Descendants of William Peyton Carr

1. William Peyton Carr b. 0 ___ 1808, East Virginia, m. 28 Sep 1835, in Shelby Cty., Kentucky, Nancy Mayhall, b. 0 ___ 1818, Kentucky, (daughter of Timothy Mayhall and Esther Hutton) d. 0 ___ 1896, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. William died 21 Dec 1893, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., IL, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL.

William Peyton Carr: was born around 1808 in East Virginia. He married Nancy Mayhall, in Franklin Cty., KY. 28 September 1835 (marriage records show them married in Shelby Cty., and registering the marriage in Franklin Cty.) She was born in Locust Grove Kentucky. The United States Board on Geographic names says that Locust Grove has two locations in Kentucky. The first is located in the Southwest portion of Clark County, three miles east of Athens and eleven miles southwest of Winchester. The second is located in the western portion of Pendelton County, eight miles west of Falmouth. But in 1840 they are listed as living at Locust Grove in Franklin County; they have 2 girls and 1 boy in the family.

In 1850- The William Carr family is in Franklin County, KY. with an address of Locust Grove. They have the following children: Sarah A. (14), James W. (12), Martha (9), Emily (6), Nancy (5), Lewis (2). I believe that Lewis (2) in 1850 must have died before 1860. James William named one of his sons Louis Larkin born 14, September, 1869.

By 1853 they are in Morgan County Illinois as Americus was born there that year. (James R. Carr)

In 1860- The William Carr family is in Brown County, Elkhorn Township, IL. Their children are: Martha (17), James William (19), Emily (15), Nancy (13), Alva (8), Americus (7), Hummel (5), Roan (2).

From marriages in Kentucky-Microfich- Sarah Ann Carr married Riley John Harrod in Franklin Cty., KY. 18 June, 1857. In the 1870 Census of Franklin County KY. The Riley Harrod family is listed: Riley (38), Sarah (36), James (12), Marion (9), Geraldine (8), Dennis (6), John (4) Quarles (Charles ?) (1); address Bald Knob. Sarah Ann Harrod is buried in the Harrod Cemetery (Highway 12 at Polsgrove) [19 Sep 1833 - 17 Oct 1910]. Later records show that Americus Carr was born in Morgan Cty., IL (17 ?? 1853 - ?? ?? 1886) The older children were born in Kentucky. Emily Carr married David Zebediah Martin in Brown County, 2 October 1860. Sometime between 1860 and 1870, Martha Carr married a David Reed. Do not know the date or place. They are buried in Hume, MO. David Reed (12 Aug 1839 - 17 May 1899); Martha Carr Reed (1 Dec 1842 - 27 Dec 1928).

By 9 August 1862- They were in Perry, Pike County Illinois as James William enlisted in the 99th Illinois Volunteer Infantry in Pike County and listed Perry as his place of residence. He returned there after he was mustered out 31 July, 1865. In 1870- (James R. Carr)

The william Carr family is in Hancock County, St. Albans Twp: with a Warsaw Address. Their children are: Alvin (19), Americus (15), Hamil (13) (Harriet), Roan Ophelia (11), Mary (8). James William Carr married Mary Symmonds in Hancock Cty,.7 April 1867. Nancy Jane Carr married William Price DeWitt in Hancock Cty., 3 April 1867. Alvin Carr married Olive Baker in Hancock Cty., 6 November 1873. Americus Carr married Lydia Luella Tanner in Hancock Cty., 3 Feb. 1878.

In 1880- The William Carr family is in Hancock County, St Albans Township. By now they are living in Stillwell. Their children are: Roan Ophelia (18) and Mary (16). Harriett (Hamil) Carr married Joseph Markland in Hancock County 16 Nov. 1878 Roan Ophelia Carr married Hugh W. Markland in Hancock County 26 December 1880. I have not found any further information on Mary Carr.

William Peyton Carr: Died 21 December 1893 in Stillwell, and is buried in the West Point Cemetery without a stone. According to the newspaper notice, when William Peyton Carr died he was survived by his wife, four daughters and one son. I think this is in error; Sarah, Martha, Emily, Nancy, Hattie and Ophelia were still living, plus the son Alvin. Nancy Mayhall Carr died around 1896. [William Peyton Carr was evidently a farmer. Their home in Stillwell was Lot 4 - Block 8. Lynn Henry Biswell owned this property in 1985.] (Lillian Pierson Hoover)

CARTHAGE GAZETTE December 29, 1893 Stillwell notes- OLD FATHER CARR was called away December 21. His health has been very poor for several years and at last ended fatally. He was about 86 years of age; was a member of the Christian Church and leaves to mourn a wife and 5 children, one son and four daughters. Interrment took place at West Point Cemetery.






1.1. Sarah Ann Carr b. 19 Sep 1836, Kentucky, m. 18 Jun 1857, in Franklin County, KY, Riley John Harrod. Sarah died 17 Oct 1910, buried: Harrod Cem, Polsgrove, KY.

1.1.1. James Harrod b. 0 ___ 1858.

1.1.2. Marion Harrod b. 0 ___ 1861.

1.1.3. Geraldine Harrod b. 0 ___ 1862.

1.1.4. Dennis Harrod b. 0 ___ 1864. Mary Mae Harrod. Mary Hughs Gill. Nancy Miles. Patrick C. Glisson.

1.1.5. Charles ( Quarles?) Harrod b. 0 ___ 1869.

1.1.6. John Harrod b. 0 ___ 1886.

1.2. James William Carr b. 4-Mar-1840, Franklin Cty., Kentucky, occupation Farmer,Soldier, m. 7 Apr 1867, in By William Guymon J. P., Mary Angeline Symmonds, b. 4 Nov 1847, Basco, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Baptist, (daughter of James Harvey Symmonds and Cassandra Newman) occupation House Wife, d. 0 Oct 1915, Near Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Chili Cem,near Stillwell,Hancock Cty, IL. James died 4 Jun 1886, Near Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Chili Cem,near Stillwell,Hancock Cty, IL.

James William (billy) Carr Cpl Co. B 99th Ill Regt.Inf.Mar 4 1840 -June 4 1886 on his stone. Early factual information came from Ethel C Symmonds Manning, Box 454 Palmyra, MO. 63641 573-769-4380.

His stone, says that he was born, 4, March 1840, family tradition, and the obituary's of several of his children, and his army records have him born in Franklin County Kentucky.

On August 9th 1862, he enlisted in the 99th Regt. IL Vol. at Perry, in Pike Cty, and his place of residence, was listed on Regimental records, As Perry. He was described on his army records as 5 ft 8 inches in height, fair complexion, fair hair, and having blue eyes.He was mustered in on August 23, 1862. At Florence, in Pike Cty served as a corporal in Co. B, and was musteredout of the 99th Illinois (consolidated) Infantry Battalion July 31, 1865.

There is a family legend that he was discharged early because the army thought he was dying of a lung disease, but according to the Regimental records he served the whole life of the Regiment. He was sick at Overton Hospital. Memphis, Tenn from April through Dec of 1863 of a lung disease that he contracted due to exposure between West plains and Pilot Knob MO. and he took two 30 day furlough's in a row from Nov. through Dec of 1864.

He returned to Pike County after his discharge from the army, and on April 7, 1867 he was married in Hancock county at his father in-law's residence, in Walker Twp.

So some time between July of 1865 and 1867 he moved up to Hancock County. Spending the rest of his life there and farming near Westpoint in St Albans Twp.

He was sick with stomach and chest pains the rest of his life, described by his doctor as thin and emaciated. Dying at age 46 of lung disease.

Adjutant General's Report History of the Ninety-Ninth Infantry.

The Ninety-Ninth Infantry was organized in Pike County in August,1862, by Colonel George W. K. Bailey, of Pittsfield, and was mustered in at Florence, Pike County, August 23 by Captain J. H. Rathbone; on the same day moved to St. Louis, Mo., and went into Benton Barracks on the 24th, where it received it's equipments, being the first Regiment out of the State under the call of 1862.

September 8, was sent to Rolla, Mo., thence, September 17, to Salem, Dent county, thence, November 20, to Houston, Texas county. Was assigned to the Brigade of Brigadier General Fitz Henry Warren. Was engaged in a skirmish at Bear Creek, losing 1 killed 4 wounded and 1 taken prisoner, and in the battle of Hartsville lost 35 killed and wounded.

January 27, 1863, moved to West Plains, Howell county, reporting to Brigadier General Davidson.

March 3, moved to Pilot Knob, thence to St Genevieve.

March 15, embarked for Milliken's Bend, La; was assigned to General Benton's Brigade, General E. H. Carr's Division, General McClernand's Thirteenth Army Corps.

Left Millien's Bend April 11, arrived at New Carthage 12th. Marched down Roundway Bayou in Louisiana, passed Vicksburg and Grand Gulf. Crossed the river April 30 and after marching all night met the enemy at Magnolia Hills, near Port Gibson, Miss.; lost 37 killed and wounded.

Marched with General Grant's army toward Jackson, Miss.; was held in reserve at the battle of Champion Hills (the hardest one-day battle fought in the west.) Started into the engagement at nightfall, pursued the retreating rebels to Edwards Station and engaged them the next morning; charged upon their works at Black River and drove them across the river, capturing many prisoners. Our loss was light.

On the 19th of May was at the defences of Vicksburg. On the 22d the Regiment took a prominent part in the assault, losing, out of 300 men 103 killed and wounded. The Colonel and Major were wounded early in the day, leaving Captain A. C. Mathews in command. It's line, during the day was close to the enemy's works, and it's colors planted on their breast-works. This position was held by the Ninty-Ninth until 4 o'clock p. m., when it was relieved by another regiment, and moved back 150 yards to where its knapsacks had been left. While calling roll the line which had relieved the Regiment was driven back in great confusion. The Ninety-Ninth advanced, and opening a heavy fire, drove the enemy back into his works and held him there, probably saving the whole Division from stampede.

Was engaged during the siege in General Benton's Brigade-Eighth and Eighteenth Indiana, and Thirty-Third and Ninety-Ninth Illinois. The Ninety-Ninth lost during the entire campaign and siege, 223 killed, wounded and missing.

On July 5th the Ninth, Thirteenth and Fifteenth Army Corps, Major General Sherman commanding, moved after Johnson's army to Jackson. Returned to Vicksburg July 24. On 21st of August moved to New Orleans, and on 26th went into camp at Brashear City.

October 3, 1863, the Campaign of the Tesche was commenced. The Regiment was in several skirmishes, and a detachment of the Regiment, Captain A. C. Mathews commanding, was engaged in the battle of Grand Coteau. On 9th November, returned to Brashear City, and moved to New Orleans.

In the assault of Vicksburg May 22, the color bearer, the gallant young hero William Sitton, was wounded, when the invinciple Tom Higgins grasped the stars and stripes, and carried them into the breastworks, where he was captured, and lost the stand of colors. In 1873 the colors were sent from Richmond, Va., to Philadelphia, Pa.,thence to Springfield, Ill., where they now are. Stains of blood can yet be seen on them, the patriot blood of the lamented Sitton.

November 16, embarked for Texas. On 25th, landed at Mustang Island, and marching up to Matagorda Island, commenced the attack on Fort Esperanza, which was soon surendered. The Ninety-Ninth remained in Texas during the spring of 1864.

On 16th of June, 1864, it evacuated the island and reported to General Reynolds, at Algiers La. The Regiment performed garrison duty on the Mississippi during the entire summer. in First Brigade, Brigadier General Slack; First Division, General Dennis; Nineteenth Corps, General Reynolds. The Ninety-Ninth was brigaded with Twenty-First Iowa, Twenty-Ninth Wisconsin and Forty-Seventh Indiana.

In November, 1864, moved to Memphis. Here the Regiment was consolidated into a Battalion of five companies, and Lieutenant Colonel A. C. Mathews assigned to command. Colonel Bailey, and other supernumerary officers, being mustered out.

Moved to Germantown, and went on duty guarding railroad. On December 25, three men of the Battalion were captured and murdered by guerrillas. Moved to Memphis, December 28. On January 1, 1865, embarked for NewOrleans, and arrived on the 9th. On 1st February, embarked for Dauphine Island, Ala.. Was assigned to First Brigade, First Division, Thirteenth Corps, with Twenty-First Iowa, Forty-Seventh Indiana and Twenty-Ninth Wisconsin General Slack commanding Brigade, Brigadier General Veatch commanding Division.

On March 17th moved to Fort Morgan, and on 26th, arrived at Fish River. Took part in the siege of Spanish Fort, until the 30th, when the Division was sent to General Steele's Army, and April 1, went into position at Fort Blakely. The Ninety-Ninth assisted in its investment and capture, and, on the 12th, entered Mobile.

In June, 1865, the Division was ordered to Red River, to receive the surrender of Kirby Smith, and it proceeded to Shreveport, La. From this place Colonel Mathews was detailed to proceed, with a body-guard of the Sixth Missouri Cavalry, to the Indian Territory, and receive the surrender of Brigadier General's Cooper and Standwaite, and to form temporary treaties of peace with the Indian tribes. The Colonel formed treaties with ten tribes-including the Choctaw's, Cherokee's, Chickasaw and Osage's-and returned (having traveled a thousand miles) on the 3d of July.

On 19th ordered to Baton Rouge. On 31st of July mustered out by Captain E. S. Hawk, A. C. M..

Arrived at Springfield, Ill., August 6, 1865, and received final payment and discharge August 9, 1865, and by midnight of the same day the surviving veterans were in their own county.

The Ninety-Ninth had three years of active service and were in the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Alabama.

The Ninety-Ninth was often honored by having important staff positions given to its line officers. Captain, afterward Colonel Mathews, was on staff duty with different Generals, also Lieutenants Sever, Bowsman and Kinne. Captain Massie was A. A. Q. M. and A. A. C. S. and was A. A. A. General in the battles at Spanish Fort and Blakely. No particular distinction is claimed for the officers named, but this mention is due them and the Regiment, as the position came to them unsought, and the survivors of the old Regiment take just pride in remembering the gallant and famous commanders with whom they served, namely, Grant, Sherman, Granger, Steele, Reynolds, Canby, Carr, McGinnis, Veatch, Slack, Lawler, Washburn and Scheck.

Shortly after their discharge the survivors, their wives and sweethearts, were given a grand dinner by the citizens of Pittsfield, where 3 years before over 900 men had marched out to do and die for their country. At the banquet less than 350 partook of the feast.

The Ninety-Ninth was in the following battles and skirmishes: Beaver Creek, Mo., Hartsville, Mo., Magnolia Hills, Miss., Raymond, Miss., Champion Hill, Miss., Black River, Miss., Vicksburg, Miss., Jackson, Miss., Fort Esperanza, Tex., Grand Coteau, La., Fish River, Ala., Spanish Fort, Ala., and Blakely, Ala..

No. of days under fire ........................................................... 62

No. of mile traveled ........................................................... 5900

No. of men killed in battle ..................................................... 38

No. of men died of wounds and disease ............................. 149

No. of men discharged for diability ...................................... 127

No. of men deserted .............................................................. 35

No. of officers killed in battle ................................................... 3

No. of officers died ................................................................... 2

No. of officers resigned .......................................................... 26


HEADQUARTERS NINETEENTH ARMY CORPS Mouth of White Rver, Arkanasa, November 25, 1864

Special Field Order No. 26

In accordance with the provisions of General Orders, No. 86, War Department, April 2, 1863, The Ninety-Ninth Regiment, Illinois Volunteers is hereby consolidated into a Battalion of five (5) companies-A,B,C,D, and E-officers as follows, viz:

A. C. Mathews ................................................................Lieutenant Colnel.

Edwin May..................................................................................... Surgeon.

John T. Curtis ............................................................... Assistant Surgeon.

William M. Evans ...........................................................................Chaplain.

J. R. Furry ....................................................First Lieutenant and Adjutant.

J. F. Greathouse .............................................First Lieutenant and R.Q.M.

John F. Richards ........................................................ Captain Company A.

James W. Fee ............................................................ Captain Company B.

M. D. Massie .............................................................. Captain Company C.

J. G. Hodgen ............................................................. Captain Company D.

John A. Ballard .......................................................... Captain Company E.

W. A. Clandy ................................................. First Lieutenant Company A.

J. E. Stauffer ................................................ First Lieutenant Company B.

H. B. Atkinson .............................................. First Lieutenant Company C.

J. K. Smith .................................................... First Lieutenant Company D.

N. H. Kinne ................................................... First Lieutenant Company E.

John Bowsman ........................................ Second Lieutenant Company A.

Joseph Dugdell ....................................... Second Lieutenant Company B.

William L. Carter ...................................... Second Lieutenant Company C.

Sylvester Durall ....................................... Second Lieutenant Company D.

Clayton B. Hooper ................................... Second Lieutenant Company E.

The commissioned officers not designated above will be mustered out of service.

The following named non-commisioned officers rendered supernumerary will also be mustered out of service, viz:

First Sergeant John H. Battles, First Sergeant John H. Coulter, First Sergeant Daniel W. Goowin.

By command of Major General J. J. Reynolds.

S. C. Farrington

Major and A. A. A. G.

Mary: James H. and Mary A. Carr had ten children, and after Mr Carr's death in 1886, Mrs Carr was remarried to George Sliger who reared her children and fathered three more. Mary J. Carr on depositions for widows pension

1.2.1. Franklin Merrett Carr b. 24 Feb 1868, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Farmer, m. 11 Feb 1892, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Mary Goodnow Sutherland, b. 25 Jul 1862, (daughter of Dr. William Potter Sutherland and Julia Heath Daves) occupation Wife Mother, d. 23 Nov 1952, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Chili Cem,near Stillwell,Hancock Cty, IL. Franklin died 24 Oct 1916, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Chili Cem,near Stillwell,Hancock Cty, IL. !Pioneers of The Prairie by Wilma Brunenn states "The Carr's were farmers living in Section 29 and owning 320 acres of land."

Foster son of Franklin Merrett and Mary G. Sutherland

Took Baby Found in Burlington Station Last March into His Home

Quincy Whig: Francis Leo Harris Carr, the seven months old baby boy found in Burlington station last March is again an orphan. His Foster father, Franklin M. Carr aged 48 years, was found dead in his home two miles west of Stillwell at 4:00 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.

Francis Leo Harris came into the minds of the readers of Quincy papers last March when he was found sitting up in a baby carriage in the woman's waiting room of The Burlington station. After many hours waiting the policeman on the beat was forced to believe that the child had been abandoned and took it to the police station where Probation Officer Nolan was notified.

The child was taken to the Home for the Friendless where he was cared for a short time before being adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Carr, who were already the parents of four children.

During the time that the officials were trying to locate the parents of the child or someone who would take it to raise it was christened Francis Leo. It later was given the name of Harris, and, when adopted by Mr. Carr, took the foster father's name.

Shortly after the noon hour Mr. Carr had gone into one of the rooms in his home to rest, which was his custom. Following in the afternoon at 4 o'clock his wife went into the room to awaken him and found him lying on the floor, in an unconscious condition.

Coroner Lunds of Augusta was notified and arrived Wednesday morning and conducted an inquest. Three witnesses testified. The wife, Frank Parker, who was first to arrive and Vincent Gurn, a neighbor. The coroners jury composed of Dr. F. A. Hanson, as foreman, Harve Tanner, Gleen Tanner, George Adair, Nathan Hopson and W. S. Felgar, returned a verdict that death was caused by acute indigestion.

Mr. Carr was born Feb. 2, 1868, and was 48 years old. He was married to Mary Sutherland in 1892. Four children were born, Mrs. Nellie Duncan of near Augusta, Mrs. Flora Staff of the Webster neighborhood and mrs Bertha Smith of near Lorain and Iva at home. At the time the baby Francis Leo was left in the Quincy station, Mr. and Mrs. Carr decided to take him into their home, if it could be so arranged and on March 4, 1916, he became a member of the Carr family. He is today in perfect health. Nellie May Carr b. 11 Dec 1892, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. (1) 4 Sep 1912, John W. Duncan, b. 1 Jul 1887, Cooper Valley VA, (son of Calaway Duncan and Emily Boyd) d. 3 Mar 1932, Bowen, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Bowen Cemetery, Hancock cty., Illinois, m. (2) Mr Gorda. Nellie died 6 Jun 1973, Bowen, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Bowen Cemetery, Hancock cty., Illinois. Boyd William Duncan b. 18 Jun 1913, Quincy, Adams, Cty., Illinois, d. 6 Jul 1913, Died in infancy, buried: Bowen Cemetery, Hancock cty., Illinois. Gloria Garda Duncan (details excluded), m. Frank Arthur Lavin, (details excluded), (son of John Henry Lavin and Mary Jane Redding). John Arthur Lavin (details excluded), m. Donna Marie Gisel, (details excluded). Timothy John Lavin (details excluded). Sara Beth Lavin (details excluded). Mary Ellen Lavin (details excluded), m. Lynn DeWane Wellman. Dawn Marie Wellman (details excluded). Flora Belle Carr b. 18 Aug 1894, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. John Howard Staff, b. 10 Aug 1892, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 1958, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Webster Cem St Albans Twp Hancock Cty IL. Flora died 0 ___ 1963, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Webster Cem St Albans Twp Hancock Cty IL. Baby Girl b. 10 Jun 1916, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 10 Jun 1916, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Webster Cem., W. Point, Hancock, Cty, IL. Gladys Fern Staff (details excluded), m. (1) Adam Heft, m. (2) Raymond Slater, m. (3) Elwood Roth, m. (4) Cecil Varnold. Adam: Lived in Chicago, Cook, County, Ill Cecil: Was a bus driver in the city of Chicago Alice Jo Heft (details excluded), m. George Knight. Florette Heft (details excluded), m. Richard (Dick) Dobbs. Richard: owned and operated his own truck line for several years Raymond Slater (details excluded). Jimmy Slater (details excluded). Bertha Leota Carr b. 6 Mar 1896, Memphis, Missouri, occupation Wife Mother, m. 16 Sep 1915, in Quincy, Adams, Cty., Illinois, George Francis Smith, b. 16 Sep 1885, Adams Cty., Illinois, (son of George W. Smith and Charity H. McClung) occupation Farmer, d. 9 Nov 1951, St. Mary Hosp., Quincy, Adams, Cty., IL, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. Bertha died 29 Oct 1974, Carthage Memorial Hosp, Hancock Cty., IL, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. George: Mr. and Mrs Smith were farmers living in section 28, owning 100 acres of land Frank Dale Smith (details excluded), m. Ruth Irene Bloomster, (details excluded), (daughter of David Amon Bloomster and Helen Blanch Jones). Dr. James Dale Smith (details excluded), m. Susan Elizabeth Payne, (details excluded), (daughter of William Oliver Payne and Betty Harriet Melquist). Carol Nadine Smith (details excluded), m. (1) William Clinton Socknoss, m. (2) Arvid w. (Gus) Nelson, (details excluded), (son of Earl Holmes Nelson and Barbara Ann Stockers). David Mark Nelson (details excluded). Bob Earl Nelson (details excluded). Mary Dorthea Smith (details excluded), m. John Addison Wilson, d. 0 ___ 1975, Wisconsin. Ronald J. Wilson b. Macomb, McDonough, Cty., Illinois, m. Connie Faye Wilson, b. Macomb, McDonough, Cty., Illinois. John Wayne Wilson. Scott Addison Wilson. Mary Dorthea Smith (details excluded). Alice Faye Smith b. 30 Aug 1926, West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. Eldon LeRoy McClintock, (details excluded). Alice died 15 Feb 2000, Blessing Hospital, Quincy, Illinois, buried: 19 Feb 2000, West Point Cemetery. FAYE McCLINTOCK

Aug. 3o, 1926-Feb. 15, 2000

A. Faye McClinock, 73 of Basco, died Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2000, at Blessing Hospital in Quincy. She was born Aug. 30, 1926 near westpoint, the daughter of Frank and Bertha L. Carr Smith. On Jan. 2, 1946, at the Balboa Park Navel Chapel in San Diego, Calif. She married Eldon L. McClintock.

She is survived by her husband; one son, Kenneth W. (Lois M.) McClintoch of Bushnell; one sister, Doratha Wilson of Racine, Wis.; four grand children, Mrs. P.J. (Melanie) Rosentreter and Mrs. Chuck (Micah) Wickert, both of Carlinville, Mrs. Curt (Mary Jo) Harvey of Champaign and Michael (Lexie) McClintock of Carthage; and one great- grandson, Adam Rosentrenter.

She was preceded in death by her parents and one brother F. Dale Smith.

She was a member of the Bowen and Denver Christian Churches. She was a past Worthy Matron of the Order of Eastern Star in West Point. She was a member of the Bowen American Legion Auxilary 1087 and the Augusta VFW Auxiliary 9029. She supported the World War II effort by working at Caterpillar and Western Union in San Francisco, Calif. She enjoyed painting, flowers, mowing the yard and being outdoors.

A graveside memorial service was held Feb. 19 in West Point Cemetery with Pastor Joe Little officiatng.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the West Point Cemetery. HCJP 2/23/00 Kenneth Wayne McClintock (details excluded), m. Lois Marie Johnson, (details excluded), (daughter of Kaye Reed Johnson and Alberta Florine Crossman Johnson Price). Melanie Jeanette McClintock (details excluded), m. Peter Joseph Rosentreter, (details excluded), (son of Elmer Adam Rosentreter and Alice Joanne Boehm). Mary JoEllen McClintock (details excluded). Micah Janelle McClintock (details excluded). Michael James McMlintock (details excluded). Ivy Francis Carr b. 11 Jul 1898, Downing, Shyler, Cty., Mississippi, m. Glen E. Howard, b. 0 ___ 1901, d. 0 ___ 1966, Carthage, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Woodville Cem., Hancock Cty., Illinois. Ivy died 31 Mar 1988, Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Woodville Cem., Hancock Cty., Illinois. Iva Howard

West Point, ILL. -- Iva Howard 89 of Hamilton died at 8 p.m. Thursday (March 31 1988) in Montebello Manor Health Center in Hamilton.

Mrs Howard was born July ,11 1898 in Downing, MO., a daughter of Frank Merrit and Mary Goodnow Sutherland Carr. She married Glen Howard, who preceded her in death.

Mrs Howard was a Protestant. She lived in Bowen.

Survivors include nieces and nephews.

Preceding her in death included three sisters and one brother.

Services will be conducted at 2:30 p.m. Monday at Lamport Funeral Home in Carthage, in association with the Freeman Funeral Home in West Point, by the Rev. Donald E. Skiles. Burial wi

Visitation will be from 9 a.m. until time of services. Memorials may be made to the Woodville Cemetery. Francis Leo Carr b. 4 Oct 1915, m. June Maxine Buckert, (details excluded), (daughter of Frank W. Buckert and Meda Clapper). Francis died 20 Jul 1983. Foster son of Franklin Merrett and Mary G. Sutherland Francis Eldon Carr b. 7 Aug 1935, Lived 6 hours, d. 7 Aug 1935, buried: Cemetery SW. of Warsaw Illinois. Mary Eunice Carr b. 17 Jun 1936, Lived 3 hours, d. 17 Jun 1936, buried: In Cemetery SW. of Warsaw, Illinois. Gerald Ronald Carr b. 29 Jul 1937, m. 7 Apr 1956, Wanda Joyce Mullery. Gerald died 13 Jun 1977. Ronald Laverne Carr (details excluded), m. (1) Kathryn Weidman, (daughter of Paul C. Weidman and ??? _____) m. (2) Janie Watson, (daughter of ??? Watson and Sandy Suratt). Brian Allen Carr (details excluded). Terry Lee Carr (details excluded). Perry Lew Carr (details excluded). Susan Jo Carr (details excluded), m. Kenneth Arbuckle. Lisa Ann Carr (details excluded). Sharon Maxine Carr (details excluded), m. Robert Earl (Bobby) Nichols, b. West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois. Kelly Gene Nichols (details excluded), m. Kimlet Jo McBride, (daughter of Charles McBride and Sue Jewel). Tara Marie Nichols (details excluded). Kelly Gene Nichols (details excluded). Kyle Earl Nichols (details excluded), m. Becky ???. Brittany Sha-Rae Nichols (details excluded). Gayla Maxine Nichols (details excluded), m. Terry Eugene Smith, (son of Lester Smith and Mary Ellen Wear). Jesse Eugene Smith (details excluded). Michael Frank Nichols (details excluded), m. Pamela Lynn Rigney, (daughter of Coi Marion Rigney and Pauline Johnson). Keela Marie Nichols (details excluded). Frankie Leo (Sonny) Carr (details excluded), m. Kathryn Yvonne Wear, (daughter of Eugene Emerson Wear and Minnie Kathryn Wright). Lori Ann Carr (details excluded), m. Jeffrey Scott Antkowiak, (son of Paul Antkowiak and Lois ???). Robert Eugene Carr (details excluded), m. Jamie Lynn Forsyth. Amber Marie Carr (details excluded). Ashley Lee Carr (details excluded). Buffy Lynn Carr (details excluded). Gary Ronald Carr b. 22 Oct 1949, Lived 4 mos 23 days, d. 16 Mar 1950, buried: Oak Valley Cem., S. of Warsaw, Illinois.

1.2.2. Louis Larkin Carr b. 14 Sep 1869, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. 12 Feb 1895, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Mary Marie Akers, b. 17 Aug 1877, West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, (daughter of John Akers and Mary Ware) occupation Wife Mother, d. 22 Jul 1920, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, buried: 23 Jul 1920, Assoc., Cem., Sunnyside, Yakima Cty., WA. Louis died 16 Sep 1926, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, buried: 18 Sep 1926, Assoc., Cem., Sunnyside, Yakima Cty., WA. Cause of death, Sudden Heart Failure. he was helping his brother James Homer shock hay. It appeared that he felt ill and started for the house, and on the way he collapsed and fell face down in the stubble field. Which disfigured his face.

Hand written copies of unknown Obituaries in Yakima Genealogy Society Files initials T.S.S, probably a Sunnyside paper

Death Carr Louis

Died - 16 Sept. At Outlook, 57 yrs old.

Born in Illinois

Found dead while schocking hay - heart attack

Survivors - Wife Mrs Louis Carr (she died in 1920, he was a widower)

2 son's Roy Carr & Homer Carr - Outlook (actually his brothers)

Mrs. V.E. Long - Outlook (sister Rosa)

Mrs. Dorothy Kates - Seattle (daughter)

Mrs. Elsie Davis - Toppenish (daughter)

Virgil Carr - Prosser (son)

Services - 2 p.m. Saturday at Sunnyside Undertaking Parlor (Ball)

Rev. Fike officiating, burial in the Sunnyside Cemetery. Mary: Reva Carr her niece said that aunt Mary was a large woman with fat arms and Reva as a small child loved to sit in her lap and be cuddled by those arms. I get the feeling from aunt Reva that aunt Mary was a gentle woman that loved children. Virgil L. Carr b. 5 Jul 1896, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Farm Hand, Rodeo Rider, d. 7 Apr 1958, Near Prosser, Benton County, Wa., buried: 11 Apr 1958, Blk 50, Sec 4, EastsideCem., Prosser, WA. Virgil was very shy around girls, and never married. He was an accomplished Horseman and extremely handsome. He was a rodeo rider in his youth and was offered a job in Hollywood, but was too bashful to accept. He spent his life as a farm worker and was herding sheep when he died of an apparent heart attack, falling with his head out the door and wasn,t found for several days. When he was found, rats had eaten his face.

Obituary in the Prosser Record Bulletin

Graveside services will be conducted Friday Morning at 10:00 a.m., for Virgil Carr, 61, who was found dead Monday in his trailerhouse on the Frank Walker farm. The service will be read by the Rev. Wendell Small of the Central Christian Church. The Chapman - Flint Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Mr. Carr, who was born July 5, 1896 in Stillwell, ILL., came to the lower Yakima valley as a small child and lived here the rest of his lifetime. As a young man he worked as a farm helper and was a rodeo rider. At the time of his death he still kept a horse.

He is survived by two sisters. Mrs. Dewey LeClair of Wapato and Mrs. Dora Hegberg of Los Angeles. Grace V. Carr b. 1899, Illinois, prob. Stillwell, Hancock, Cty. She was in the 1910 Yakima County Washington census as 11 years old and a member of Louis Carr's family, but not in the 1920 census when she would have been 21 years old and possibly married and gone. At her brother Virgil's funeral there were two surviving sisters, Dora and Mrs. Dewey LeClair of Wapato, WA. Elsie A. Carr (details excluded). Dora Carr d. Seattle, Wa. ??.

1.2.3. Laura B Carr b. 10 Sep 1871, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. 10 Sep 1891, George Mack Nelson, b. 1865, d. 1922, buried: Chili Cem,near Stillwell,Hancock Cty, IL. Laura died 0 Jul 1920, buried: Chili Cem,near Stillwell,Hancock Cty, IL. Rosa Nelson b. 1900, d. 1922, buried: Chili Cem,near Stillwell,Hancock Cty, IL.

1.2.4. Rosa Lee Carr b. 18 Apr 1873, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. (1) 8 Sep 1892, George Edgar Cheney, (son of George William Cheney and Mary Rogers) m. (2) William Everett Long, b. 16 Oct 1872, Chilicothe, Ross Cty., Ohio, (son of William Long and Ann Eliza Snyder) occupation Farmer, d. 8 Jun 1961, Sunny Haven Nursing Hm., Sunnyside, WA, buried: 12 Jun 1961, Outlook Cem., Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA. Rosa died 20 Aug 1947, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, buried: Outlook Cem., Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA. William: Lived in Ohio & as a young man, he came west, settling in Idaho, Oregon, and later moving to Ellensburgh, WA in 1908. Later moving to Montana for 10 years before returning to Washington near Outlook in 1920, where he continued to farm until retiring in 1938, and made his home in Outlook. He was a member of the Outlook Bretheren Church. He died of Uremia complicated by a hip fracture and gangrene of the left leg caused by femoral artery embolism

His parents died when he was very young and he was raised by one of his brothers.

Obituary in the Yakima Herald Republic June 12, 1961

Long William E., 88, Outlook, June 8, Sunnyside Nursing Home.

Survived by 2 daughters including Mrs. Esther Fulk, Granger; 3 sons, 13 grandchildren; 12 great grandchildren. Smith Funeral Home of Sunnyside in charge. William G. Cheney / Long b. 20 Feb 1894, Illinois, occupation Law,Judge,Auth,Army WW1, m. Maud unknown. William died 3 Jan 1974, Seattle, King Cty., WA. Ernest Cheney / Long b. 3 Apr 1895, occupation Navy WW1,, m. Sarah Francis Cutler, b. 10 Nov 1897, Garden Creek, Bannock Cty., ID, (daughter of Parley Leroy Cutler and Martha Porritt) d. 11 Feb 1959, Anacortes, Skagit Cty., WA., buried: 16 Feb 1969, Anacortes, Skagit Cty., WA. Ernest died 23 Oct 1971, Anacortes, Skagit Cty., WA. Fay Cheney / Long b. /--/1897 ?. Byron William Long b. 22 Apr 1912, Stevensville, Ravalli County, Montana, m. June Elizabeth Joseph, (details excluded). Byron died 31 Jul 1971, Seattle, King Cty., WA. Patricia Ann Long (details excluded). Kathye Elysabeth Long (details excluded), m. Phillip Edward Srouf, (details excluded). Amy Elysabeth Srouf (details excluded). Esther Moiese Long (details excluded), m. Raymond William Fulk, b. 3 Oct 1913, Broadway, Rockingham Cty., VA, occupation Soldier WW2,??, d. 6 Jan 1980, Toppenish Hosp.Toppenish, Yakima Cty,WA., buried: JAN 1980, Outlook Cem., Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA. Raymond William Fulk (details excluded), m. Sarah June Carroll, (details excluded). Jason Andrew Fulk (details excluded). Treavor Raymond Fulk (details excluded). Aaron Justin Fulk (details excluded). Constance Stacy Fulk (details excluded). Hillary Rae Fulk (details excluded). Amanda Marie Fulk b. 3 Feb 1978, Yakima, Yakima Cty., WA, d. 24 Feb 1983, Selah, Yakima County, WA. Hannah Marie Fulk (details excluded). Virginia Elizabeth Fulk (details excluded), m. Glenn William Doak, (details excluded). Melissa Kay Doak (details excluded). Ryan Doak (details excluded). Nathan Richard Doak (details excluded).

1.2.5. Ida Mae Carr b. 14 Mar 1875, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Wife Mother, m. 5 Sep 1894, in Carthage, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Thomas William. Newell, b. 17 Mar 1867, Headford, Ireland, (son of Michel Francis Newell and Mary Madeline Cain) d. 16 Apr 1966, Carthage, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Calvary Cem., Carthage, Hancock Cty., IL. Ida died 28 Oct 1916, Stevensville, Montana, buried: Montana. Thomas: !Pioneers of The Prairie page 607, has Mr Newell as Thomas F. Newell. His daughter Hazel June Newell (Gabel) LaBont, has him as Thomas William.The book Has Ida born 17 Nov. 1867. Her daughter has it as 14 Mar. 1875. Pioneers of The Prairie " Mr Newell was a farmer living in section 21 & owning 120 acres. The children attended the Victory School. They were members of the St Mary's Catholic Church at west point. They lived their entire lives in St Albans Parish except the few years in Montana for Mrs Newell's Health." John Raymond Newell b. 19 Jan 1895, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. 06/16/18, in Stillwell, Hancok Cty., IL, Div. 2 Jan 1928, Probably Washington State, Lilly Mae Markley, b. 12 Mar 1903, (daughter of John Markley and Nancy Anna Walker) d. 25 Apr 1981, Centralia, Lewis Cty., WA, buried: 30 Apr 1981, Klickitat Cem. Mossyrock, Lewis Cty., WA. John died 0 Jul 1945, Portland, Multnomah Cty, OR. Thomas Edward Newell b. 2 Jan 1922, Wenatchee, WA, m. Irene Gannan, (details excluded). Thomas died 25 Jan 1996, Ethal, Lewis Cty., WA. Carl Gannan Newell (details excluded). Erik Thomas Newell (details excluded). Ruth Mae Newell (details excluded), m. Ralph Nathaniel Inmon. Teri Lee Inmon (details excluded). Lana Jean Inmon (details excluded). Kristi Faye Inmon (details excluded). William Michael Inmon (details excluded). Patrick Shawn Inmon (details excluded). Fay Newell b. 22 May 1925, Pacific Beach, Grays Harbor Cty., WA, d. 0 Nov 1925, Pacific Beach, Grays Harbor Cty., WA. Donna Newell (details excluded), m. Wes Hilton. Melvin James Newell b. 7 Aug 1896, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. 10 Dec 1930, in Adams Cty., Illinois, Ferrill Tanner, b. Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 0 ___ 1980, California. Melvin died 24 Sep 1968, California. Mary Lou Newell b. 2 Aug 1932, Carthage, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. James Brandon, (details excluded). Mary died 26 May 1990, Escondido, CA. Michelle Linn Brandon (details excluded). James Melvin Newell (details excluded), m. Shirley Ann Neally, (details excluded). Michael Patrick Newell (details excluded). Kevin J. Newell (details excluded). James Morgan Newell (details excluded). Mary Winifred Newell b. 15 Dec 1898, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Wife Mother, m. Edward Arlo Walker, b. 7 Apr 1894, Breckenridge, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Farmer, d. 28 Feb 1951, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: 29 Feb 1951, Calvary Cem., Carthage, Hancock Cty., IL. Mary died 22 Jun 1984, Carthage, Hancock Cty., Illinois. Dariene Walker (details excluded), m. Charles Logan Ruggles, b. 19 Aug 1920, Fountain Green, Illinois, d. 13 Apr 1991, Macomb, McDonough, Cty., Illinois. Charles Anthony Ruggles (details excluded), m. Ruby Mae Ryland, (details excluded). Kelly Lynn Ruggles (details excluded). Melissa Annette Ruggles (details excluded). Michelle Lea Ruggles (details excluded). Elizabeth Ann Ruggles (details excluded). Madonna Kathleen Ruggles (details excluded), m. Rellis C. High, (details excluded). Matthew Ryan High (details excluded), m. Monica Kay Hasselbusch. Patricia Lynn Ruggles (details excluded), m. Jess Hawley Hinman, (details excluded). Charles Michael Hinman (details excluded). Edward Walker (details excluded), m. Bernice Lea McHone, b. 23 Aug 1923, Bowen, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 19 Aug 1995, Payson, Arizona. Maureen Dawn Walker (details excluded). Thomas Sean Walker (details excluded). Kevan Lawrence Walker (details excluded). Erin Kathleen Walker (details excluded). Colen Patrick Walker (details excluded). Bridget Ann Walker (details excluded). Brownwyn Elaine Walker (details excluded). Michael Clair Walker (details excluded). Meegan Colleen Walker (details excluded). Lyle Newell Walker (details excluded), m. Creta Bernadine Schofield, (details excluded). Kenneth Edward Walker (details excluded), m. (1) Aladean Campbell, (details excluded), m. (2) Mary E. Dejarli, (details excluded). Kenneth Wayne Walker (details excluded). Melissa Faye Walker (details excluded). Micheal Dean Walker (details excluded), m. (1) Jennifer Painter, m. (2) Carol Ann Rempe, (details excluded). Mathew Ryan Walker (details excluded). Shelly Lynn Walker (details excluded). John Mark Walker (details excluded), m. (1) Sherry Lea Dede, (details excluded), m. (2) Sandra Joanne Bede, (details excluded), m. (3) Evonne Lynn Hoag, (details excluded). John Mark Walker (details excluded). Hubert Wayne Newell b. 21 Feb 1901, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. 20 Jul 1925, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Clarice Burton, b. 14 Feb 1906, Brooklyn, Illinois, d. 29 Dec 1978, Carthage, Hancock Cty., Illinois. Hubert died 20 Mar 1980, Carthage, Hancock Cty., Illinois. Onilee Newell (details excluded), m. Edson Alva Crossland, (details excluded). Karen Lee Crossland (details excluded). Alan Edson Crossland (details excluded). Marsha Jo Crossland (details excluded). Kevin Wayne Crossland (details excluded). Russell Norman Crossland (details excluded). Waldo Burton Newell (details excluded), m. Joan Lierly, (details excluded). Janet Denise Newell (details excluded), m. John Badger, (details excluded). Baby Sister Newell b. 11 Jun 1905, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 20 Jun 1905, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois. Frank Carr Newell b. 11 Aug 1906, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. 11 Aug 1927, in Adams Cty., Eva Blanche Billinsley, b. 7 Dec 1908, Bowen, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 24 Jul 1990, Carthage, Hancock Cty., Illinois. Frank died 21 Sep 1988, Carthage, Hancock Cty., Illinois. Colleen Patsy Newell (details excluded), m. Frank Freemont McNulty, (details excluded). Robert Newell McNulty (details excluded). Carrie Suzanne McNulty (details excluded). Julie Diane McNulty (details excluded). Janet Collen McNulty (details excluded). Thomas Scott McNulty (details excluded). Brian Billingsley Newell (details excluded), m. Donnia Jenne Zimerman, (details excluded). Laura Marie Newell (details excluded). Michael Brian Newell (details excluded). Lisa Jeanne Newell (details excluded). Linda Ligh Newell (details excluded). Leslie Ann Newell (details excluded). Steve Patrich Newell (details excluded). Brian Dale Newell (details excluded). Terry Lynn Newell (details excluded), m. Sue Elaine Reneau, (details excluded). Jon Cassey Newell (details excluded). Dennis Rodney Newell (details excluded), m. (1) Constance Jane Oberlies, (details excluded), m. (2) Elizabeth Gay Patlan, (details excluded), m. (3) Victoria Anne Boylan, (details excluded). Noelle Renee Newell (details excluded). Kyra Calleen Newell b. 19 Jan 1974, Carthage, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 6 Sep 1994, California. Summer Gay Newell (details excluded). Morgan Reedy Newell (details excluded). Nicholas Spencer Newell (details excluded). Ashley Victoria Newell (details excluded). Christopher Shane Newell (details excluded). Hazel June Newell b. 26 Jun 1909, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Member West Point Christian Church, occupation Cook, Home Maker, m. (1) 28 Dec 1927, in West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Herold williams Gabel, b. 8 Jun 1898, Wythe Twp, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Manager Hancock Grain Co., d. 19 Sep 1970, West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: South Basco Cem Bear Creek Twp., m. (2) 12 Dec 1981, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Clyde Frederick LaBonte, b. 17 Dec 1911, Basco, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 5 Apr 1988, Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois. Hazel died 8 Jan 1998, Keokuk Area Hospita, Keokuk, Iowa, buried: 11 Jan 1998, South Basco Cem, Basco, Hancock Cty., IL. Herold: Thomas Gerold Gabel b. 7 Jul 1938, d. 17 Jul 1938. Cheryl Kay Gabel (details excluded), m. Eugene Robert Henderson, (details excluded). Ellen Kay Henderson (details excluded), m. Lawrence Arnold Walton, (details excluded). Amber Kay Walton (details excluded). Lawrence Arnold Walton (details excluded). Gena Danelle Henderson (details excluded), m. Chris David Finley, (details excluded). Sierra Kay Finley (details excluded). Drew David Finley (details excluded). Brent Eugene Henderson (details excluded). Daniel Dean Gabel (details excluded), m. Nancy Lee Kissinger, (details excluded). Nathan James Gabel (details excluded). Okal Montana Newell b. 27 Jul 1912, Stevensville, Montana, m. 21 Oct 1931, in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, Clifton Frank Bellville, b. 7 Aug 1907, Augusta, Hancock, Cty., Ill, d. 13 Nov 1965, Peoria, Illinois. Okal died 5 Nov 1993, Peoria, Illinois. Clifton N. Belville b. 4 Sep 1932, Denver, Illinois, m. Betty L. Plowman, (details excluded). Clifton died 19 Jan 1983, Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois. Micki L. Belville (details excluded). Clif H. Belville (details excluded). Sandra Sue Belville (details excluded), m. Walter Leroy Johnston, (details excluded). Catherine Okal Johnston (details excluded). Pamula Sue Johnston (details excluded). Frank Leroy Johnston (details excluded). Teresa Marie Johnston (details excluded). Cheri Leigh Johnston (details excluded). Richard Frank Belville (details excluded).

1.2.6. Herbert Norman Carr b. 4 May 1877, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. (1) 1 Aug., 1900, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty, IL, Thena Anderson, m. (2) Mary E. Whitinger, b. Wisconsin. Herbert died 4 Oct 1942, Grandview, Yakima Cty., WA, buried: 10/12/`1942, Assoc., Cem., Sunnyside, Yakima Cty., WA. Cause of death, Coronary Thrombosis, Contributory causes, Hypertension, Cardia Alvin Norman Carr b. 21 Aug 1920, Ashland, Montana, occupation Student, d. 27 Oct 1940, Yakima County Hospital, Yakima, WA, buried: 29 Oct 1940, Assoc., Cem., Sunnyside, Yakima Cty., WA.

1.2.7. William Harvey Carr b. 28 May 1879, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Infant, d. 23 Apr 1880, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: Chili Cem,near Stillwell,Hancock Cty, IL.

1.2.8. Harmon Elmer Carr b. 31 Jan 1881, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 0 Nov 1907, buried: Chili Cem,near Stillwell,Hancock Cty, IL. Died of T.B.

1.2.9. James Homer Carr b. 12 Jul 1883, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Farmer,Merchant,Laborer, m. 4 Nov 1904, in North Yakima, Yakima Cty., WA, Luetta B. Brooks, b. 30 Aug 1888, Bickelton, Klickitat Cty., Wa., 1901, Dunkard (bretheren) Church, Outlook, WA, (daughter of Benjamin Franklin Brooks and Eugenia Delphene Dietderich) occupation Wife, Mother, Worker, d. 8 Dec 1978, Ridgefield, WA, buried: 13 Dec 1978, Outlook Cem., Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA. James died 27 Nov 1947, Chelan, Chelan Cty., Wa, buried: 2 Dec 1947, Outlook Cem., Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA. Cause of death, Coronary Occlusion, acute. Contributory cause Arteriosclerosis He was over in Chelan picking apples. And on the morning he died, He felt ill and came back to the hotel and were he went upstairs and laid down. He felt better by and by and went down to the street, where he collapsed. He died on the way to the hospital near Entiat Wn. His father died when he was 3, at age 13 he was knifed in the back over a horse race, at 17 he came west to Washington State, where he spent the rest of his life, as a farmer,bartender,liveryman, and laborer. Luetta: Obituary in the Yakima Herald Republic Dec. 10, 1978 Luetta B. Carr Smith Funeral Home

Mrs. Luetta B. Carr, 90, of Ridgefield, Wash., died recently.

Mrs. Carr was born in Bickelton, the daughter of one of the pioneer families of the Sunnyside area. She lived in Ridgefield the past three years.

Survivors include four daughters, Mrs. Reva Boerman of Modesto, Calif., Mrs. Francis Lowdon of Yakima, Mrs. Carol Krick of Ridgefield and Mrs. Ruth Bomar of Oildale, Calif; two sons, grandchildren and 62 great grandchildren.

Her husband James Homer Carr, preceeded her in death.

CARR - Funeral services for Mrs. Luetta B. Carr, 90, 21310 Northwest 51st Ave. Ridgefield, WA., will be conducted Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 2 p.m. in the Chapel of Smith Funeral Home, Sunnyside. Interment will be at Outlook Cemetery. Mrs. Carr was born at Bickleton, a member of one of the pioneer families of the Sunnyside area. She had lived at Ridgefield the past 3 years. Survivors include four daughters, Mrs Reva Boerman of Modesto, Calif. Mrs. Francis Lowdon of Yakima, Mrs Carol Krick of Ridgefield and Mrs. Ruth Bomar of Oildale, Calif., two sons, Ivan Carr of Portland, Ore. and Gene Carr of Centralia; 19 grandchildren and62 great grandchildren. She was preceeded in death by her husband James Homer Carr. Ivan Elmer Carr b. 9 Jun 1907, Ellensburg, Kittitas Cty., WA, occupation Carpenter,Building Contr., m. (1) Helen Opp, b. 30 Oct 1911, Eureka, SD, d. 28 Mar 1989, Richland, Benton Cty., WA, m. (2) Edith Opal Wright, b. 12 Mar 1910, d. 3 Dec 1982, Portland, Oregon. Ivan died 8 Jun 1979, Portland, Oregon, buried: JUN 1978, Lincoln Memorial Park, Portland, OR. Curt Carr Donahue (details excluded). Dean Wright. !Child that Edith Wright had before their marriage and was raised by her parents Reva Mable Carr b. 5 May 1909, Mabton, Yakima Cty., WA, occupation Office,professional Woman, m. (1) Jesse R Fiscus, (details excluded), m. (2) Melvin Hills, occupation Laborer, m. (3) Lloyd unknown, occupation Security Guard,Merchant, d. Trona, California, m. (4) Unknown Boerman. Reva died 5 Dec 1999, Barstow, CA, buried: 9 Dec 1999, Montecito Memorial Park, Loma Linda, CA. She died of Cancer of the Pancreus,and suffered no pain. God was merciful to his loving daughter. A living example during her stay on earth of what a Christian Women should be. Gentle, Kind and thoughtful. Always seeing the best in us, when we were doubtful of its very existence, and always forgiving us and encouraging us when we stumbled and fell short of the mark. Earth is impoverished at her passing(JamesCarr (nephew)) Melvin: Was gassed in France in WW1 and died of TB in the vets hospital at Walla Walla during the early part of WW2 Jerry Fiscus (details excluded), m. unknown _____. John Fiscus (details excluded), m. Unknown _____. Teresa Fiscus (details excluded). Tonya Fiscus (details excluded). Jack Fiscus (details excluded), m. Unknown _____. Revitta Fiscus (details excluded). Eric Fiscus (details excluded). Karen Fiscus (details excluded). Jeanette Fiscus (details excluded), m. unknown Lamantia. Stacy LaMantia (details excluded). Melissa LaMantia (details excluded). Melvin Fiscus (details excluded). Susan Fiscus (details excluded), m. (1) unknown Helburg, m. (2) unknown Frazier. Lisa Helburg (details excluded). Kimberly Helburg (details excluded). Richard Helburg (details excluded). Elizabeth Fiscus (details excluded), m. unknown Hawkes. Melvin Ray Hills (details excluded), m. (1) unknown _____, m. (2) unknown _____. Melvina Ray Hills (details excluded), m. unknown James. Jessee Ray Hills (details excluded). Theodore James (details excluded). Melvin Hills b. 9 Aug 1959, d. AUG 1975, Trona, California. Reva Darlene Hills (details excluded). Eugene (Gene) Homer Carr b. 30 Aug 1911, Granger, Yakima Cty., WA, Westminster Presbyterian, Chehalis, WA, occupation Farmer,Brickmaker,Janitor, m. 28 Oct 1931, in Yakima, Yakima Cty., WA, Myrtle Viola Skinner, b. 20 Oct 1913, 12 Mile Creek, Ritter Or., Westminster Presbyterian, Chehalis, WA, (daughter of Charles Gordon Skinner and Bertha Helene Eliza Schoene) occupation Wife,Mother,Clerk, d. 1 Jun 1994, At home in Centralia, Lewis Cty., WA., buried: 4 Jun 1994, Crypt, Sunset Mem. Gardens, Chehalis, WA. Eugene died 28 Jun 1989, Centralia, Lewis Cty., Washington, buried: Crypt, Sunset Mem. Gardens, Chehalis, WA. James Roland Carr (details excluded), m. (1) Weona Vieta (Jean) Forbes, (details excluded), m. (2) Shirley May Wilson, (details excluded), m. (3) Judith Karen Conrick, (details excluded), (daughter of Charles John Conrick and Stephenie Francis Balinski). James Homer Carr (details excluded), m. Renee Carey, occupation Computor Operator. Carey Lynn Carr (details excluded). Chadwick Ryan Carr (details excluded). Charles William Carr (details excluded), m. Virginia Brunette Davidson, (details excluded), (daughter of Irvin R. Davidson and Mrs. Irvine Davidson). Benjamin Alan Carr b. 20 Apr 1975, Valley Hosp., Renton, King Cty., WA, occupation Child, d. 13 Apr 1978, At home, in Sunnyside, Yakima Cty., WA., buried: 17 Apr 1978, Outlook Cem., Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA. Erin Eileen Carr (details excluded). Timothy Sean Carr (details excluded). Gordon Eugene Carr b. 20 Sep 1937, occupation Infant, d. 1937, Wapato, Yakima County Wa., buried: 1937, Outlook Cem., Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA. Patricia Ann Carr (details excluded), m. Albert Raymond Morris, (details excluded). Craig Roland Morris (details excluded), m. (1) Julie Fay, m. (2) Ramona Murial Paulson, (details excluded). Michael James Fay (details excluded). Levi Rowland Morris (details excluded). Lonnie Jay Morris (details excluded), m. (1) Debra Lynn Jennings, (details excluded), m. (2) Deana Michelle Harless. Jody Lee Morris (details excluded). Lacey Kristine Morris (details excluded). Ciara Nichole Morris (details excluded). Francis Irene Carr b. 25 Apr 1914, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, occupation Wife,Mother,Waitress, m. (1) MAR 1932, Warren Rice, m. (2) Donald Loudon, b. 0 ___ 1909, Yakima Valley, Eastern Washington, (son of John Loudon and Bess (Elizabeth?) Bowden) d. 9 Mar 1937, Bozarth nurs hme,Toppenish,WA. Pneumonia, m. (3) 15 Oct 1939, in Chelan, Chelan Cty., Wa, Robert A Loudon, b. 16 Jun 1915, Pasco, Franklin Cty., WA, occupation Railroad Carman, d. 23 Oct 1977, Yakima, Yakima Cty., WA, buried: Terrace Heights Cemetery, Yakima, WA. Francis died 22 Jan 1991, Yakima Community Hosp., Yakima Cty., WA, buried: 26 Jan 1991, Terrace Heights Mem.Park, Yakima, WA. Luetta Rice (details excluded), m. (1) Dee McCarty, m. (2) Robert Hayes. Katherine McCarty (details excluded), m. Gaylin Aust. Melissa K Aust (details excluded). Karlina Aust (details excluded). Gaylin Aust (details excluded). Dee C McCarty (details excluded). Irene McCarty (details excluded), m. (1) Edward Green, m. (2) Douglas Boyle. Eddy Green. Daniel Boyle. Leonard Hayes (details excluded). Donald Loudon (details excluded), m. Florence Evylen Hayes, (details excluded). James Loudon (details excluded). Ernest Loudon (details excluded), m. Joyce Springer. Bonnie Jean Loudon (details excluded), m. (1) Francis Trudeau, m. (2) Darrel Trepanier. Shelly Trudeau (details excluded), m. unknown _____. Michele _____. Jeremy _____. Clark Trudeau (details excluded). Robbie Trudeau (details excluded). Veva Trudeau (details excluded), m. Robert unknown. Robert _____. Kenneth Trepanier (details excluded), m. unknown _____. Robin Loudon (details excluded), m. Rubin Trepanier. Raelynn Trepanier (details excluded), m. Ron Janson. Christina Trepanier (details excluded), m. unknown Clinton. Eli Trepanier (details excluded), m. Elizabeth unknown. Donald Trepanier (details excluded), m. Deeann D. _____. Olivia Trepanier. Robert Loudon (details excluded), m. (1) Lynda Burrill, m. (2) Karen unknown. Baby Carr b. 13 Apr 1917, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, occupation Infant, d. 4 May 1917, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, buried: MAY 1917, Outlook Cem., Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA. Carol Valentine Carr b. 14 Mar 1920, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, m. (1) William Furman, m. (2) unknown Erickson. Carol died 16 Apr 1984, Albany, Oregon. William Edward Furman (details excluded), m. ? _____. Felicity Lee Furman (details excluded). Shannon Marie Furman (details excluded). Carl Warren Furman (details excluded), m. unknown _____. William Joseph Furman (details excluded). Scott Warren Furman (details excluded). Larry Lee Furman (details excluded). Robert Murlin Furman (details excluded). Jonathan James Furman (details excluded). Carolyn Sonja Erickson (details excluded), m. unknown Peterson. Donald Peterson (details excluded). Edward Carl Peterson (details excluded). Christopher Peterson (details excluded). Georgie Joyce Ericson (details excluded), m. unknown Irwin. Edward Leon Irwin (details excluded). Jeffery Thomas Irwin (details excluded). Timothy Todd Irwin (details excluded). Ruth Marie Carr b. 9 Oct 1921, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, m. (1) Carroll Hanson, m. (2) Cleatus Bomar. Ruth died 19--, California. Carroll Hanson (details excluded), m. unknown _____. Carolyn JoAnn Hanson (details excluded). Joyce Kay Hanson (details excluded), m. unknown Haggard. Carol Ann Sherie Haggard (details excluded). Vickie Sue Hanson (details excluded). Floyd Hanson (details excluded), m. (1) unknown _____, m. (2) unknown _____. Raynita Ruth Hanson (details excluded). Michael Morrison Hanson (details excluded). Cleatus Bomar (details excluded), m. (1) unknown _____, m. (2) unknown _____. Anita Ruth Bomar (details excluded). Valerie Ann Bomar (details excluded). Ruth Ann Bomar (details excluded), m. unknown Aldridge. William Benjamin Aldridge (details excluded). William Harmon Carr b. 4 Sep 1923, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, occupation Laborer, d. 5 Feb 1967, Skookumchuck River, Centralia, WA, buried: FEB 1967, Outlook Cem., Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA. Franklin Harvey Carr b. 4 Sep 1923, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, occupation Auto Repair, m. Francis Lena Anderson, (details excluded), (daughter of Herman Arthur Anderson and Kathryn Steele). Franklin died 19--, California. Eugene Harvey Carr (details excluded), m. Nancy Jane Whitaker, (details excluded), (daughter of John Lincoln Whitaker and Opal May Schwanz). Pamela Jane Carr (details excluded), m. (1) ? _____, m. (2) Dean Alan Lovitt. Joshua Benjamin Lincoln Carr (details excluded). Anthony Alan Lovitt (details excluded). Danyeal Michelle Carr (details excluded). Amy Gene Carr (details excluded). Harold Leroy Carr (details excluded), m. unknown _____. Steven Wayne Carr (details excluded). Rhonda Lynn Carr (details excluded). Bretina Marie Carr (details excluded).

1.2.10. Roya Fenman Carr b. 8 Dec 1885, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Farmer,Laborer,Bus Driver, m. (1) 21 Feb 1908, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Mary Susan Clampitt, b. 16 Dec 1884, West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, (daughter of Alexander C. Clampitt and Mary Madeline Newell) occupation Wife Mother, d. 25 Jan 1917, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, buried: West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. (2) 3 May 1919, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Lucy (Cheney) Ritchie, b. 11 Mar 1883, West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, (daughter of William James Ritchie and Mary A. Guthrie) occupation School Teacher, d. 20 Sep 1954, Soldiers Widows Home, Wilmington, IL, buried: 23 Sep 1954, West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL, m. (3) Beatrice Van Winkle, b. Idaho, d. 18 Mar 1975, La Grande, Union Cty., OR, buried: Grandview Cem., La Grand, Union Cty., OR. Roya died 13 Jan 1950, Valley Mem., Hosp., Sunnyside, WA, buried: 17 Jan 1950, Assoc., Cem., Sunnyside, Yakima Cty., WA. Cause of death, Coronary Occlusion. Contributory Causes, Partial Heart Block Mary: Cause of death Embolism of Lung, Contributory Causes, Infection

Mary Susan Clampitt was born near West Point, Dec. 16, 1884, and was the daughter of Alexander and Mary Clampitt of this Place. She died at her home in Outlook, Wash., Jan. 26, of blood poisoning, aged 32 years. She was married to Roy Carr, Feb. 26, 1908, to whom were born four children, Alex, Nellie, Ralph, and Lawrence. Besides the husband and children she leaves her mother, one sister, Mrs Tim Laffey, and three brothers, John, Mike and Alex. The father preceded her in death August 17, 1910. The body was brought to West Point, arriving here Tuesday evening. Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock funeral services were held at St. Mary's church by Father L. B. Landreth of the Immaculate Conception Church of Carthage. The body was laid to rest in the Calvary cemetery at Carthage Lucy: Michael Alexander Carr b. 13 May 1909, West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Farmer,school Bus Driver, m. (1) Elma Louise Crozier, d. 13 May 1959, Near the Sunnyside Dam, Yakima Cty., WA, buried: Tahoma Cem., Yakima, Yakima cty.. WA, m. (2) Juerita Carroll, m. (3) Priscilla B. klein, d. SEPT. 1993, Goldendale, Klickitat County, Wa. Michael died 23 May 1981, Sunnyside Memorial Hosp., Sunnyside, WA, buried: MAY 1981, Assoc., Cem., Sunnyside, Yakima Cty., WA. Alex was a crusty old charactor. He loved to tinker, and took pride in making an old piece of junk do a job for him that its creator never envisioned. In Short he was a small farmer, and was a past master at making do with what. you have. He loved to go to the Saturday auction sale, and gleaned most of his treasures there. He could be hard headed and ornry at times, but a lot of fun to tinker with.

Obituary in the Yakima Herald Republic May 26, 1981 Alex Carr Smith Funeral Home Sunnyside

Sunnyside - Alex Carr, 72 of Route 1, Factory Road, Sunnyside, died Saturday in Valley Memorial Hospital, Sunnyside.

He was born in Illinois and moved with his family to Idaho. They later moved to the Yakima Valley as one of the pioneer families of the Sunnyside-Outlook area.

Mr. Carr later owned a store in Wishram (should be Witstran, near Prosser. Wishram is down the Columbia River)

In 1960, he married Priscilla Klein in Eureka, Calif. They made their home near Sunnyside, where he farmed and drove a school bus for 20 years.

He is survived by his wife, Priscilla of Sunnyside; a son (stepson) Alan Klein of Alameda, Calif.; two daughters, Nancy Beiber Mary Arevalo (stepdaughter) both of Sunnyside; 18 grandchildren; twobrothers; and a sister.

Carr - Funeral services for Alex Carr, age 72, of Rt 1, Factory Road, Sunnyside, who passed away Saturday, May 23, in Valley Memorial Hospital, Sunnyside. Will be held Thursday May 28, at 10 a.m. at the Sunnyside Cemetery. With Rev. Charles Thornton and Waren Hall of the Grace Bretheren Church officiating. Those wishing to attend the services may meet at the Smith Funeral Homeat 10 a.m. Memorials may be made to the diabetes foundation, and left at the Smith Funeral Home. Elma: According to Alex, they were seperated, and she was returning to Yakima where she was living, from visiting him in Sunnyside. She apparently fell a sleep at the wheel and ran into a power pole, dying of massive head injuries

Obituary in the Yakima Herald Republic May 13, 1959 Funeral Set Friday For Crash Victim

Funeral services for Mrs. Elma L. Carr, 40, who was killed early Tuesday morning when her car left the highway and struck a power pole just south of the Sunnyside Dam, will be held Fr

Dr. Orval D. Peterson will officiate and burial will be in Tahoma Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Lee Miner, Lester Wright, Woodrow Wright, Euclid Menard, Robert Quesnell and Mike Sholtys. Obituary in the Yakima Herald Republic May 13, 1959 Funeral Set Friday For Crash Victim

Funeral services for Mrs. Elma L. Carr, 40, who was killed early Tuesday morning when her car left the highway and struck a power pole just south of the Sunnyside Dam, will be held Friday at 3:30 p.m. in the Keith & Keith Chapel.

Dr. Orval D. Peterson will officiate and burial will be in Tahoma Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Lee Miner, Lester Wright, Woodrow Wright, Euclid Menard, Robert Quesnell and Mike Sholtys. Priscilla: Beverly Carr m. ? Hanna. Nancy Carr m. Richard Bieber. Michael L. Carr b. 11 Jan 1949, m. ? _____. Michael died 19 Jul 1970, buried: Assoc., Cem., Sunnyside, Yakima Cty., WA. Obituary in the Yakima Herald Republic 20 July 1970 Michael L. Carr Smith Funeral Home

Whitstran - Michael L. "Mike" Carr, 21 of rt. 2, was killed in a one-car accident about 2:30 p.m. Sunday near Benton City.

Mr. Carr was a passenger in an automobile that went off the Old Inland Empire Highway 1.3 miles west of Benton City. The automobile rolled over several times, caught fire and trapped him.

Mr. Carr was born in Sunnyside and lived all his life at Whitstran and Prosser, and later attended Columbia Basin College, and was employed at the White Swan Industries at Wapato.

Survivors include a son, Gary Dean Carr of Whitstran; his mother, Mrs. Juerita Carroll Cooley of Witstran; his father, Alex Carr of Sunnyside; two sisters, Mrs. Beverly Hanna of Evere Holt of Dustin, Calif.;his grandmother, Mrs. Hugh Whitney of LaGrand, Ore. Gary Dean Carr. Nellie Fern Carr (details excluded), m. Chester Arthur Stone, (details excluded). Ralph Franklin Carr b. 7 Nov 1911, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Service Station Operator, m. Una Faye, b. 22 Oct 1922, d. 19 Jul 1987, Auto accident hwy 97 S. of Toppenish, WA. Ralph died 14 Oct 1953, Dwinnell Bros Orchards, Oroville, WA, buried: 17 Oct 1953, Assoc., Cem., Sunnyside, Yakima Cty., WA. Cause of death, Gunshot wound to the head. He was found in the Dwinnell Bros Orchard in the AM Oct. 14, 1953. A gunshot was heard about 7:00 PM on Oct. 12. According to his brother Alex, Ralph was despondent over the loss of visit- ation with his only daughter, and took his own life. Ralph served in the Army as a Pvt., Comb. 275 Engineers Bn., Worl War II Barbara Lee Carr (details excluded), m. (1) William James Smith, m. (2) Thomas Owen Mustain.. Theodore Edward Smith (details excluded). Wendy Faye Smith (details excluded). Laurence "Chick" Orville Carr b. OCT 1912, West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Nucler Reactor Operator, m. Margery unknown. Laurence died 10 Oct 1970, Richland, Benton Cty., WA, buried: OCT 1970, Assoc., Cem., Sunnyside, Yakima Cty., WA. Obituary in the Yakima Herald Republic 12 Oct. 1970 Laurence Carr out of town

Richland - Laurence Carr, 57, died Saturday in Kadlec Hospital.

Mr. Carr was born at West Point Ill., and had lived at Richland for the past 27 years. He was an operator for Douglas United Nuclear Inc.

He served in the U.S. Army in World War II.

Survivors include his wife Mrs. Marjorie Carr; a son Wayne of Richland (adopted); a brother Alex Carr of Sunnyside; a sister Mrs. Nellie Stone of Santa Rosa, Calif.; his mother Mrs Hu Bill Carr and Paul Carr, both of LaGrand, and Bob Carr of Anchorage.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 11 p.m. in Einan's Funeral Home at Richland, with graveside at 1 p.m. in the Sunnyside Cemetery Wayne Carr. Adopted Mary Elizabeth Carr b. 31 Jan 1922, West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Infant, d. 24 Jan 1923, West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: JAN 1923, West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. William George Carr b. 30 Sep 1922, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, m. Mona Cathren Perrin. William died 18 May 1975, Eastern Oregon. Served in the Navy in WW2 and was on the Lexington when it was sunk. May Carr b. 21 May 1924, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, occupation Infant, d. 21 May 1924, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, buried: 22 May 1924, Assoc., Cem., Sunnyside, Yakima Cty., WA. Cause of death, Premature Birth. Rosalie Carr b. 19--, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, m. unknown Alvin ?. Rosalie died 1966, Seattle Wa. Area perhaps. Robert C. Carr b. 27 Apr 1928, Outlook, Yakima Cty., WA, occupation Salesman,Fisherman, d. 15 Sep 1976, Seattle, King Cty., WA. Paul Edward Carr b. 27 Jan 1934, occupation Heavy Equipment Operator, m. Betty ?. Paul died 6 Jun 1995, buried: 1 Jan 1995, Grandview Cem., La Grand, Union Cty., OR. Paul Carr was a thoughtful careing soul, allways ready to be of help to his fellow man. A tribute to the name Carr. He will be missed

Obituary in Yakima Herald Republic June 29, 1995

Former Yakima Valley resident Paul Edward Carr, 60, of LaGrand, Ore., died Saturday at the V.A. Hospital in Portland Ore.

Mr. Carr was born and raised in the Yakima Valley. He served in the U.S.Army during the Korean War and later worked as a logger and heavy equipment operator.

Survivors include his wife Betty of LaGrand, Ore.; his children Pauline Weise and Daniel Carr, both of LaGrand, Ore.; Cheryl Peters and Susan Carr, Both of Hermiston, Ore., and Dennis Hermiston, Ore.; and 10 grandchildren.

Payne Mortuary, LaGrand, Ore., is in charge of arrangements. Pauline Carr m. ? Weise. Daniel Carr. Cheryl Carr m. ? Peters. Susan Carr. Dennis Carr.

1.3. Martha Carr b. 1 Dec 1842, Kentucky, occupation House Wife, m. between 1860-70, David Reed, b. 12 Aug 1839, d. 17 May 1899. Martha died 27 Dec 1928, Rich Hill, Bates Cty., MO, buried: Hume, MO. She died of a bleeding ulcer. PROBATE RECORD

Martha L. Reed died Dec 27, 1928 at Rich Hill Mo. J. R. Hales, Executor - Rich Hill, Mo.

Jennie Wayts - daughter - Denver, Colo. Alpheus Reed - son - Leadville, Colo. Hattie Hales - daughter - Rich Hill, Mo. Ada Folsom - daughter - Kansas City, Mo. Douglas Reed - deceased son - left the following children, towit:-

Earl W. Reed - grandson - Seattle, Wash.

Ada Matheson - grand-daughter - Seattle, Wash.

Enola Nordquist - grand-daughter - Seattle, Wash

Appraisers ( Frank Hallam )

( G. A. Delamater)

( Ward Moore )

Real Estate Bates Co.

No bond by Will

Bates County Republican Papers Mailed 1-4-29

1.3.1. Jennie Reed m. Mr. Wayts. Listed as living at Denver, Colo. at the time of her mothers estate probate on 1/4/1929

1.3.2. Alpheus Reed. listed as living in Leadvill, Colo. when his mothers estate was probated on 1/4/1929

1.3.3. Hattie Reed m. Mr. Hales. Listed as living at Rich Hill, Mo. when her mothers estate was probated on 1/4/1929

1.3.4. Ada Reed m. Mr. Folsom. Listed as living at Kansas City, Mo. when her mothers estate was probated on1/4/1929 Mr.: living in Kansas City, MO at her mothers estate probate on 1/4/1929

1.3.5. Douglas Reed m. Mrs. Reed. Earl W. Reed. Lived in Seattle. WA at the time of Marth L. Carr Reed's estate probate on 1/4/1929 Ada Reed m. Mr. Matthieson. Lived in Seattle, WA at the time of Martha L. Carr Reed's estate probate on 1/4/1929 Enola Reed m. Mr. Nordquist. living in Seattle, at the time of Martha L. Carr Reed's estate probate on 1/4/1929

1.4. Emily Carr b. 30 Mar 1844, Franklin Cty., near Frankfort, KY, m. 2 Oct 1860, in Brown County, Illinois, David Zebediah Martin, d. 0 ___ 1904. Emily died 30 Nov 1911, Brown Cty., IL, buried: Morrellville Cem.,. DEMOCRAT-MESSAGE 8 Dec., 1911

Mrs. Emily Carr Martin

Emily Carr was born March 30, 1844 in Franklin county, Kentucky near Frankfort and died November 30, 1911, at the home of her daughter Mrs Mildred Meats, aged 67 years and 8 months.

She was the daughter of Wm. Payton and Nancy Carr. She was united in marriage to David Zebediah Martin October 2, 1860; he preceded her in death in 1904. To this union were born eleven children, of whome four only survive her. Eight of her children lived to be grown, three dying in infancy. Those living are: Mrs. S. A. D. DeHart, Enid Ok.; Mrs. Hester Lane Morath, Perry, Ill.; Marvin Martin, Grandview, Wash.; and Mrs Mildred Meats of Tempest, Ill. She leaves also one brother Alvin Carr of Stillwell, Ill. and three sisters Mrs. Hattie Markland, Ellensburg, Wash., Mrs. M. L. Reed of rich Hill, Mo. and Mrs. Ophelia Markland of Stillwell. Twelve grandchildren and one great grandchild are left to mourn their loss.

She joined the Methodis Episcopal church south of Morrellville in 1892 and remained a member of the same until death came to release her from her sufferings. She lived a true and earnest Christian life. She was of a cheerful and helpful disposition, always ready to help others and looking on the brightest side of life.

During her sickness she would frequently call upon her Savior. Her words during her sickness were: "Savior, my precious Savior." While friends sorrow, yet they sorrow not as those who have no hope. The Savior has come and mother has gone to be with Him and is at rest, happy rest.

Funeral at Morrelville church Saturday at 11 o'clock a. m. Rev. G. G. Maple of Perry officiating. The Lutheran choir furnished the music. Burial in Morrelville cemetery. David: According to Terry Meats, Zeb Martin shoed horses repaired furniture i Morrellville George Reed, a cousin, made furniture in the same building with Zeb.

1.5. Lewis Carr b. 0 ___ 1848, Kentucky.

1.6. Alvin Allison Carr b. 17 Nov 1851, Brown Cty., Illinois, m. (1) 9 Nov 1873, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Olive Elette Baker, b. 0 ___ 1851, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL, m. (2) 26 Jan 1909, Daisey E. Markley, b. 0 Apr 1880, (daughter of Martin B. Markley and Lavina E. Harding). Alvin died 26 Mar 1931, At the County Farm, Carthage, IL, buried: 29 Mar 1931, West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. ALVIN A. CARR

Mr. Carr, 82, of Stillwell died April 3. The body was buried at his old home.

Funeral services for A. A. Carr were held Sunday afternoon at 2:00 at Freeman's funeral Home, conducted by Rev. Hunter, pastor of the M. E. Church. Interment was in West Point Cem.

P.S.: Listed on death Certificate By (G. E. Pumpnrey) as dying of "Chronic valvular disease of heart" at the County Farm, Carthage, Hancock Cty., IL having lived there 4 months. Occupation: retired Stock Buyer. Informant: Iona N. Crawford of West Point, IL

1.6.1. Marvey (marvin) M. Carr b. 11 Sep 1874, Hickory Ridge, Illinois, m. 23 Mar 1898, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Nellie Mae Cheney, b. 3 Apr 1880, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, (daughter of Franklin David Cheney and Susan Francis McArthur) d. 7 May 1970, Blessing Hosp., Quincy, Adams, Cty., IL, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. Marvey died 19 Jan 1905, Graham Hosp Keokuk, Ia (of Peritonitis), buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. Taught school before his marriage Cleta Fern Carr b. 23 Jan 1900, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 2 Sep 1908, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois. Died of Gastro-Interitis (green apple trots) from eating too many green apples

1.6.2. Alvin Ross (Rosco) Carr m. Daisy Larkella Stillwell, b. 0 ___ 1887, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 0 ___ 1967, Tacoma, WA. Went by the name of (Ross Carr) may have been Alvin Ross Carr Alvin Rosco on wifes obit at Tacoma, Wa in 1967 Robert D. Carr. Chellis R. Carr. Thea R Carr. Francis M. Carr m. unknown McAuley.

1.6.3. Lemuel Carr. Of West point, Ill at one time

1.7. Americus Carr b. 17 ___ 1853, Morgan Cty.. Illinois, m. 3 Mar 1878, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Lydia Luella Tanner, b. 0 ___ 1860, (daughter of Mr. Tanner and Mrs. Tanner) d. 20 Feb 1934, At home in Stillwell, Hancock Cty., IL, buried: 26 Feb 1934, West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. Americus died 5 Nov 1886, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. AMERICUS CARR

25 Oct., 1886-- Americus Carr died today in his 34th year. He has resided in this township for a long time, and was much esteemed as a citizen and one we will all miss.He leaves the wife and 2 children, his aged parents, and one brother and several sisters to mourn his loss. The whole community sympathizezes with them in their sad bereavement. 31 May 1998 Descendants of: Americas Carr

1 Americas Carr b. 17 ___ 1851 d. 0 ___ 1886

m. 3 Mar 1878 Lydia Luella Tanner b. 0 ___ 1860 d. 20 Feb 1934

Came to Illinois from Ky ??

2 Edd H. (Hamil ?) Carr b. 28 Nov 1878 d. 20 Sep 1966

m. 12 Sep 1906 Dillie Ethel Cheney b. 10 Jan 1886 d. 4 Jan 1963


Died of Liver Cancer

3 Cleo Marie Carr b. 14 Nov 1907

m. Phares Martin

4 Joyce Annette

3 Hamil Herbert Carr b. 14 Nov 1910 d. 2 Jan 1981

A World War ll veteran he died of a massive heart attack

2 Minnie Carr b. 27 Jul 1881 d. 1 Jan 1887

2 Hattie Carr b. 0 ___ 1884


STILLWELL, Feb. 26 -

Funeral services for Mrs. Ellen Carr, 76, who passe'd away at her home here Tuesday morning at 9:30, were held at the Christian church at 2 p.m. Thursday. The services were conducted by Rev. L. C. Mauck, ofQuincy, a former pastor. Mrs. Earl Griffin, Mrs. Glenn Robbins, W. G. Zinn and Sherman Short sang accomanied by Mrs. Lawrence Blyth Pallbearers were six nephews; E. A. and E.H. Tanner, Earl Markland, Wm Tuttle, Henry and Bert Tanner. Burial was at West Point Cemetery.

Mrs. Carr was preceded in death by her parents, her husband Americus Carr, two daughters, Minnie who died in infancy and Mrs Hattie Mae Reid, two brothers, James and Wm. R. Tanner, and one sister, Mrs. Mary Tuttle.

She is survived by one son, Eddie H. Carr of West Point; one grandaughter, Miss Cleo Carr of Quincy; Mr. and Mrs. J Hamill H. Carr of West Point and Orlo Reid of Stillwell; one sister, Mrs. John Stillwell of California; one brother, Joseph Tanner, a half sister, Mrs. Henrietta Laffey, of Stillwell, a number of nieces and nephews and a host of friends.

Mrs. Carr united with the Christian church here when a girl and was a very faithful member. She always resided in this community.

Among the relatives from out of town, who attended the funeral of Mrs. Ellen Carr, Thursday, were; Mr. and Mrs. Tuttle of Havana, ILL.; Miss Cleo Carr of Quincy; Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Tanner and daughter Dorothy, of Loraine; Mr. and Mrs. Edd Carr and son, Hamil, E. H. Tanner, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Markland, H. W. Markland and R. K. Crawford of West Point, and Bert Tanner of Hamilton.

1.7.1. Edd H. (Hamil ?) Carr b. 28 Nov 1878, Morgan Cty.. Illinois, m. 12 Sep 1906, in Carthage, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Dillie Ethel Cheney, b. 10 Jan 1886, Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, (daughter of Franklin David Cheney and Susan Francis McArthur) d. 4 Jan 1963, Memorial Hosp., Carthage, Illinois, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. Edd died 20 Sep 1966, Blessing Hosp., Quincy, Adams, Cty., IL, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. Dillie: Died of Liver Cancer Cleo Marie Carr (details excluded), m. Phares Martin. Joyce Annette. Hamil Herbert Carr b. 14 Nov 1910, Near West Point, Hancock Cty., Illinois, d. 2 Jan 1981, Near Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. A World War ll veteran he died of a massive heart attack

1.7.2. Minnie Carr b. 27 Jul 1881, d. 1 Jan 1887.

1.7.3. Hattie Mae Carr b. 0 ___ 1884, m. Orlo Reid.

1.8. Nancy Jane Carr b. 0 ___ 1856, Locust Grove, Franklin Cty., Kentucky, m. 03 April 1867, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, William Price Dewitt, b. 30 Jun 1847, Scott Cty., Ind, (son of Price DeWitt and Sarah Albert) d. 14 Jul 1918, buried: Washington Grove Cem. Nancy died 29 Jan 1900. William:

William Price DeWitt.

William Price DeWitt, son of Price and Sarah DeWitt, was born June 30, 1847, in Scott County, Ind., and died July 14, 1918, at 3:55 p. m.

He, with his parents, came to Illinois when but a small boy, where he grew to manhood. He was united in marriage to Nancy Jane Carr April 3, 1867, and to this union were born twelve children, four of whom, together with the companion of his youth, preceeded him to the great beyond, the wife and mother dying January 29, 1900. He was united in marriage to Mary J. Black August 20, 1902.

He, together with his first wife, became Christians uniting with the United Bretheren church nearly 40 years ago. Twenty years later they united with the Christian church at Timewell, of which church he was a faithful and respected member up to the time of his death. He was sincere in his religious convictions, believing in his Saviour with the simplicity of a little child, and if he erred, which we all do, it was a matter of misjudgement, and not intentionally.. He was honest to the last penny, and as a Christian citizen he had the respect of all who knew him. He was retiring in disposition, and to have him as a friend, was to have a friend indeed.

The eight living children are: Mrs. Rosetta Bennet, of Cynthia, Ind.; Mrs. Orsie Pierson, of Timewell; W. B. DeWitt, of Clayton; A. I. DeWitt, of Galesburgh; Marvin P. DeWitt, of Kellerville; Miss Nora DeWitt, of Timewell, and Floyd Edward DeWitt of Liberty. He also leave his wife and a host of other relatives and friends, also one sister, Mrs. Tish Gunn.

The funeral was held in the Timewell Christian church July 16 at 10 a. m., Rev. Hoe of Bowen conducting the services. Interment was made in the Washington Grove cemetery.

Card of Thanks.

We wish to express our thanks to all the friends and neighbors who assisted during the sickness and deat of our husband and father.

The Family (Lillian Hoover) William Price DeWitt married Nancy Jane Carr in Warsaw Illinois 3 April 1867. She was a daughter of William Peyton and Nancy Mayhall Carr. Nancy was born at Locust Grove, near Frankfort. Ky. William and Nancy lived in Adams County, Kellerville to Timewell. (Lillian Hoover)

1.8.1. Rosetta DeWitt b. 0 ___ 1868, m. Elmer Bennett, occupation Preacher, d. 0 ___ 1928, buried: Lierly Cem. Rosetta died 0 Mar 1926, buried: Lierly Cem. Elmer: They lived in Iowa and Indiana Ray Bennett. Robert Bennett.

1.8.2. Clinton DeWitt b. 0 ___ 1870, m. Sara Ellen Morrison, d. 0 ___ 1960, buried: Mounds Cem. Clinton died 24 Apr 1931, buried: Mounds Cem., north of Timewell. Clinton DeWitt married Sara Ellen Morrison. Uncle Clint had some special way of talking; don't know wether it was loud, impediment or something. I visited with the Piersons as a child; I said, "That man talks funny" as we were leaving. Clinton died 24 April 1931 and is buried at Mounds cemetery, north of Timewell. Aunt Ella died in 1960 and is buried at Mounds. (Lillian Hoover). Claude DeWitt. Marie DeWitt m. Mr. Mewes. Elva Dewitt m. Mr. Coggshell. Alyene DeWitt m. Mr. Summey.

1.8.3. John L. DeWitt b. 0 ___ 1871, d. 24 Jun 1894, buried: Lierly Cem. Was killed when he was thrown from his horse

1.8.4. Elva Nora DeWitt b. 0 ___ 1873, d. 23 Jun 1951.

1.8.5. Orsa Clair DeWitt b. 0 ___ 1875, m. 20 Feb 1901, Oscar Pierson, (son of William G. Pierson and Elizabeth H. childers) d. 13 Aug 1946, buried: Mounds Cem., Mounds IL. Orsa buried: Mounds Cem., Mounds, IL. Oscar: They went by train to Missouri for their honeymoon, to Rutledge and other places. Orsa and Oscar lived south of Timewell and ran Pierson Fruit Farm Ray William Pierson m. (1) 11 Apr 1925, Marie Whithead, m. (2) 0 Mar 1933, Mary Ayene Johnson. Lillian Clair Pierson (details excluded). Mina Mae Pierson.

1.8.6. Lafayette DeWitt b. 0 ___ 1877, d. 19 Nov 1897. Resolutions of Respect.

Whereas, God in his unerring wisdom has been pleased to call from our midstour late and beloved brother, Lafayette DeWitt; and

Whereas, by this sad event the Y. P. S. C. E. has lost a loyal member and each members true friend;

Therefore, be it resolved. That while we come in submission to the will of our Heavenly Father, we cannot help but feel a sincere regret that our late brother should be called from our midst in the vigor of youth.

Resolved, That by this sad event we are called to mourn the loss of one of our most faithful members, ever ready and willing to do all in his power for the advancement of the society and the cause of Christ.

resolved, While his family mourns the loss of an obedient son and loving brother, we desire to mingle our grief with their sorrow and assure them that his memory will be cherished by the members of the Y. P. S. C. E.

Be it further resolved, That these resolutions be placed on record in the secretary's book and a copy sent to the bereaved family of our late brother and a copy be sent to the county papers for publication.

Frank Mills, Frank Hill, Frank Stout,Committee on Reolutions

Lafe DeWitt died Friday night of typhoid fever. He was 20 years and 6 months old. Deceased was a member of the Christian church and one of the best boys in the neighborhood. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. William DeWitt. Rev. Henderson of Clayton preached the young man's funeral serman in the church and the remains were taken to the family cemetery at Kellerville Sunday.

1.8.7. William Bates deWitt b. 0 ___ 1880, occupation Farmer, m. Claudina Turner. They lived from Timewell to Camp Point Russell.

1.8.8. Alvah Ishmel DeWitt b. 0 ___ 1882, m. Alma May Harvey, d. 0 ___ 1946, buried: Galesburg Cem., Galesburg, IL. Alvah died 0 ___ 1957, buried: Galesburg Cem., Galesburg, IL. Alvah Ishmel Dewitt was born as a twin, the other, Alvin D. died shortly after birth. Alvah married Alma May Harvey. Uncle Alvah was a cook, he and Aunt Mae ran a restaurant on Main Street in Galesburg for many years. I have a couple of his pie tins. After Aunt mae died in 1946, he worked at a restaurant in Macomb, etc. Alvah died in 1957 and he and Mae are buried in Galesburg Cemetery, Galesburg, Illinois. (Lillian Hoover).

1.8.9. Alvin D. DeWitt b. 0 ___ 1882, d. 0 ___ 1882.

1.8.10. Iva Mae Dewitt b. 0 ___ 1885, d. 14 Oct 1886, buried: Lierly Cem.

1.8.11. Marvin Price DeWitt b. 0 ___ 1886, occupation Farmer & Livestock Dealer, m. Cordelia Turner, d. 24 Jul 1973, buried: Evergreen Cem., Camp Point. Marvin died 19 Oct 1961, buried: Evergreen Cem., Camp Point. Marvin Price DeWitt was a farmer and livestock dealer. He married Cordelia Turner. They lived near Timewell, Kellerville and in Camp Point. I visited there whenever my folks were going through Camp Point. Their children were Zelma and Glenn. Marvin died 19 October, 1961 and cordelia 24 July, 1973; they are buried in Evergreen cemetery in Camp Point. (Lillian Hoover). Zelma DeWitt. Glenn DeWitt.

1.8.12. Floyd Edward DeWitt b. 0 ___ 1889, occupation Farnmer & Livestock Deale, m. Elizabeth Walker, buried: Liberty Cem. Floyd died 21 Jun 1972, buried: Liberty Cem. Floyd Edward DeWitt lived near Liberty, was a farmer and livestock dealer. He married Elizabeth Walker and their children were Alice and Floyd. Uncle Ed died 21 june, 1972. He and Aunt Lizzie are buried in Liberty. (Lillian Hoover). Alice Dewitt. Floyd Dewitt.

1.9. Harriet (Hattie) B. Carr b. 0 ___ 1857, Illinois, m. 16 Nov 1878, Joseph W. Markland. Harriet died 25 Mar 1938, Ellensburgh, WA. HATTIE CARR MARKLAND

THE EVENING RECORD Ellensburg, Wa. Saturday March 26, 1938. front page


Mrs. Joe (Hattie) Markland 81, died yesterday at her home at 307 West Eighth St. after a long illness. A well known resident of the city, Mrs. Markland had lived here since 1900. She is survived by her husband; a son I. O. Markland, a daughter Mrs. Iva Gay, five grandchildren, Russell Gay, Mrs. Roy Wilson, Russell Markland, Charles Whitehurst all of Ellensburg, and Mrs. Hubert Bassett of Seattle; and four great grandchildren. Funeral services will beheld at 1:30 o'clock Monday afternoon at the Honeycutt Chapel. Friends who desire to see Mrs. Markland may do so at the chapel until Monday noon

1.9.1. Ira O. Markland b. 0 Dec 1879, Illinois, occupation Railroad Engineer, m. (1) 25 Jun 1889, Edith M. Hart, d. 0 Mar 1928, m. (2) 4 Aug 1931, in Quincy, IL, Bertha M. cunningham, d. 24 May 1960, Ellensburg, WA. Ira died 10 Apr 1961, Bernath Nursing Home, Ellensburg, WA, buried: IOOF cemetery. ELLENSBURG RECORD Monday April 10, 1961 page 5


Ira O. Markland died Saturday April 8 at the Bernath Nursing Home at the age of 81. He had been a patient there the past 5 1/2 months. Born Sept. 19, 1879 in Stillwell, Ill. Markland married Edith M. Hart on june 25, 1889. they came to Ellensburg the next year. She preceeded him in death in March of 1928 and on Aug. 4, `1931 he married Bertha M. Cunningham in Quincy, Ill. She died here May 24, 1960. Markland was a N.P. Engineer running out of Yakima when he retired in 1947. While an engineer in his early career, he piloted the train bearing President Theodor Roosevelt on April 7, 1911. He later received a letter of commendation from the president. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge. Markland is survived by a son Russell Markland of Ellensburg and a step-son Charles J. Whitehurst also of Ellensburg, a daughter Mrs. Bernice Bassett of Seattle, three grandchildren, and a sister Mrs. Iva Gay of Kent. Funeral services were held in the Evenson Chapel Tuesday, April 11 at 2 PM. The Masonic Lodge will conduct the rites and burial will follow in the IOOF Cemetery. Russell Floyd Markland b. 2 Nov 1897, Bowen, Hancock Cty., Illinois, occupation Gardener, d. Gold Leaf Conval. home Ellensburg, WA, buried: 13 May 1986, IOOF Cemetery, Ellensburgh, WA. Yakima Rerold Republic May 13, 1986 Copied from card file copies held by the Yakima Historical Society by J.R. Carr

RUSSELL MARKLAND (Cotton Chapel, Ellensburg)

ELLENSBURG - Russell Floyd Markland, 88 of Ellensburgh died Friday in Gold Leaf Convalescent Home.

Mr. Markland was born in Bowen, ILL., Nov. 2, 1897, and came to the Kittitas Valey with his family in the early 1930s. He served many families in the area with lawn and garden work until retiring several years ago. While living in the nursing home he enjoyed tying quilts.

He was a member of the Methodist Church.

Mr. Markland was preceded in death by a half brother, Charles Whitehurst. Survivors include a sister-in-law, Lois Whitehurst of Ellensburgh; a nephew, Jack Whitehurst of Ellensburgh; and two nieces, Mrs. Larry (Cecil) Shoot of Eugene, Ore., and Mrs. Roger (Susan) Clark of Seattle.

Graveside services will be at 11 a.m. today at the IOF Cemetery. Friends who wish to attend may meet at the cemetery.

Memorials are suggested to Life Support Systems in care of Ellensburg Fire Department or to the First Baptist Church, Fourth and Sprague, Ellensburg, 98926 Bernice Markland m. Mr. bassett. Mr.: Lived in Seattle Charles J. Whitehurst m. Lois Whitehurst. Jack Whitehurst.

1.9.2. Iva markland m. Alfred A. Gay, occupation Railroad Engineer, d. 14 Dec 1918, Northern Pacific yards, Ellensburg, WA. Alfred: Saturday, Dec. 14, 1918 front page


Alfred A. Gay, engineer on a Northern Pacific switch engine in the local yards for nearly a quarter cenury fell between a string of empty cars near the round house and was instantly killed about 12:20 today. No one saw the accident and exactly how it happened cannot be told. Death was instantaneous. He told his fireman who was then eating his lunch in the cab of the engine, that he was going to cross over and see Engineer Patchet a moment. That was the last seen of him alive. Shortly afterwards his body was found on the rails near the coal chutes, having been run over by one of the coal cars which had been fitted up for carrying sugar beats to the Yakima factory Russell Gay.

1.10. Ophelia F. (Roann) Carr b. 18 Jan 1859, Brown Cty., IL, m. 26 Dec 1880, in Hamilton, Hancock Cty., Illinois, Hugh W. Markland, b. 0 ___ 1857, d. 0 ___ 1938, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. Ophelia died 23 Nov 1919, Colorado Springs, CO, buried: West Point Cemetery, Hancock cty., IL. Roann Ophelia Markland

Roann Ophelia, daughter of Wm. and Nancy Carr, was born in Brown County, Ill., Jan. 18th, 1859, and departed this life at Colorado Springs, Colo., Nov. 23, 1919 aged 60 years 10 months, 5 days.

She removed with her parents, brothers and sisters to Hancock county while still quite young and practically all her life has been spent near Stillwell.

She was united in marriage to Hugh W. Markland on Dec. 26, 1880. To this union were born three children: Iona M., now Mrs. Ralph Crawford, of West Point, Ill.; Earl, also of West Point, and Mollie B., now Mrs. Chas Peterson of Hamilton, Ill.

While quite young she gave her heart to her master and gave her life into his keeping and we believe she could well say with the apostle of old, "I know whom I have believed and am persuaded He is able to keep that which I have commited to Him against that day."

Mrs. Markland had been in failing health since an attack of influenza a year ago. In September she, with her husband, made the journey West in search of health. The change seemed to greatly benefit and she was gaining in health until Friday, Nov. 21, when she was taken with a severe cold which rapidly developed in pneumonia and the end came about 9:30 o'clock on Sunday evening.

She was preceeded in death by her father and mother and eight brothers and sisters.

She leaves to mourn her passing, besides her husband and children, one brother Alvin A. Carr of Stillwell, Ill., and two sisters, Mrs. Martha L. Reed, of Kansas City, Mo., Mrs. Hattie I. Markland of Ellensburg, Washington, besides many other relatives and friends.

Mrs. Markland was a good and faithful wife, a true and affectionate mother and a kind neighbor. She truly was a good woman and earths loss is heaven's gain.

"Servant of God well done. Thy glorious warfare's past; The battles fought, the race is won. And thou art crowned at last."

Funeral services were conducted from the Stillwell Christian church Friday, Nov. 28, 1919, at 2 o'clock, by L. H. Hooe, of Bowen Ill. Appropriate music was furnished by a mixed quartette.

A large crowd was in attendance. Her body was laid to rest in the West Point Cemetery.

1.10.1. Mary Markland (Mollie?) b. 15 ___ 1880, Near Stillwell, Hancock Cty., Illinois, m. Charles Peterson, b. 6 Oct 1887, d. 0 ___ 1944. Mary died 10 Jul 1958.

1.10.2. Earl M. Markland.

1.10.3. Iona B. Markland b. 0 ___ 1885, m. Ralph K. Crawford.

1.11. Mary Carr b. 0 ___ 1862, Illinois.

Submitted by Jim Carr

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