1850 Hancock Co, Illinois Census

This is the 1850 Census of Hancock Co, Illinois. I have transcribed it to the best of my ability. Census records are very hard to read and some of them are to light to see anything. The middle initials may not be the right one as those are really hard to read. If you find there is an error that you personally know is wrong  please let me know and I will correct it. If I have left someone out, It is only because I could not read their name. If you know I have left someone out and have a copy of another census page that they are on, please send me a copy of the page from the original census and I will add them to the census. If you have a relative on this census and you know I have mispelled their name please email me with the correct spelling and page number as it appears on another census and I will correct it.  If you don't understand something on the census, please email me after you have read the discription of the columns.

Column 1.= Dwelling house numbered in the order of Visitation

Column 2.=. Family number in the order of Visitation

Column 3.= The Name of Every Person whos usual place of Abode on the 13 day of August 1850, was in the family. Last, name first, seperated by a comma
If the last name changes, I will put in the last name, followed by a comma. Otherwise they all have the same last name in that dwelling.

If the name is blank but there is an age, There was no name on the census.

Column 4.= Age, If the age is blank it was not on the census.

Column 5.= Sex

Column 6.= Color-White-Black or Mulatto. Not used too much in the 1850 census

Column 7.= Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each person, Male or Female over 15 years of age.

Column 8.= Value of  Real Estate Owned.

Column 9.= Place of Birth, Naming the State, Territory or Country.

Column 10.= Married within the Year.

Column 11.= Attended School within the Year.

Column 12.= Persons over 20 years of age who could not read or write.

Column 13.=Whether, Deaf and Dumb, Blind, Pauper or Convict.

I have made each page of the census 8 pages of the actual census. On the actual census the pages are numbered 1 and the next one is  B. The next page is 2 and the next is B and so on. I have separated the pages into A and B like the actual census so page 1 will be page 1 A- page 4 B. If there are any changes of spellings or if I have left a name off that I could not read and you know the name of the person please email me Ken Huffman

Please be patient, these pages take a while to load

Index to the 1850 census

Page 1-Corresponds with census pages 270 A-273 B
Page 2-Corresponds with census pages 274 A-277 B
Page 3-Corresponds with census pages 278 A-281 B
Page 4-Corresponds with census pages 282 A-285 B
Page 5-Corresponds with census pages 286 A-289 B
Page 6-Corresponds with census pages 290 A - 293 B   Images - 290a290b291a291b292a292b293a293b,, Click on the image to enlarge.
Page 7-Corresponds with census Pages 294 A - 297 B