 13, 1865  d: April 27, 1865  aged 14 days  (d/o W. R. and Nancy L. Bedell)
Bivens, Ada- b:   d: August 24, 1876
Blythe, Bessie- b: February 26, 1876  d: October 4, 1878  (d/o Henry and Emeline Blythe)
Blythe, Mary- b: unreadable   d: April 19, 1870  (d/o Henry and Emeline Blythe)
Bolinger, Phillip- b: 1810  d: July 3, 1876  aged 66 years
Bolinger, Mary- b: April 28, 1808   d: August 4, 1881  aged 73 years 3 months 6 days
Coleman, Infant- b:   d: October 13, 1873  (c/o J.W. and S. N. Coleman)
Coleman, James Roy- b: October 1873  d: April 11, 1874  aged 6 months  (s/o J.W. and S. N. Coleman)
Eckles, Dianna- b: April 14, 1824   d: November 11, 1885  aged 61 years 6 months 28 da(w/o Samuel Eckles)
Eckles, Emma C.- b: February 26, 1856   d: November 11, 1863  (d/o Samuel and Dianna Eckles)
Eckles, Emma L- b: March 20, 1870   d: August 22, 1870 (d/o J and J Eckles)
Eckles, James- b: August 12, 1842  d:  March 2, 1871
Eckles, John E.- b: March 6, 1869    d: December 27, 1871  Aged 2 years 9 months 21  days   (s/o J and J Eckles)
Eckles, Samuel- b: February 02, 1807   d: April 16, 1868  aged 61 years 2 months 14 days   h/o Dianna Eckles)
Inghram, Infant- b:   d: January 4, 1856
Louden, infant- b:   d: July 6, 1863  (s/o William L. and S. Louden)
Loudon, Infant- b:   d: April 18, 1864  (s/o William L. and S. Louden)
Mitchell, Adda M.- b: March 21, 1862  d:  December 24, 1864 (d/o J K and A G Mitchell)
Morris, Channing- b:   d: March 2, 1860  aged 3 months 23 days  (s/o I. M. and A Morris)
Morris, Ena- b: October 10, 1887    d: February 11, 1889  aged 1 year 4 months 1 day  (d/o W. D. and A C Morris)
Morris, Jonathan- b: April 8, 1831    d: August 10, 1876  aged 45 years 4 months 2 days
Morris, Victoria- b:   d: August 30, 1866  aged 1 years 7 months 25 days  (d/o I. M. and A Morris)
Nichols, Infant- b: no dates  (d/o Joseph and Thurza Nichols)
Nichols, Joseph- b: June 2, 1822   d: September 13, 1871  Aged 49 years 3 months 11 days  (h/oThurza Nichols)
Nichols, Margaret E.- b: May 7, 1877  d: August 27, 1880  aged 3 years 3 months 20 days  (d/o Joseph and Thurza Nichols)
Nichols, no name- b: December 19, 1850   d: December 20, 1876  aged 25 years
Nichols, Thurza- b: 1821   d: October 10, 1893  (w/o Joseph Nichols)
Nichols, William L.  b: November 20, 1848   d: May 27, 1867  aged 18 years 6 months 7 days  (s/o Joseph and Thurza Nichols)
Phillips, Jemima- b: November 02, 1805  d: December 2, 1901 aged 96 years 1 month  (w/o John Phillips)
Phillips, John- b: July 18, 1800  d: February 25, 1888 aged 87 yrs 7 months 7 days
Reiselt, Alle- b: August 13, 1854  d: October 13, 1876  aged 22 years 2 months (w/o Lewis Reiselt)
Reiselt, Charlie- b:   d: March 6, 1877  (s/o L. and A Reiselt)
Reiselt, Lacy A.- b: March 21, 1860   d: September 1, 1863  aged 3 years 5 months 11 days
Reiselt, Mary- b: May 3, 1885   d: September 20, 1885
Shultz, no name- b: January 25, 1815   d: May 19, 1888  aged 73 years 3 months 23 days
Shultz, Hettie Ann (Nichols)- b: September 11, 1847  d: December 1, 1877  for (w/o John Shultz)
Shutwell, Clara May- b: April 21, 1890  d: September 28, 1890
Shutwell, Elizabeth- b: April 27, 1802   d: March 22, 1898
Shutwell, Francis- b: April 15, 1795   d: June 27, 1884
Shutwell, Infant- b:   d: July 26, 1878  (c/o John and Sarah Shutwell)
Shutwell, John- b: August 6, 1828   d:  December 16th 1911  (h/o Sarah J.Shutwell)
Shutwell, Sarah J.- b: March 8, 1836   d: November 18, 1908  (w/o John Shutwell)
Smith, Carlie- b: March 26, 1879   d: January 16, 1880  (s/o L. B. Smith)
Starkey, William F.- b: May 5, 1887  d: March 21, 1891 aged 3 years 10 months 16 days  (s/o L. G. and L Starkey)
Starkey, Edmund- b: November 02, 1822  d: April 2, 1881 aged 58 years 5 months  (h/o Margaret Starkey)
Starkey, Margaret- b: February 12, 1824  d: September 12, 1909 aged 85 years 7 months  (w/o Edmund Starkey)
Starkey, Ledora M.- b: September 28, 1889   d: November 18, 1891  (d/o J and M Starkey)
Starkey, Nora M.- b: March 4, 1884   d: October 5, 1887 (d/o J and M Starkey)
Starkey, Edward F.- b: July 30, 1881   d: August 7, 1888  (s/o J and M Starkey)
Tuck, Orda May- b: 1859   d: July 31, 1880 aged 21 years 4 months 6 (or 16) days  (d/o L. P and M C Tuck)
Vandruff, Lavina- b: June 7, 1787   d: August 26, 1875 aged 88 years 2 months 19 days  (mother of G. W. Vandruff)
Vandruff, Susan- b: June 30, 1823   d: February 11, 1881 Aged 57 yrs 7 months 11 days (w/o G. W. Vandruff)
Vandruff, Hetty- b: November 27, 1830  d: December 6, 1870  40 years 9 days (w/o G. W. Vandruff)
Vandruff, Clarence- b: May 10, 1870  d: March 11, 1871  (s/o J M and R Vandruff)
Vandruff, Nancy O- b: May 7, 1860  d: May 1, 1881  (d/o G. W.  H. Vandruff)
Vandruff, Lydia L- b: March 5, 1856  d: October 11, 1857 (d/o G. W.  H. Vandruff)
Vandruff, Enos C.- b: November 18, 1862   d: December 9, 1862  aged 21 days  (d/o G. W.  H. Vandruff)
Vandruff, Louwisa B.- b: July 16, 1865  d: August 17, 1866  aged 1 year 1 months 1 day  (d/o G. W.  H. Vandruff)

Broken Stones
McCar??, Joshua- b: 1861  d: January 10, 1861  Aged 24 years
Infant son of Joseph and Mary
Josep--, s/o D & L H-------
John T.--------  d: June 3, 185?  aged 80 years 5 months 22 days