Wolfort Cemetery

Kirchherr - Wohlfarth Family Cemetery, Wilcox Township, Hancock County, Illinois

   This cemetery burial list was furnished by Mrs. patricia Joan Kirchherr Allen, a great granddaughter and granddaughter and she is to be credited with it.
   This introduction was prepared by Mrs. Allen for use with the list.  Typed in March of 1970 from typed copy furnished by Mrs. Allen, by Warren L. Van Dine who is in charge of this Hancock County, Illinois cemeteries project.
   The first and second generations of this family were all born in Germany.  The head of the Kirchherr family was Karl Frederick Kirchherr, l., born May 16, 1808 in the kingdom of Wuertembergh (Black Forrest) now part of Germany.  He was the younger son of the head of the Department of Interior in charge of the Black Forrest.  As was the custom of the times, the eldest inherited the property and position, so Karl, l in addition to an academic education,  apprenticed for 15 years in Holland at the finest school for butchering in the world at that time.  He was a diplomat and enjoy the stay in Turkey and the U. S. A. (he also owned a butcher shop and mineral springs resort in the state of Wittenberg).
   When the father retired, Karl l influenced his brothers and sisters and their children to all sail together on the same ship to the USA. Karl l and his family lived in New York City. , Buffalo, N.Y., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Burlington, Iowa, and Hayline's addition in Warsaw, Illinois.  Karl l owned and operated butcher houses and shops in all the above cities.
   He purchased a farm in Wilcox Township, Hancock County, Illinois to raise cattle and hogs for his shops.  He and later his son, Karl ll, supplied settlers moving west.  He is buried on the farm.  His relatives remained in Buffalo, N.Y.
   His wife was Christophine  Greeslee, born in Wittenberg.  The head of the Wohlfarth  (now spelled Wohlfort) family was Henry Christian Wohlfarth born in Engel Fiahgen, Germany, November 22, 1819 and his wife Kathetina was born in Stuttgart, in the Wittenberg (now a state in Germany).  His trade was that of a locksmith.  He was quite wealthy, but he and others rebelled against the government because of the wars and taxes.
   During a skirmish Mr.Wohlfarth saw a ship flying an American flag, so he jumped into the water and stowed away on the ship.  He later sent for his family and lived in Burlington, Iowa.
   He and his wife in later life lived with their daughter and her husband.  They had four sons  (Mr.and Mrs.Wohlfarth) are buried in this cemetery.

(1968 Hancock County, Illinois history, page 606).

In Section 36, descendants of Charles Kirchherr are buried in a small family plot.  The last burial there was that of Mrs. Emma McCune in 1967.  There are also several single graves to be found in the township.

Kirchherr, Aurnalia- b: September 20, 1871   d: December 30, 1875
Kirchherr, Christophine (Greeslee)- b March 24, 1813   d: August 1, 1878
Kirchherr, Elizabeth K- b: May 16, 1879   d: October 6, 1881
Kirchherr, Karl F., l- b: May 16, 1808 in the Herren Alps near Monastery in the Kingdom of Wuertenberg, now a State in Germany.  d: January 25, 1868 in Wilcox Township, Hancock Co, Illinois
Kirchherr, Karl, ll- b: June 21, 1838   d: November 12, 1896 on Section 36, Wilcox Township, Hancock Co, Illinois
Kirchherr, Laura- b: June 12, 1877   d: February 11, 1903  Aged 26 yrs 8 months (d/o Karl, ll and Mary Kirchherr)
Kirchherr, Mary Margaret Magdaline Katherine Caroline (Wholfarth)- b: September 7, 1847 in Engel Fingen, Germany    d: February 12th 1944 in Warsaw,  Hancock County,  Illinois
McCune, Emma Marie (Kirchherr) - b: March 30, 1876   d: March 18, 1967 in Lanesboro, Minnesota
Wohlfarth, Christian H.- b: November 22, 1919   d: March 25, 1885  (h/o Katherina Wholfarth)
Wholfarth, Katherina- b: January 26th 1819   d: June 16, 1882 (w/o Christian Wohlfarth)