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Additonal burials submitted by visitors

Bertholf, Blanche Elizabeth (Huff)- b: December 21, 1885 in Hancock Co, Illinois  d: in  Augusta, Illinois
Dron, William- b:  d: July 4, 1879 in Birmingham Township, Schuyler Co, Illinois   Age 66y 9m 17d
Huff, Arthur Glen- b: March 7, 1883 in Plymouth, Illinois  d: February 24, 1966 in Hamilton, Illinois
Huff, Claude Everett- b: May 23, 1890 in Hancock Co, Illinois  d: December 11, 1943 Augusta, Illinois
Huff, Floyd- b: September 25, 1912 in Plymouth, Illinois  d: May 13, 1984 in Quincy, Adams Co, Illinois
Huff, Lawrence Everett- b: February 7, 1916 in Augusta, Illinois  d: November 6, 1951
Huff, Paul Richard- b: May 9 1907 in  St. Marys, Hancock Co, Illinois  d: February 20, 1959 in  Great Bend, Kansas
Huff, Roy Norman- b: July 9 1909 in Hancock, Co, Illinois   d: 1921 Hancock Co, Illinois
Huff, Russell Edwin- b: February 4, 1908 in Augusta, Illinois  d: 1950
Huff, Sidney Edgar- b: February 9, 1871 or 1874? Hancock Co, Illinois  d: 1943 Augusta, Illinois
Johnson, Wayne- b:Dec, 22, 1921 in St. Joseph, Missouri    d: August. 3, 2005 in Springfield, Illinois    (s/o Carl August and Florence J.( Hohn) Johnson h/o Berniece (Scott) Johnson
Myers, Josephine (Kimble)- b: May 30, 1888 in Illinois   d: May 13, 1928
Pierson, Harriet C.- b:  d: December 7, 1880 in Birmingham Township, Schuyler Co, Illinois   Age 62 y 4 m 15 d
Van Heaton-  b:  d: August 15, 1887 in Birmingham Township, Schuyler Co, Illinois  Age  55 y 2 m 21 d
Waner, K. Flo- b: August 9, 1920 in Macomb, McDonough Co, Illinois  d: February 23, 2004 in Augusta, Hancock Co, Illinois  (d/o Olin and Helen (DeCamp) Shanks,  w/o Chester C. Waner "He died Feb. 4, 1990")

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