This page is dedicated to Honor those who gave their lives in World War ll, so that we can have the freedoms we have today.
If you know someone from Hancock County who died in World War ll that is not on this list, please e-mail me
Ken Huffman

Akers, William E.    Corporal
Anderson, William A.    Private
Arnold, Lowell E.    Private
Ballinger, Gerald K.   Private
Blythe, Lloyd    Lieutenant
Boroff, Russell E.    Private
Bradshaw, Charles   Private First-Class
Bratz, Dale N.    S. SC
Bright, Meredith D.   Private
Burton, Lawrence N.    T. SG
Davidson, Clyde R.   Tec 4
Donaldson, James  Private
Duffy, Ray B.  Private
Duncan, Carroll B.  Private
Ellison, Robert W.  SCT
Faulkner, Charles E.  Private First-Class
French, Kenneth H.  SCT
Gephardt, Charles W.   Private First-class
Greenig, Arthur M.  Private First-class
Gregory, Burton N.   Corporal
Hass, Paul T.  Private
Heady, Sherman D.  Private First-Class
Henderson, Joe D.  Lieutenant
Henerhoff, William L.  Private
Hise, Wilbur W.  Tec 3
Hubbard, Byard B.  Lieutenant
 Huffman, Ellis D.  Private First-Class
Huston, Edward A.  S. SG
Jacoby, Robert S.  Tec 4
Jenifer, Grover S.  Private First-Class
Johnson, Dorn L.  S. SC
Johnson, Gerald L.  Private
Johnson, Kenneth R.  Private First-Class
Johnson, Kenneth W.  Tec 3
Kallenbach, Eugene F  2nd Lieutenant
King, William P.   Private
Lewis, Charles R.   Tec 4
Lillnan, Homer C.  Tec 5
Lovitt, Andrew N.  Corporal
Marshall, Leonard P.   LT C
Narzolf, Harold  Tec 5
Meyer, Fred E.  S.SG
Miller, William O  S SG
Myers, Lawrence W  S SG
Owings, Theodore D.  Lieutenant
Parsons, Harry L  Private First-Class
Powell, Thaddeus G.  Private
Runyon, Royal A  Lieutenant
Sartory, Francis J.  S SG
Scanlan, Lavern R.  Private First-Class
Schenck, Frank C.   S SG
Schenck, Leo L.  S SG
Shappell, Merle   SGT
Shellenbarger, Roy   Private First-Class
Shelley, Vernie D.  Corporal
Simmens, Robert N.  Corporal
Snyder, Robert L.  Corporal
Spory, Owen W.  Tec 5
Stewart, George E.  Tec 5
Thompson, Lyle B.  Private First-Class
Turner, Lee E.  Sargent